Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. Tonight, the contestants will be cooking for former contestant Nick’s wedding. It is their first big team challenge, so the pressure is on.

Nathan and Terry are the captains of the teams since they won the last challenge. Poor Nathan is so insecure and feels like nobody wants to work with him. Since most people want to work with Terry, he has to send three people over to Nathan’s team. I feel so bad for Nathan because I know what it feels like to be picked last or not picked at all….and knowing nobody wants to work with you. Nathan, if you’re reading this, you’re amazing and loved! I would be happy to be a part of Team Nathan.

The teams get together and work on the menus. Shaun and Nathan butt heads from the get-go. Nathan feels like nobody is listening to him and getting frustrated. They cook the scallops too early, which upsets Chef Ramsay. Shaun keeps trying to take over, which causes Nathan to get more frustrated and flustered. 

Team Terry is fighting against the wind….it is causing the burners to go out.  However, they get things under control and the plates served on time.

AW!!! The Masterchef Alumni are there! Claudia and Tommy! I loved my Creole boy…he is just as sweet and cute as ever. 

The blue team keeps struggling and now has a disastrous vinaigrette that the must fix. They keep trying, but things keep going wrong, including serving cold scallops and then not even being able to finish serving. 

For the entree round, the teams have a chance at redemption. Shaun and Nathan calm down and work things out, but they still struggle with burning food. D’Andre is in charge of the orzo, which is a mess. However, they work on fixing it so it is still edible. Things turn around and Nathan is finally getting the respect he deserves.

The red team has raw lamb, which causes Chef Ramsay to want to call the whole thing off. However, they are able to fix it and serve the lamb as it should be. 

Nathan apologizes for losing his cool and his team high fives and congratulates him on his redemption. 

The red team wins the challenge and the firefighter (I forget his name?) catches the bouquet and runs around in excitement. The blue team is disappointed on their loss and now must face elimination. 

Alejandro, Katie, Shaun and Nathan are all safe. Now it seems like Shaun is taking Nathan under his wing as a brother.

Sadly, this is the end of the line for Barbara. 

Join us next week for more Masterchef. Goodnight.

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