Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Utopia on Fox. Tonight we are in week three of the pioneers’ journey to build their own utopia and tensions are high. With fighting, sexual tension and money problems at fever pitch, there is no telling what will happen.

Chris and Bri are broken up and move into separate sleeping quarters. 

It is breakfast time and Bella wants her eggs fertilized, please. 

Taylor and Hex are cuddling in a hammock. 

Bella requested feminine hygiene products, which Aaron balks at. Would he prefer they just…ugh, just let them have their tampons! 

The girls want to be in charge, so they gather everyone to find ways to make money. It seems like making and selling stuff is part of the plan.

The pioneers return the water filter, which upsets Bella. She feels disrespected and thinks they need it for health reason. She cries and says everything is disrespectful to Bella. Ugh, talking in the third person? Really? She wants to go home because she is finally at her breaking point. 

Aaron finds Bella and apologizes. He promises that he has her back.

Red and Nikki are doing yoga together….perhaps another romance is on the horizon?

Bella leads a talk about men vs. women. I tune out because it is boring, although the ‘tampon party’ line makes me giggle. 

{sidebar id=8} Red’s wife and son come to visit. So much for my romance theory. However, I am happy to see Red’s reaction and how happy he is to see his family. Everyone chats with his family and it is actually quite nice for awhile. 

Amanda’s midwife also stops by for Amanda’s seven month checkup.

Bella is crying to Josh and telling him how he takes such good care of her. 

Later that day, they have another pow wow and the girls must say something positive to the men. I am rolling my eyes so hard right now. 

Oh, goody! Another fight! This time, it is between Red and Bella. He keeps threatening her to push him some more and tells her she is not in charge of anything if she isn’t here with clean hands. He has a very big problem with the women ruling Utpoia. This of course has everyone taking sides yet again. 

Red, Dedeker and Hex talk about how they need more structure. 

The new plan to make money is to invite people to the Utopia experience. If it doesn’t succeed, they will be out of money in a week.

Rob gives everyone a lecture on how they all need to pitch in and work together. He actually makes a lot of good points on what they need to do to survive. 

It seems as if there is a good turnout for the Utopia experience day. If I were in LA, I would go as well. I could never do the show, but it just looks like fun!

They make $1,483! The event was a success! 

The show ends with Bella getting her precious water filter. She thanks them and is grateful that she was able to show that women can rule and mold a society. 

Join us Friday for more Utopia! Goodnight!

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