Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. We will have more battles as ten more cooks are added to the top 20.

Takeila is a nail tech with a passion for cooking. Dan is a frat boy. They have a taco cook off—Dan makes his with fish while Takeila makes hers with chicken and waffles. Both dishes go over well, but the judges agree Takeila’s ingredients don’t go well together.

Winner: Dan.

Zach wants to win so he can use the money to have his mom retire. Alejandro is a voiceover actor. 

They each make their variation of a burger. Alejandro’s pays homage to his heritage, while Zach’s has bleu cheese and onions. Both have their pros and cons, mostly when it comes to looks and spice, but overall, they do well. They bring both moms out and have them there as they declare the winner.

Winner: Alejandro

Next, we have Brittany, Tanorria and Shawn cooking shrimp and grits. Tanorria’s sounds good with the other seafood, while Brittany’s addition of beer is unique. I also like how Shawn adds a different balance of flavors. 

Winner 1: Tanorria, whose shrimp and grits is the best in the show’s history. 

Winner 2: Brittany 

After a montage of cook-offs, we get to the final battle. We have DJ Shaun vs. James. They each do a surf and turf, but Shaun loses attack of time and almost doesn’t finish. However, it all works out and he gets it done. His dish gets good reviews, but they offer places to improve. James’s dish is well seasoned and perfectly cooked. 

Winner: Shaun 

Join us next week for more Masterchef. Goodnight.

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