Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to a new episode of Utopia on Fox. When we last left our pioneers, we discovered three would be nominated to be exiled and replaced. (Two by the other pioneers, one by America.) There is drama, romance and lots of tears as they try to build their own Utpoia. What will happen next? We are about to find out!

Hex is over looking the garden with Attorney Mike. Red and Bella are angry. So far, it is like any other day in Utopia. 

Plumbing and electricity work! YAY! 

Taylor and Hex kiss eighth grade style, but we find out they consummated their relationship. Congratulations, I guess?

There is discussion on the new space arrangements and jokes on how it can be for baby-making and giving birth. At least Amanda will be okay when it comes time to have her baby.

Now there is a water slide. This show is so bloody random. 

Bri is taking care of the animals and there is a problem with one of the calfs. Bri is ‘fired’ from her role, which allows Red to take over and finally have some responsibility. 

Everyone tries to figure out how to vote on who should get exiled. Everyone seems to be scrutinizing everyone else and it reminds me of high school. You have got to be kidding me with this stuff. It is like well, you can’t care for animals and you say stuff under your breath….my nephews are more mature than this! Do you know how old they are? FOUR! 

There is some marriage and relationship talk which seems completely random. This show is really pissing me off tonight. 

There is more worry over pregnant cow Bessie. 

Bella is still being a drama queen. (We also get a flashback of her doing yoga naked.)  

Red is arguing with everyone else. (What else is new?) He suddenly wants to use their things even though he seceded from the Utopia group. He is told he is not a part of their group and it causes another fight and for him to get a vote toward being exiled.

The calf is born! YAY! Oh, and one of the chickens runs away. I can’t say I blame him. 

Now Red is getting along with everyone. I swear, it is just like high school. 

Bri wrote a letter to Chris. No word yet on if it asked if he likes her and if he checked yes or no. (Did anyone really write those letters? Maybe I was an oddball, but I never did anything like that. I was always too shy to tell the guy I like how I felt. Heck, I STILL AM!!!!) 

Bri realizes people want her out and is at a loss over what to do. 

The next morning, Red takes care of the baby cow. Everyone else is worried about the vote. 

Vote Time!

Red: four votes

Bella: five votes

Bri: four votes

Aaron: two votes

Bella is the first nominee. Red and Bri are tied, so he sacrifices himself to break the tie. Now it is up to America to decide who the third nominee is. Join us Friday to find out who it is! Goodnight.

Utopia Episode Replay

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