Thursday March 30, 2017

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For many it has a been a long 3 months if you have been watching Big Brother 16, but now there is some quality relief and it is called UTOPIA.  Utopia is a product from the same man that created Big Brother.  There is a difference though, this time John D'Mol is bring to life the Big Brother concept the way he always meant it to be, not the trash we have to watch on CBS.

Utopia Preview

Get Stamped!

Passport Holders can unlock a vault of exclusive online content, chat in real time with other UTOPIA fans, and vote in the Utopian's replacement process!

When 15 strangers suddenly meet up and try to build their own society, anything can happen. But this real-life drama isn't just playing out on TV. It's happening constantly -- and it's all right here.

Think of UtopiaTV.com as an interactive extension of what you see on the air -- an alternate path strewn with back-story pebbles, multiple live streams, and all the other dirt on the Utopians. So roll around in it! Stay awhile. We'll be here 'round the clock uncovering new gems for your appraisal whenever you decide to check in.

Ready to watch a wild social experiment play out in real time? All you need is a Passport.

As Passport Holders, you can watch exclusive clips from the live streams and control our 360-degree HD camera yourself. You can also chat with fellow UTOPIA fans about how you might live and work differently if given the chance to create a new society. What's more, your opinions will directly affect the story! Passport Holders can vote for which Utopians should enter and exit society.

Starting August 29, we'll unleash our Premium Passport -- available for $4.99 per month -- which will give you two additional streams of the compound.

Utopia Passport - http://www.utopiatv.com/about-passport  

It's your Utopia. You make the calls. Register for a Passport below.

Behold the wildly different life forms set to combust in TV's biggest social experiment ever.

It’s finally time to meet our test subjects -- 15 real people willing to put their lives on hold and start fresh in a brave new world. It takes all kinds to build a perfect society -- from the “backwoods hillbilly," to the gun-loving “G*ddamn patriot,” to a guy who believes God speaks through him. Will the lawyer who’s just that not into manual labor get along with the laid-back glass-blowing chili farmer? How will our vegan vixen collide with the bullseye babe? Will the doomsday prepper and the ex-con have more in common than they think? Hey, there’s a pregnant lady, too! Just for fun. Utopians gotta breed, same as worms.
No need to pick a favorite just yet. In Utopia, polyamory is alive and well.
Read all about the First 15 over at the Utopians page!
And grab a Passport now to start trippin’. Our live streams begin when the Utopians move in on August 29.

Meet The Cast

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