America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight is the last night of the semi-finals. Six acts will move on to the next round, making it to the top twelve. The acts will have to give 110% if they want to move on to the next round, so let's see what happens!

Contestant: Jonah Smith

Talent: Music

Commentary: This is an interesting performance. It is not exactly what I expected to see from them, but I did quite enjoy it. 

Mel B: She gushes over how much she loves it.

Howie: What a way to open up the show!

Heidi: It was a soulful. great performance.

Howard: Is this their very best performance? 

Contestant: Baila Conmingo

Talent: Dance

Commentary: That was so fast, I had no idea where to look! I kept getting dizzy looking at them because of all the flashiness.

Howie: The kids really stole the show.

Howard: He thinks they are fabulous, but they need to change the energy.

Heidi: She loved it, loved it, loved it!

Mel B: They did bring it and they gave it their all.

Contestant: Jaycob Curlee

Talent: Singing

Commentary: It is a very calm performance, but for him and his personality, it works. He reminds me of a very young Billy Joel and I see nothing but good things in his future.

Howard: It was a smart performance and his best yet!

Heidi: He is blessed with a great voice, but he needs more of a stage presence.

Mel B: It was a risky performance and she hopes America likes him.

Howie: America has to vote!

 {sidebar id=8}Contestant: Mat Franco

Talent: Magic

Commentary: Three of the judges choose cards and show the audience. (Six of spades, four of clubs and two of hearts) Mel B. holds up the cards while he takes a picture with her phone. He drops it in water and  it won't turn on. He isolates it and dries it with a hair dryer. The phone disappears! 

Heidi calls the phone and we hear it ringing! He takes her to find it in the audience. Hr moves the audience and cuts open a seat,….where she finds her phone! It works and has the picture from before. The seat? 642, just like the cards!

Howard: He is glad he got rid of Mel's phone for awhile, but also loved the performance. He is a real pro.

Heidi: This was mind boggling. 

Howie: That was amazing and consistent. He jokes the phone ruined the buzzer and upholstery. 

Mel B:  She was this close to socking him one, but she loves it and thinks it was larger than life. 

Contestant: AcroArmy

Talent: Acrobatics

Commentary: It is gorgeous. It is gymnastics, contortionist, cheerleading moves and everything in between all in one neat package. Imagine Cirque du Soliel and a contemporary dance troupe all in one.   I LOVED IT! 

Mel B: She has no words. She could not take her eyes off them.

Howie: It was amazing! This brings us closer to world peace.

Howard: He loves them and wonders why they don't place higher. 

Heidi: It was a million dollar act.

Contestant: Kelli Glover

Talent: Singing

Commentary: It is nice to see a different side of her where she shows more of her big personality rather than just her voice. This is a nice blend of both. My only complaint is that the background is a bit too flashy and distracting.

Howie: She needs more confidence because she deserves to be here.

Howard: She is a marvelous singer, but the performance went flat.

Heidi: She came out on top! She was brave taking on Beyonce.

Mel B: She can really sing, but she lost it tonight. 
Contestant; Wendy Liebman (Howard's Wild Card)

Talent: Comedy

Commentary: She is hysterical! She reminds me of Cathy from the comic strip come to life, I love her! I am so happy Howard brought her back. She is the everywoman joking about things we all want to talk about, but can't.

Howard: She really brought her A-Game tonight and deserves to be there.

Heidi: It is relatable and intelligent. 

Mel B: She is a strong, funny, independent woman.

Howie: She honed each word and won the crowd. 

Contestant: Blue Journey

Talent: Dance

Commentary: I love all the special effects they use and how it goes into a picture. I am not sure what I like better, the dancing or the actual artwork. It is literally like artwork coming to life. 

Heidi: It was a dolly painting come to life. 

Mel B: They have to stay in the competition.

Howard: Visually stunning and risky. 

Howie; They created their own craft. 

Contestant: Emil and Dariel

Talent: Cello

Commentary: I never thought I could be such a fan of cello playing, but this is unbelievable. 

Mel B: She loves it and the band was hoootttttt.

Howie: He loves it and thinks it was a concert where Paul McCartney never showed up.

Howard: They are good, why not add a singer?

Heidi: Paul McCartney, Axl Rose and Grandpa are all proud. Let Grandpa play! (They say he was honored by the invite, but he wants them to have their dream and he also had open heart surgery and can't play.)

Contestant: Smoothini

Talent: Magic

Commentary: It goes by very fast. He takes items from Nick and the judges and performs random tricks. I can't even explain it because it's a bit hard to follow. 

Heidi: He earned his name today.

Mel B: He stepped it up today.

Howie: The room exploded tonight and made it magical.

Howard: He likes him, but it was a small act.

Contestant: Christian Stoinev

Talent: Balancing

Commentary: Hot shirtless guy and his doggie! I love all the special effects and the Danger Zone theme. I can'r decide who is cuter, Scooby or Christian!  The second dog was a nice surprise!

Mel B: She loves them, but there needs to be more. 

Heidi: She loved him!

Howard: He became more of a dog act rather than a balancing act.

Howie: They grabbed the audience. 

Contestant: Quintavious Johnson

Act: Singing

Commentary: WOW! What a way to end the night. Win or lose, this kid has one heck of a future ahead of him. 

Heidi: He is a powerhouse.

Mel B: He has it!

Howie: He should win!

Howard: He taught people how to sell an act. 

Join us tomorrow for the AGT results show. Goodnight. 

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