Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. We are  in the final five and they are bringing heat to the kitchen like never before. Chef Richard Blais is on hand to judge.

Before they cook, they are all surprised with their families visiting. The families will be watching as the top five cook with the mystery box challenge. Each person has a favorite ingredient as their staple.

As always, the judges watch, offer advice and give commentary as everyone cooks. 

Dan’s blackberry turnover, Tanorria’s peach shortcake and Shaun’s egg yolk with ricotta ravioli are the top dishes of the night. Shaun wins the overall challenge and gets immunity and a huge advantage. He is also in the top four. 

The next challenge has them choosing their dream ingredients and switching them with someone else. The decision as to who gets what is in Shaun’s hands. 

Brandi gets David’s basket, David gets Dan’s, Tanorria gets Brandi’s and Dan gets Tanorria’s. David is angry and has a complete meltdown. He is so upset and frustrated that he walks out of the kitchen. Chef Ramsay talks to him and says he won’t let him leave because he is better than that. He encourages him and tells him that he can do it. Chef Blais also comes over to help. 

After the challenge is over, David gets a good talking to from Chef Ramsay about his attitude. However, his dish goes over well and there is hope he will stay in the competition.

Tanorria’s lamb is delicious and well cooked. 

Brandi’s crab ravioli hits it out of the park. 

Dan’s dish is an idea he stole from Tanorria completely fell apart.

David and Dan are in the bottom two. Although Chef Ramsay didn’t like David’s attitude, he stays and Dan is sent home.

The second hour has them being judged by tough food critics. Brandi gets to choose the teams for the next challenge. She decides to work with Shaun, so that means Tanorria and David are a team.

As always, the judges continue to judge and offer commentary. 

Each critic tastes each team’s food and come to a decision…the blue team wins, which means Brandi and Shaun are in the finale. There is a twist…there will be three home cooks, so David and Tanorria have a chance to join them. 

David and Tanorria have to cook pork tenderloin, pork belly and pork chops. David is stressed, but Chef Ramsay tells him to calm down.

The time comes for the judges to taste the dishes. There are pros and cons with each, but at the end, it is David who is in the finale with Tanorria going home.

Tune in for next week’s finale. Goodnight.

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