Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. Tonight, everyone must use a cast iron skillet, a wooden spoon and a knife from their mystery box in order to make a meal. They have complete creativity food wise, but must use each tool given to them. 

As a surprise, Chef Ramsay is cooking with them. As always Chef Christina Tosi and Chef Kevin offer their advice, give commentary and observe everyone cooking.

They of course fall in love with Chef Ramsay’s dish and then choose Tanorria’s chicken, Brandi’s rib eye steak and David’s bacon wrapped shrimp as the top three dishes of the night. 

Brandi wins and is safe for the night. Everyone else must make a picnic with strawberries, scotch eggs, sliders and other delicious, decadent foods. Brandi must put people together in groups of two for a tag team challenge.

Shaun and Nathan

David and Katie

Tanorria and Dan

The groups begin to cook and every few minutes switch places to continue what the first cook started. Shaun keeps yelling at Nathan to stay calm, but seems to be making things worse. Chef Ramsay gets him water and keeps him calm. Unfortunately, he ends up passing out. He says he is ok and Chef Ramsay sits with him for awhile and then sends him back to work.

The other groups are working hard, but all the shouting is driving me crazy. At the end, David throws his champagne when he runs out of time. Chef Tosi calls him out on it and says if it were in her real kitchen she would kick him out. 

David and Katie’s food may not be the prettiest, but it makes up for it in taste 

Dan and Tanorria’s food is messy and pronounced pretty good. When asked if she would go on a second date if Dan served her that food, she said there wouldn’t even be a first date. 

Shaun and Nathan’s food is a disaster. Shaun tries to throw Nathan under the bus, but Chef Ramsay tells him he must also take responsibility. 

Sadly,  Nathan is sent home. There are a lot of tears and hugs as he says goodbye. 

Hour two kicks off with the final six going to a special event at the Park Plaza Hotel. David and Katie are team captains for their next challenge. It’s Katie, Dan and Shaun vs. David, Tanorria and Brandi. They each must cook a complete meal which includes asparagus, filet mignon, potatoes and lobster. 

As always, there is a lot of chaos and everyone being overwhelmed, especially on the red team. However, they are able to get things together and both teams are able to serve impressive dishes to their guests. 

The blue team wins, which means that the red team will have to complete an elimination challenge: making a chocolate dessert. They will have make a white chocolate eclair, dark chocolate molten lava cake and a milk chocolate cheesecake. 

Everyone seems to struggle with different aspects of the challenge. It shows when the judges taste their dishes at the end. It is sad because they all have talent and these were difficult challenges. 

Shaun is safe, which means either Katie or Dan are going home. Katie is going home, mostly because one of her desserts had no chocolate. 

Join us next week to see the top five compete. Goodnight.

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