Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. We are back after a two week hiatus due to the Olympics and Chef Kevin is on hand to judge. 

Each contestant is given a high end mystery box with ingredients I’ve never used, let alone heard of. Everyone bustles around, trying to make the best dishes they can to impress the judges.

The judges taste each dish from the top three, giving it their pros and cons. Some of them are quite interesting and the judges finally think that David is hitting his stride. They also love Brandi’s food and Shaun’s take on the challenge.

The winner of the challenge is Shaun! He gets an advantage in the next challenge and give out the type of salmon (whole or canned) each person will cook. He is also safe from elimination. 

Halfway through the challenge, Shaun has the chance to save someone and put them in the top 8. He He chooses Eric because he is not a threat. He would much go after people like Tannoria and Brandi, both of whom are excelling in the competition. 

The judges taste each dish, once again giving the pros and cons. I feel so bad for Terry, whose dish is a complete disaster. 

David and Brandi have the top two dishes of the night and are safe. 

Tannoria  and Terry are in the bottom two. Both of them had tough nights and now face elimination. Tannoria is called safe, which means Terry is going home. It completely shocks me because I thought he had more potential out of anybody. 

The second hour kicks off with a new challenge. They must cook a potato dish of culinary excellence….French fries!! YUM! I love fries and can eat them all day if I could. You know that Facebook meme (or maybe Instagram, I don’t remember) where it says something like I will never stay a dollar from you, but once you turn around I am stealing your fries? That is so me. 

Each judge tests the fries, giving the pros and cons on them. 

Brandi, David, Shaun and Nathan are all safe. Everyone else must make the perfect mashed potatoes. As always, the judges talk about how they would make theirs, offer advice and commentary.

When it comes to judge, it seems like there is no perfect mashed potato. However, it s Eric and Katie who are in the bottom two and must face off one last time by cooking the perfect gnocchi dish. They both get to work, but sadly, neither of them make the perfect gnocchi. 

At the end, it is Eric who is sent home. My NY boy!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!  He thanks everyone and gets lots of hugs and love as he leaves. 

Join us next week for more Masterchef. Goodnight.

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