Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Utpoia on Fox. Tonight our pioneers will choose a new one to join them in their journey to build their own utopia, while someone else will also come to the compound and shake things up. Confused? You won’t be at the end of this episode!

Sadly, my DVR decided to be a pain in the you-know-what and I missed the first few minutes. When I get back, they are haggling on prices of roosters. Why? I have no idea. One of the chickens is names Enrique.

Bella wonders if the eggs will be fertilized. She has a lot of ideas on how to do things, but people keep dismissing them. She hopes Lefty will come to her side. 

Everyone gathers around to discuss the best way to harvest. They also discuss ways to make money, which include jewelry making, yoga lessons and camping. 

Pastor Jonathan is ill and must have surgery. He is leaving, but says he hopes to come back. He wonders if his purpose of coming to the compound was to help save Dave.  His wife Wendy comes to get him and everyone tearfully says goodbye. 

Bella decides to upgrade her sleeping arrangements now that Pastor Jonathan is gone. This causes a a fight with her and Red. Oh, joy, more arguing. 

There is now a debate over the chicken—and a joke about losing their cock. The consensus is Bella is an idiot. Hex says Bella says she has a bad aura. 

I swear, this is like watching a bunch of preschoolers. My nephews are more mature than this!

Money is also an issue. They try to earn some by inviting people to a yoga class—or Utopiyoga, if you will. 

After everyone puts on a show (because we are five) Red and Hex talk. He is the only hillbilly for her. She also worries about him being alone. He feels lonely and misses his wife. She hugs him and lets  him talk out his feelings. 

Amanda talks about her pregnancy. We also meet Taylor, the hot new pioneer. The girls are hot and bothered over this because they are in need of fresh meat. 

{sidebar id=8} Taylor introduces himself and it seems like he is fitting in just fine. The girls seem to be falling all over themselves trying to impress him. He is WAY too young for me, but I can’t say I blame them.

Hex seems to really hit it off with Taylor. Do I sense another romance? 

It is September 12, so they need money and produce before they fail. They begin their yoga lessons, but so far, only one person shows up. He is actually a fan of the show, which is why he decided to come. 

Nikki teaches him anyway. Some of the other pioneers join him, while others go back to hang out. This of course means another fight is on the horizon. Nikki says the yelling people need to do yoga.

At the meeting, they discuss the issues with the yoga class not working out. They decide to focus on the positive and more ideas to make money. 

Join us Friday for more Utopia….where they wash out CONDOMS? Did they really just say that? GROSS! 


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