Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Utopia on Fox. Tonight one pioneer will get exiled—the group decided on Bella and Red and America decided on Bri—and therefore saying goodbye to the show forever. Kristen is now in charge, so we could be in for some changes. 

After a recap, the pioneers begin to discuss who they want to leave. As always,  Red seems to be causing problems. Everyone else is focusing on how to make utopia a better place. 

Kristen wants to separate the businesses. She says private businesses should divide the money 60/40, but people wonder how exactly that would work out. She wants to make incentives to make things good for everybody.  However, nobody seems to be going for this idea. 

Josh wants to save Bella and it seems like most people want Bri gone. 

It is Sunday, which means it is time for the Utopia experience. Kristen is doing her dating auction. She actually asks people who attend the event who they would date. To me, it is kind of a crappy, high school move, but what do I know? 

Mike has a male admirer and becomes more curious about Dedeker’s polyamorous lifestyle. He makes out with her, but gets teased about his new Friend. 

Bri opens up to Ernesto about how she feels sad and lonely. However, she later finds out that he put her up for replacement and is not happy.

Kristen is upset because Amanda is questioning her money making/responsibility ideas. 

The whole episode is basically talk about the elimination, drama over Kristen’s leadership and drama with Bri. Oh, and Red has a sore finger. He goes to the hospital and it turns out he had a life threatening medical problem. It seems like he wants to make amends, but everyone else wonders if he will get voted out. 

Josh has a special date with two men. 

Red, Bella and Bri state their cases as to why they should stay in Utopia. They are sent outside while everyone discusses who they want gone. In a 9-2-1 vote, Red is exiled from Utopia.

Utopia Oactber 3 Replay

Join us next week to see who will replace him in Utopia. Goodnight. 

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