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Utopia: Recap for September 12, 2014UTOPIA

Hello, and welcome to Utopia on Fox. Tonight is the final night of the three premiere event and it has already been filled with drama, romance and fighting. After a recap of the past two nights, we discover two more people will be arriving.

Kristen and Rhonda arrive, which concerns the others because there may not be enough room to sleep. Cue the jokes about who will or won’t cuddle.

Only one of the ladies will stay, so things could get interesting.  The women share their attributes with the gang, but it is hard to tell them apart so I have no idea which is which.

Whoa….Bella and JOSH are now like each other?  They hated each other in the beginning. It is so cute seeing them talk about each other to their friends. 

There is now plumbing! Everyone is excited about this, but worry because they are going through money faster than they thought. 

That night, everyone pitches in to make dinner with Chef Aaron….well, except Dave and Red, who just want to be by themselves as per usual. They get into an argument about bananas with Amanda, who claims they have an attitude. 

Dave also fights with….just about everyone. He actually ends up leaving, much to the relief of everyone else in the compound. 

{sidebar id=8}Red decides to make amends with everyone and try and get along.  They all decide to have a dance party to blow off steam and relax. 

Mike and Dedeker seem to be developing a romance as well.

As everyone tries to work on business and financial plans, they get a letter from David, who asks for forgiveness. He wants to come back, or at least become baptized on Sunday. Nobody wants him back, but they agree to let him be baptized, give him forgiveness and send him back. 

After the baptism, David is sent back to the real world, but everyone wishes him well.

Later that day, Aaron and Bella debate over microwaves and how they cause cancer. 

The time has come to decide whether Kristen or Rhonda will stay. Join us Tuesday to see who made it through. Goodnight!

Utopia Sept 12

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