America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America’s Got Talent on NBC. We are at the top twelve and with only one week to the finals, our contestants will have to give it everything they’ve got if they want to stay in the competition.

Contestant: Mara Justine

Talent: Singing

Commentary: My TV sound is off so it is hard to enjoy the performance. I feel so bad because she is one of the acts I love this season.  However, she looks beautiful, confident and I am so proud of her for all she has done so far!

Mel B: That was perfect.

Howard: She is the little girl with a big voice. She delivered in spades. 

Howie: That was so perfect! 

Heidi: Perfect and flawless. 

Contestant: David and Leeman

Talent: Magic

Commentary: Their theme tonight is scratch off lottery tickets. The judges have to pick a balloon color and a number that pops in their head. 

Howie picks black and six.

Mel B. chooses red and sixty-nine.

Heidi chooses green and forty-one.

Howard chooses  eighty-six. (I miss the color)

They then pop another balloon with a ticket….which had the numbers chosen—except for one. They must give up their jackets and show off shirts that say Howard will be off by one. 

Howie: It was amazing!

Howard: They have been consistently good all season.

Heidi: She loves the bantering as much as the magic.

Mel B: They are thoroughly entertaining. 

Contestant: Sons of Serendip

Talent: String music

Commentary: They are one of my favorites this season. Something about them just gives me a sense of peace and calmness. I can’t wait to download an album or see them in concert. They are talent in spades. 

Howard: They have really grown and really read the audience. They opened up and did it perfectly.

Heidi:  It was grander and more majestic than their past performances.

Mel B: They nailed it!!

Howie: He hopes America hears what they hard and hopes they vote. 

Awww, Howard is cuddling with Scooby the dog!

Contestant: Christian Stoinev

Talent: Balancing

Commentary: Scooby is wanted for trying to steal the show. I love the police theme and the doggie jail. This is an incredible balancing act with a fun twist. I also love how it shows Christian has a good sense of humor. 

Heidi: (who is now cuddling Scooby) She loves it, but she wishes he would balance it between him and the dog.

Mel B: One of his best performances to date. He is also a cutie patootie with his top off.

Howie: It is amazing.

Howard: He is smart and took the criticism wisely. It was brilliant.

Contestant: Emil and Dariel

Talent: Cello players

Commentary: This is the most beautiful instrumental version of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing. I usually hate songs like this being covered, but they totally nailed it tonight. They were so good on their own that I don’t think they needed the singers, but it did add something extra.

Mel B: They are very special indeed.

Howie: They were so phenomenal that he didn’t even miss Steven Tyler.

Howard: They were phenomenal virtuosos. 

Heidi: She has come to expect the unexpected, but tonight they were a bit safe.

Contestant: AeroArmy

Talent: Dance

Commentary: It is Cirque du Soliel, balancing acts and cheerleading fly moves on steroids. Gorgeous to watch, mesmerizing and something I wish I could do!

Howie: WOW. He is heckless! People have to vote!

Howard: This is one of the best acts, second to none.

Heidi: They proved why they are here and should win.

Mel B: They were off the chain!!!

Contestant: Quintavious Johnson

Talent: Singing

Commentary: WOW! If he doesn’t win, he is going to get a recording contract somewhere, mark my words!

Howard: He is a contender.

Heidi: He is a superstar!

Mel B: He can easily win this thing.

Howie: He is moving on up to the finals.

{sidebar id=8} Contestant: Mike Super

Talent: Magic

Commentary: Nick shuffles some cards and matches the number to the chosen cards to numbers on a dollar bill and a piece of paper Howard has. As always, I am left scratching my head as to how he did this!

Heidi: He is entertaining and amazing.

Mel B: It is crazy and entertaining. 

Howie: He is amazing.

Howard: This is a great contest for him and better without Desmond. 

Contestant: Blue Journey

Talent: Dance

Commentary: It never ceases to amaze me when they come up with these stories and add a dance to it. It it more than just dance talent, it is also creative talent.

Mel B: Their act is very unique, but it was a bit boring tonight.

Howie: They need more!

Howard: Excellent performance.

Heidi: They are unique and deserve to be here.

Contestant: Emily West

Talent: Singing

Commentary: Flawless and beautiful. There’s nothing else to say.

Heidi: Perfect performance!

Mel B: Nailed it!

Howie: He loves her and thinks she is a star.

Howard: She is unforgettable and amazing. 

Contestant: Mat Franco

Talent: Magic

Commentary: It is another card trick where he gets the audience at home to participate. We have to pick a card before they go all over the place. One is on the ceiling and it is the King Of Hearts, which is the one I saw. 

Howard picks a card and signs it. It is put back into the deck and found randomly by Howie and Mel B. It is repeated and seems impossible—but it somehow happens.

Mel B: He is a genius and hot.

Heidi: He is her favorite magician.

Howard: He is amazing and professional.

Howie: He is incredible. 

Contestant: Miguel Dakota

Talent: Singing

Commentary: What a way to end the evening! He is going to make some young ladies swoon with that voice….and those good looks.

Heidi: His voice got lost tonight and it was just loud.

Mel B: He is a full fledged rock star.

Howard: He is rooting for him, but the chorus drowned him out.

Howie: He is what America is looking for.

Join us tomorrow for the reveal of our AGT top six. Goodnight!

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