Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. This is the first time the top 20 will compete against each other in the kitchen. Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Wolfgang Puck are all on hand as judges. 

The mystery box challenge has the cooks making a potato dish. As always, the judges walk around, ask questions and offer advice. 

At one point, Chef Gordon Ramsay stops the clock and tells them that the worst cook in this round will be eliminated. 

They pick the three worst dishes: Nathan (twice baked potato), Cassie ( NY strip steak with fried potato salad) and Bill (potato pancakes with bacon)

Nathan’s potato may not look pretty, but it has some potential, according to Wolfgang Puck. However, it could be a bit more creative. Chef Ramsay tells him he lacks maturity, which hurts him because he is trying to prove he is mature.

Cassie’s dish is too basic, according to Christina. Wolfgang Puck says he would send it back. 

Bill’s dish is undercooked and too simple. Wolfgang Puck tells him he is better than this and needs to work to his potential.

Cassie is sent home in this round. 

We then get to the best dish of the night, which belongs to Andrea. She doesn’t have to cook in the elimination challenge and can decide to save all the boys or all the girls. She decides to save the ladies, which means the guys have to cook in the elimination challenge.

The next challenge is to replicate a Gordon Ramsay dish. They have to watch him cook and try and figure out what he used. They don’t even know what fish was used…and have to guess everything else in five minutes. 

This is actually a very interesting challenge because they have to rely on their senses rather than being told what to do.

The dish: Yukon Gold halibut with cauliflower couscous and sweet potato. 

Despite missing one ingredient, Nathan redeems and saves himself. He is so sweet and adorable, I just want to hug him. Both judges are so proud of him and think Wolfgang Puck would be too had he stayed. 

Bill’s dish had the right fish, but the rest of it fails to impress. 

Eric the firefighter has some of the right ingredients, but is missing some things. It is well, technical wise. 

David has the wrong fish, but the rest of it tastes good.

D’Andre’s dish has the wrong fish and seems to not work out the way anybody hoped.

Terry’s dish has everything they were looking for. 

Dan’s dish is described as fish on a frat party of puke.

After the rest of the dished get pros and cons, we find out Nathan and Terry are the best cooks and captains next week. 

Bill and D’Andre are the worst cooks of the night. Sadly, Bill is eliminated. He takes it well and thinks he did what he came to do—accomplish something no matter what age you are.

More next week. Stay tuned.

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