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may31 masterchef
By Timman

Hello everybody and welcome to the 2nd hour of Masterchef tonight. I got home late from work and am covering for Sammi tonight but I did see that Andrea was the person eliminated in the first hour of the show tonight. This is a throwback for me because I was the one who was covering this show two seasons ago. What I am going to do when I get time is go back and write a recap for the first part.

Tonight’s mystery box item is Nutella, the hazelnut spread which can be included in basically anything. Christine Tossi is cooking with them this week.  Christina talks about the puree she is making with them and she is making 3 dishes this week.

Be catious with me. Katie I think is making a Nutella crepe. Dan is doing sweet and savory Nutella turnovers. Brandy is the one doing a Nutella crepe and Nutella whipped cream. Christina goes over her very detailed dishes to Gordon, there was a stuffed pretzel toast in  there. The judges have walked around looking for who the top 3 standouts are.

1-      Dan- made the sweet and savory Nutella turnovers.
2-      Tannoria- 2nd one called up, she made a Nutella, cream cheese stuffed French toast.
3-      Terry- He made 4 ways Nutella, stuffed French toast, crepe truffles and beneits.

Terry Wins the advantage for this week by winning the mystery box challenge. He gets the option to choose a rice dish he wants the others to make. There is a bibimbop, risotto, or Paella. We get a suspenseful decision coming from Terry he chose, Korean bibimbop. Damn I was hoping this was not going to be picked because I can’t spell this. Nathan wants to make this dish with an African style. The judges explain the importance of fluffy rice with a crispy bottom layer. Veggies and meats need to bring different levels of creativeness and voice to the dish.

Nathan explains his dish to Gordon and he asks Nathan not to get too fancy. Shaun has a very traditional Japanese version of the dish. Shaun says Terry is targeting everybody with this one. David is doing a Ratatouille bimonbob. Brandi has history making a similar dish for her husband, she can’t say the name of the dish but it does look good. Her rice was incredibly crispy, Gordon thinks it is incredibly delicious. Next up is David with his Ratatouille bibimbap, the judge says that it looks horrendous, they determine the tomato sauce ruins the look at it. He says it doesn’t look that appetizing for him, he says the rice Is really well cooked but the two dishes don’t work well together. Dan brings his up, it’s a duck curry bimimbab. The Duck Fat was used to coat the bowl it was well done. Nathan brings his Africana dish up for Chef Edward. His parents were Zambian missionaries and this gave him that idea.

Katie brings up hers, she used black forbidden rice her, she says that the husk of the rice does a bad job mixing the flavors here and the pineapple is just bizarre. Sean brings up his new York strip bowl. Gordon is going over how horrible Diamond’s dish is also. There is no popping color, and bad knife skills between the kinds and the cornbread on rice. Gordon says that the gravy was a terrible idea.

Bottom Chefs are Diamond, David and Katie. David steps forward they say he gambled but got very lucky and the rice alone saved him. Katie is saved after a little plea to staying around this week. Diamond is eliminated for her disaster of a rice bowl.

Well this was a lot of fun guys to beat out my downer of a day so I hope you guys all enjoy and I will work toward if I get time publishing a recap for the first hour.


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