Thursday March 30, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Utpoia on Fox! Before we get to this recap, I want to say I am an auntie again! My best friend and her hubby welcomed a beautiful baby boy this morning and I could not be more happy for them! 

When we last left our pioneers, Red was ready to leave but Dave convinced him to stay. They now must find a way to get along and try and build a Utpoia that they can all agree on.

We open with them fighting over sanitation and electricity. Dave and Red want percentages of the money, but the rest of the group don’t think this is a good idea. They also don’t think this should be one state and want to create their own separate one. 

It seems as if they are going to be divided into groups. One of them is called the Utopia State Of Freedom. Red and Dave try to get people to their side.

Chris and Bri’s romance is blossoming, but they have yet to consummate it because of the cameras. 

There is an argument about what to do with the money. There is a lot of screaming, cursing and things being kicked and thrown around. However, it ends as quickly as it begins and pretty soon everyone is hugging it out.

Bri washes Hex’s hair….naked. Some of the guys are okay with this, but several of the pioneers are very uncomfortable. 

Dave reflects on his past talks to Pastor Jonathan.  It is a very sweet moment and I am glad to see him open up to someone. 

Everyone is hungry and eating less than one thousand calories a day. Bella plants some seeds and tries to find a way to get food for everyone. She also tries to push for her chicken tractor plan. Hex, Pastor Jonathan and Rob help. 

 Dave also wants to help, but she won’t let him. He freaks out and has yet another outburst. To be fair, they were treating him badly, but he also should have tried to stay calm.

Pretty soon, everyone is working on projects. By  nightfall, Josh has electricity set….for a whole three seconds. However, it comes on for good a few seconds later and everyone is excited to be able to use it. 

Dave opens up a barber shop and starts doing people’s hair. 

The pioneers decide it is time to order some food and supplies. 

{sidebar id=8} Nikki and Dave argue over what kind of food to get. He wants to get canned food, but she says it is not a good idea. They argue a bit and he says prison is looking better and better.

Red and Dave plan a heist to get the money, but are caught by Bella. She goes to talk to herself to calm down and center. 

Chef Dave orders their groceries. Dave keeps interrupting and starts cursing and threatening again. He seems really serious about his Ramen noodles and threatens to break the phone if he doesn’t get what he wants. Cue another fight between him and the other guys. 

Dave starts throwing things and Red kicks and steps on things. WOW, they have short tempers!

Bella and Josh seem to be getting along now. 

The next day, Dave and Red divide up the money, which annoys Hex because she says they are not part of their community. This causes another argument. 

Red and Dave are going at it alone and get their own groceries. They laugh as they take inventory of their food. 

Everyone else is having a singalong. 

Dave and Red try to get more people on their side. 

This show is confusing. It jumps around too much. 

Bri and Chris have their much anticipated roll in the hay….literally. 

Join us Friday for more Utpoia on Fox. Goodnight!

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