America's Got Talent
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. It is the first night of the semi-finals, which means that everyone is going to have to bring their A-Game if they want to make it to the final round. Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern are going to ace a rough night when it comes to judging this talent. 

Host Nick Cannon says the judges each brought back a wild card act. 

Heidi chose Flight Crew Jump Rope for her wild card act.

Contestant: Flight Crew Jump Rope

Talent: Jump Rope

Commentary: Why, oh, why were they sent home? They are fantastic! All the energy just makes me want to get up and move--or better yet, learn how to jump rope. 

Heidi: They made her proud and thinks that America will keep them.

Mel B: This is the way to kick off the show. 

Howie: It was fantastic, but the same thing he always sees with some mistakes.

Howard: There is always a sameness, but he is still a fan and he loves them.

Contestant: Mara Justine

Talent: Singing

Commentary: She really takes Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway to a whole new level. WOW. I have no clue what to say.

Howie: He gushes over how much he loves it….and her. The show needs her. 

Howard: She did it perfectly this time. 

Mel B: She also loves it.

Heidi: she thinks she is going to the finals. 

Mel B. brings back Bad Boys of Ballet for her wild card act.

Contestant: Bad Boys Of Ballet

Talent: Dance

Commentary: I was already a fan---but where was this act last time? They could win with acts like this.

Mel B: She loves them!

Howard: They are terrific dancers, but need a gimmick.

Heidi: It is a unique concept and they are great dancers.

Howie: No matter what, they are going to get picked up for something.

Contestant: Paul Ieti

Talent: Singing

Commentary: Backstreet Boys! I Want It That Way! Talk about a throwback. I actually like Paul's version better and it better be on his future album. LOVE THIS!!

Heidi: It was not his best performance.

Mel B: It was a little bit off and he seemed to doubt himself.

Howie: Mara did better.

Howard: He is a hero and his service was appreciated, but it was a tough night for him. 

Howie's wild card act is Mike Super

Contestant: Mike Super

Talent: Magic

Commentary: Desmond is contained and so is Mike, much to Mel B's relief. There are cards on the judges' table. Howard collects them and they are put in a bag. He chooses one and shows it to the audience. He appears on the stage and makes the triangle from the card not only appear on his hand, but the hands of the audience. WOW. 

Howie:  He is worthy of a show in Vegas.

Mel B: She is glad he is back. It was dazzling. 

Howard: He did a great job. 

Heidi: It was very unique and out of the box.

Contestant: Andrey Moraeu

Talent: Hand Balancing

Commentary: How he can move his body like this is beyond me. I cannot stop watching because it is just so mesmerizing. 

Howie: He loves him and thinks he is talented in the contortion, balancing and everything else he does!

Howard: He is compelling and entertaining every time.

Heidi: She loves him and hopes he is in the finals.

Mel B: There were a few hiccups, but he still captivated everyone. 

Contestant: Miguel Dakota

Talent: Singing

Commentary: He is going to win over the ladies, that is for sure! He just has something special about him that just pulls me in. 

Howard: He thinks people were snoozing during his performance. 

Heidi: He is America's new heartthrob. 

Howie: He has a chance of winning the million dollars.

Mel B: He has that extra special something.

Contestant: Sons of Serendip

Talent: Music

Commentary: They are my pick to win it all. There is nothing else to say.

Heidi: They were great.

Mel B: A beautiful, solid performance. 

Howie: They have the talent, but he worries about the votes. 

Howard: They can sing, but doesn't like the band name. 

 {sidebar id=8}Contestant: David and Leeman

Talent: Magic

Commentary: They hit the buzzers and after that, they go so fast, I miss a lot, but it seems like they pick a bag to smash. It goes by very fast, but the purpose is to find the bag with the spike in it.

Mel B: She loved every minute.

Howie: He likes it.

Howard: He loves them.

Heidi: She liked it a lot.

Contestant: Dan Naturman

Talent: Comedy

Commentary: He talks about family, dating and languages. Somehow, he makes it work, although it is really not my type of humor. I have to say though, he is adorable and seems like a guy I'd like to have a beer with. 

Heidi: He managed to offend everyone

Mel B: She believes in him and hopes America votes.

Howie: America should go Naturman.

Howard: He is able to put them at ease. 

Contestant: Aerial Animation

Talent: Dance/Acrobatics

Commentary: There is just something so positive about this act. I always feel like I am in a better mood when watching them. They are just so mesmerizing and beautiful. 

Mel B: It was a bit slow and disjointed. 

Heidi: It was a step back.

Howard: It was a smart, fantastic act.

Howie: Not his favorite, but it is amazing what they can do with a hammock and crayons.

Contestant; Emily West

Talent: Singing

Commentary: What a way to end the night! WOW. This girl is going places!

Heidi: She loves her and has a lady crush on her.

Mel B: She keeps on giving and can listen to her all day long.

Howie: She is seasoned and iconic.

Howard: She is stupendous. 

Join us tomorrow for the results show! Goodnight.

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