Thursday March 30, 2017

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LOS ANGELES – It’s a happy ending for the former dairy cows who called the unscripted series “Utopia” home. To spare Betsy, Honey, and her calf, who the cast welcomed with excitement and named Ca$h, from having to return to the harsh conditions of dairy production, the producers contacted Farm Sanctuary, America’s leading farm animal rescue and protection organization, to ask for their help in providing a forever home for the sweet trio.

Betsy and Honey were both pregnant when the show’s producers purchased them from a dairy farm for use by the show’s participants. It’s standard practice for dairy cows to be kept in a constant cycle of impregnation and birth in order to keep them producing milk. Due to their vulnerable condition and the fact that Honey was still nursing Ca$h at the time the show ended production, the show’s veterinarian, Dr. Kerry Milliken of Veterinary Angels Medical Center (who also provides care for Farm Sanctuary), encouraged producers to send the girls to the world-class safe haven. Since in the dairy industry, calves are generally taken away from their mothers immediately following birth so that their milk can be sold for human consumption, this will likely be the first time the mothers will get to keep their babies.

“We’re thrilled to welcome these reality stars to Farm Sanctuary,” says Susie Coston, national shelter director for Farm Sanctuary. “Mama cows are so loving and protective of their babies. It’s a beautiful bond that lasts a lifetime when they actually get to stay together. We’re grateful to the ‘Utopia’ producers for recognizing these animals as individuals with their own feelings and desires, and making sure that they get to enjoy a happy life together. Regarding Ca$h’s name, she says, “Now that she’s at Farm Sanctuary, her only job in life is to be happy, so we have changed her name to Meredith.”

To learn more about Farm Sanctuary, visit farmsanctuary.org.

Farm Sanctuary operates three shelters in New York and California that provide lifelong care for nearly 1,000 rescued farm animals, works to change laws to decrease abuse of farm animals, and promotes compassionate vegan living.


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