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Saturday March 25, 2017

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Recap For July 10, 2013

Hello and welcome to the last night of auditions for NBC's America's Got Talent. After this week, we will go to Vegas to decide who will be in the top 48.

Mestizo Ballet Folklorico perform first. They are a mariachi dancing group with the cutest kids I have ever seen. They have butter knives for some reason. They

Mel B: She loves them and wants to squeeze and hug the three year old.
Howie: It s a YES!

Heidi and Howard also say yes and they are off to Vegas.  Mel B. and Nick both hug Mateo.

We get a montage of acts, including synchronized swimming in high heels, a Cirque Du Soliel act and for some reason, Howie and Howard almost kiss.

Timber Brown is a singer who once worked with Mel B. She says that if he makes it through, she won't vote due to conflict of interest. I wonder what will happen if he makes it through? His act is a pole balancing and dancing…I am in awe…wow.

He is disappointed because it didn't go as planned.

Howie: He loves it.
Heidi: It was incredible.
Howard: Congratulations on a great audition.
Mel B: She wishes she could vote because it was incredible.

He makes it to Vegas.

Howie and Heidi talk about how they smell and if people want to smell like them.

After a lovey dovey montage,  (Happy anniversary, Howie!) we get to Skilyr Hicks, who is doing an original song. She was singing since she was a baby and playing guitar since her dad died.  

She has a fantastic voice, but she is an even better guitar player.  However, it is the original song that makes her shine….she is just all around a great talent.  

Heidi: She is glad she shared her story and she warmed her heart.
Mel B: She is very mature and talented.
Howie: He thinks her dad is watching over her and glowing with pride.
Howard: America will fall in love with her.

Four yeses for Vegas!

{sidebar id=8}Howard's doctor who gave him a colonoscopy is, ironically, a ventriloquist. He will not be voting. His name is Doctor Bob Baker and he has a large intestine puppet. The act, which is done to the theme to St. Elsewhere, is a bunch of colonoscopy jokes.

Heidi: She sees Howard without the glasses and hair.
Mel B: She didn't get it.
Howie: It was very funny and likable, but not ready for the show.

He is sent home.

We see a montage of rejected acts before we get to Milton Patton. He is a country singer who wants a better life and to make his dreams come true. Ever hear something that just makes you cry, smile and just fall in love. This was it. If he isn't in the finals, I will be in shock. Right now, he is my pick to win it all.

Mel B: He has an amazing voice and has a superstar inside him.
Howie: He sees how emotional he is and says he is a diamond in the rough.
Heidi: He is great and she likes him a lot.
Howard: He has talent!

The show ends with  Jetta performing. She has the same last name as Howard's wife and his hair. They joke for a bit and then she sings. He even joins her on stage as she belts out Hot Stuff. Every time I hear the song I think of the episode of Boy Meets World where the guys danced to it and Kenny Mayne's Dancing With The Stars performance.

She is sent home.

Join us next week for VEGAS week on America's Got Talent. Goodnight.

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