Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello and welcome to a  Halloween themed episode of Utopia on Fox. Tonight our remaining pioneers will continue to build their utopia, but three people will be sent home forever. Who will it be? We are about to find out.

After the wedding, it seems as if the work ethic on the compound has gone downhill. Bri hopes to shake everyone out of their funk and focus on love, unity and community—or Project Love. 

A letter arrives and the pioneers discover America will select three candidates for replacement—and one is up for execution…..um, what?

There is a huge blow up over money between Bella and Rob. She says he needs to eat organic food and he says his eating habits are grounded in reality. He thinks she is nuts, while she is mad because he had chocolate he got with his own money. I feel like I am watching a bunch of three year olds fight. 

Amanda’s sister surprise her with a visit. She is so excited I thought she was going to go into labor then and there. Hex, Taylor and Cal all get letters, which is sweet. I love how Hex’s mom compliments her on her improved behavior. 

Everyone wonders who will be up for replacement. Dedeker and Mike are on the skids, so Jake tries to swoop in and get with her.

Jake and Mike fight over Dedeker, fighting over bees and honeycombs. This fight makes no sense….and I just can’t….Mike tosses the pumpkins Jake bought, which upsets everyone.

The candidates for replacement are….Aaron, Bri and Rob. The vote will occur in a couple of days. However, Bri just decides to leave. 

Chris is sad as he packs her belongings. He wishes she would have at least said goodbye.

The pioneers have a Utopia day, followed by a Halloween party. 

Mike and Dedeker make peace, but he leaves due to an emergency with his mom. I truly hope she is okay. 

Two people are gone. Aaron and Rob give reasons as to why they should stay. They are sent outside when it comes time to vote. In a close vote, Rob is replaced. There are lots of tears, but he is happy to go home to his wife.

Join us next week for more Utopia on Fox. Goodnight.

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