Thursday March 30, 2017

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A lot has happened in Utopia since the last episode. Big Changes have happened. No make that HUGE changes have happened.

Three Utopians have left, some voluntarily and some voted out. Utopia has added to new residents, James and Jeremy.  We will introduce you to both of them, but first please enjoy our Utopia catch up Video.

Bella has caught the spirit of Halloween and she and the other Utopians seem be ready for it.

The Big News! Every Two weeks America will nominate 3 Utopians for banishment and the Utopians will banish one of them

Utopia Halloween Video

All about James

The part-time drag queen longs to be part of the entire community, not just the gay community. “I’m still a red-blooded man… who looks fabulous in five-inch heels,” says the certified colorist who grows his own herbs. “I can cook anything,” he says. “If we have a ditch, we can eat.” Pour some online groceries into that ditch and this diva could be unstoppable.

Name: James

Vitals: 47, in a committed relationship

Habitat of Origin: Louisiana, "in the buckle of the Bible belt"

Occupation: Cosmetologist and hairdresser

Skillset: Cooking, gardening, draping himself in feathers, earning tips

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Expressed In Emojis: Seedling, lipstick, gigantic gem

Most Likely To: Take over the kitchen with flair

Natural Enemies: Organized religion

James' Utopia: Makeover madness! “Just because you’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to look like it,” he says.

All about Jeremy

Armed with his Bible, a set of knives, and a willingness to hug, the self-proclaimed next leader of Utopia can't fail. But will Utopia fail him? If the Tea Party supporter and medical marijuana enthusiast dislikes “living in a politically charged climate of dismay” on the outside, just imagine how he’ll react to Utopia’s governmentally challenged petri dish of ennui.

Name: Jeremy

Vitals: 37, married

Habitat of Origin: Lansing, Michigan

Occupation: Self-proclaimed "turd-herder" (owns a local plumbing company)

Skillset: Military background, hunting, fishing, impersonating ZZ Top

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Expressed In Emojis: American flag, cup of tea, party hat

Most Likely To: Bond with Bella about the apocalypse for at least a few seconds (before she gets offended)

Natural Enemies: Quitters, liberals, computers

Jeremy's Utopia: Not having to answer the phone for a whole year

For more on Utopia and the live feed please follow this link. http://www.utopiatv.com/home

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