Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. Tonight, our final fifteen cooks will cook for our military. I thank all of the soldiers for their service and protecting our freedom. 

D’Andre is actually an Air Force child and is excited to do this challenge. 

Alejandro won the last challenge so he is a team leader. The other fourteen divide up and then Alejandro must choose which team he wants. He chooses blue team, while the red team decides to have David as their leader.

The teams decide on how to make their hanger steak—salt and pepper and mushroom sauce with mac and cheese and zucchini for team red and a marinade with honey, mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts for the blue team. 

Chef Ramsay is upset that the blue team doesn’t have enough salt in their water. Alejandro is upset because someone else’s mistake reflects badly on him.

The red team forgets sauce on their steak, so the veterans send their food back. There is also food sent back due to being undercooked.  To say Chef Ramsay is unhappy is an understatement.

Despite all the problems, the veterans are overall thrilled with the food they get. It is sweet to hear them talk about the food and see how much they appreciate their meals.

The veterans vote on their favorite meal and give the blue team a win. They are safe from elimination, while the red team have to do a pressure test to avoid elimination. They can choose one person to save or risk having them all be eliminated.

Eric is saved, which means the others must face the pressure test. They have to take apart chicken and fry it. 

As always, the judges walk around offering advice and giving commentary. Chef Ramsay is worried because Katie didn’t use any egg or milk to coat her chicken. She does her best to fix it in time since she can’t start over. 

The judges give pros and cons on each box of chicken before declaring David, Tanorria and Terry safe. 

Manny, Diana and Katie are in the bottom three. Manny is sent home, which makes me sad. He reminds me of a cross between Kenan Thompson and Titus Burgess. He thanks all the judges and says goodbye. Eric is especially upset because he considered him a brother and best friend. 

Join us next week for more Masterchef. Goodnight.

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