Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Utopia on Fox. When we last left our pioneers, Red was exiled and the rest awaited the arrival of two newcomers. We have single mom Katie and farmer Cal, who will have a week to prove they belong in Utopia.

Both newbies introduce themselves. Katie, who is an animal activist, seems to annoy some people, but she already as an admirer in Josh. 

Cal gets to work in the garden. He already lives off the land and uses animals for food and wears handmade clothes. 

Rob and Hex fight over living vs. business. He loses his cool and starts screaming over how people aren’t taking this seriously. He is also angry people aren’t doing dishes and other things they are supposed to. He thinks this is an embarrassment.

Hex and Rob talk things out and she explains that she is doing things to help others in any way she can.   

Bella is not happy with no longer being the queen of the garden. She also isn’t sure if she wants Cal or Katie to stay on the compound. To be honest, I tuned out at this point, because it is always the same thing with her. 

Rob’s fiancé Jessica visits. It is cute seeing them together and obvious that they are in love. She spends time hanging out on the compound before it is time to leave. 

However, Rob requests that he and Jessica get married right there on the compound. Everyone agrees to make this happen. 

Before we get to that, the group meets to talk about money and incentives. It turns out they still aren’t making as much as they thought individually, so they wonder if they should go back to pooling their money. Rob says that the other day Hex said she isn’t taking a dime from anything she is making. It seems like right now everything is staying the same.

The Utopians plan the wedding. It is actually really cute to see them all come together and make Rob’s dream come true.

Cal asks Nikki to have a one year relationship with him. She finds the idea hilarious.

Katie and Cal have to state their cases as to why they should stay. Katie goes into her speech, but gets yelled at for lecturing rather than saying why she wants to be there. She goes outside to calm down. Everyone feels that she is demeaning. She realizes this and apologizes. 

The pioneers deliberate and decide that they want Cal to stay. 

Join us next week for the wedding and a return and….crime? Stay tuned!

Utopia Reolay

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