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Hello, and welcome to the series premiere of Utopia on Fox. Fifteen pioneers will move to a remote location and build their own civilization. There are several acres of land, a lake, a waterfall and of course, people from all walks of life. 

Everyone begins to enter Utpoia. One of the women says it is a fairy tale and she hopes it lasts.

The voice, which sounds like a cross between an Epcot ride voiceover (I am picturing the ride in my mind but can’t remember what it is called—it is one of those going to the future rides) and Siri, tells them that they have one year to build their Utpoia. There are no laws or customs. 

They are given shelter, chickens, land, a lake, farms, $5,000 and a phone. Once a month, it will be refreshed, one person will leave and someone else will join. They will also need to work together and decide which of their belongings they will really need because there will onnt be enough room for everything. 

As they go through everything, we get to know our pioneers. The ex-con David is interesting because he is looking at this as an opportunity to start over. He doesn’t want to put anything into the box, which causes a bit of an argument. He says he doesn’t need anything and it turns into a huge, screaming, swearing match. 

Things finally get under control and David begins to cooperate. They finish the task of putting the necessities into the crate and move on to the next crate. 

Aaron suspects Amanda is pregnant, which she denies at first. She finally tells him that she is, but he has to swear not to say anything. He pinky swears that it is their secret.

Red the handyman opens up some wine. He says he can fix anything, but there is no fixing stupid. 

Bri, Amanda and Mike head over to the livestock section while Red and Josh try to get the power and electricity working. (in his intro, we find out that Josh has sexy underwear. Good to know.)

Josh and Bella work together to find a way to get toilet working. They argue over human waste and how it should be used. Seriously. She hopes to teach people how to live off the grid and properly treat the planet.

Some of the girls are running around naked. 

Chef Aaron wants a Utopia where everyone works together and has a job.

At dinner, Red wants to say grace.  As they eat, they pass around a stick. If they have it they can talk. Mike says they should talk about what they saw today. 

Aaron says they need to eat twice a day, which causes an argument with Amanda. 

{sidebar id=8} Bella has them meditate and do hand yoga. 

Pretty soon, everyone is happy and decide to drink by the water. There is more skinny dipping, which makes the guys happy. 

Red and Pastor Jonathan talk about the word of the Lord inside while everyone is partying. 

Hex(?) is a hunter who is here because she thinks she has a bigger calling in life. 

Josh gets drunk and starts acting like a fool. He starts hitting on some of the girls and even tries to kiss one. (It is dark and I can’t see who it is) This does NOT sit well with her and she says he is lucky she doesn’t punch him. He gets belligerent and they tell him to go to bed.

They agree the booze also needs to be rationed. Josh and Dave get into a fight.

Pastor Jonathan talks to Dave who doesn’t really want to hear about God.

Chris and Bri hook up.

The next morning, Pastor Jonathan is almost in tears because of the chaos, Josh is sleeping one off in the cow shed and Hex is vomiting. 

Bella wants to get a work force together.

Rob realizes he isn’t in Jersey anymore. 

Hex gets so sick they have to call an ambulance. She cannot stop vomiting and passes out.  The ambulance takes her away and I truly hope she is okay. 

Josh wakes up from his drunken stupor and decides to put clothes on. Lawyer Mike wants to put him on trial, but they decide to wait until Hex is back. Everyone just gives Josh the cold shoulder. 

Dave and Josh talk while he works to get redemption. 

There is a lot of nudity, which Pastor Jonathan prays about. 

Hex is back and she is going to be fine. They decide to talk about the incident with Josh, which leads to yet another argument. Rob is not happy with the trial, nor is Aaron, so they decide to not be a part of the trial. 

Hex also decides to forgive Josh. She joins him and his supporters outside.

Everyone else votes on whether or not Josh should stay. They decide he can stay, but he cannot drink for three months. He will also have severe consequences if he goes after someone again. 

Bella is very upset that he is staying and can’t take one more day of this. 

Amanda comes clean about her pregnancy. They joke that she should name the baby Utopia. 

It seems like all is forgiven between Josh and Bella. 

Josh and Rob (who considers himself a ‘real’ American) complain about the alleged Utopia. 

Pastor Jonathan and Hex talk about being in Utopia and how the nudity makes him feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t understand, but he explains his beliefs and wants them to be respected. 

Chris and Bri continue to get cozy.

On the first Sunday in Utopia, Pastor Jonathan requests a congregation and water baptisms. It is also Dave’s birthday. Nikki also has her own messages of chakra and peace. She and Pastor Jonathan agree to listen to each other’s messages.

There is a dead chicken, which Red says is good to eat. Chef Aaron is not comfortable with cooking it. 

Red wants water, which causes ANOTHER argument about wasting resources. 

Some of the guys get together to dig a structure. 

Bella and Red get into another argument.  He calls her a bitch and Aaron angry with him, which causes the two of them to fight. 

The girls talk about sex and meditate. 

Red wants to leave Utpoia because he is tired of the BS. Dave talks to him and lets him vent. 

Most of the house wants Red to stay, but he still wants to leave. Dave tries to convince him to stay until morning.

Poor Dave! His birthday is not at all what a birthday should be. 

Everyone sits down and agrees that there need to be rules. 

Join us Tuesday to see what happens next in Utopia. Goodnight. 

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