Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to the season finale of Masterchef on Fox. Tonight either Brandi, Shaun or David will be crowned the seventh winner of the show. Let’s heat things up!

Before we begin, the contestants all go home to prepare for the finale. The judges visit each one to see how they are doing. 

First up is Brandi, who is a Southern blonde version of my sister with her loving personality and way of teaching. Seeing Chef Tosi and Chef Ramsay visit her classroom is the sweetest, cutest thing ever. 

David and Lilianna then get a visit, where they discuss his plan of action for the finale. 

Shaun is also given a visit. He talks about his parents and how they are inspiring him to do well. 

Finale time! Chef Daniel Boloud and Chef Wolfgang Puck are on hand to join the judge’s table. Everyone’s families are also there, as well as the previously eliminated contestants. 

Round one has them grabbing ingredients and cooking an elaborate meal. As they cook, the judges offer commentary and the eliminated contestants predict who they think will win. 

Shaun is convinced he is going to win the appetizer round, but Chef Boloud says it is up to him to decide. Oh, SNAP! His arrogance seems to continue to annoy the judges. 

The judges taste each dish and then it is time for the entree round. The judges continue to offer commentary and give advice. They offer pros and cons as they taste everything and so far, it seems to be anyone’s game, despite each dish having a few glitches. 

Dessert time! This is the last round and they each make a dish they love. The judges continue to offer commentary and give advice while the chefs cook for their lives.

After another taste test, the judges give their deliberations. The winner is SHAUN!  I am surprised but happy for Shaun. 

Happy end of the season and good luck to all!

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