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Hello and welcome to the much awaited Masterchef Finale on FOX. We are down to the 2 most consistent chefs on the season in Elizabeth and Courtney and the most pressure helped chef in Leslie who may pull the big upset tonight. In this two hour special episode we go from 3-2 chefs and the announce a final winner at the end. The first challenge tonight is going to bring back the most popular chefs from the season. My pick to win tonight is Elizabeth, for the final time tonight on this great Masterchef season Let’s Go--

They will each be taking two fortune cookies to pick the sous chefs they will be working with on this challenge. Courtney’s first cookie contains Daniel, Leslie’s first cookie has Ahran and Elizabeth’s cookie contains Jaimee. Courtney’s second cookie is Big Willie. Leslie has Christian and got exactly who he wanted leaving Elizabeth with Victoria. All the chefs seem happy with who they have drafted. I am noticing how they are the top 10 minus Cutter. They are one step away from the finale and the 50 chefs are now entering the kitchen. Leslie wants fillets and gnocchi, Elizabeth wants fish fillets and cauliflower. Courtney is going with Halibut and beets. Joe says that Elizabeth’s dish is really appealing to him, they comment saying that Leslie’s side dish is rather weird with the gnocchi. The 50 chefs enter into the kitchen as some of the chefs in America including Cat Cora, Duff Goldman, Mary Sue Miliken, Casey Lanning, Tom Shields and there are many many more.

Courtney describes the dish to Gordon and they agree with how good it is. Gordon says this is the biggest deal they have ever had in the Masterchef kitchen. Elizabeth says she is doing a Mediterranean skin on dish. Joe says that it is a very chefy dish which might not be great. Leslie explains his dish, which Graham wonders about the fillet and the gnocchi. Gordon says that halibut doesn’t work too greatly for big audiences, Graham emphasizes how confident Leslie is with the dish and how much he is in the driver’s seat. Joe said that if he had to hire one chef in his kitchen Right now it would be Leslie who lit a towel on fire in his cooking. Courtney has nothing on her plate with very limited time left in the service.

Courtney’s team is having a ton of conflict with their dish regarding how they are preparing. Leslie is thrilled with his dishes, the chefs all get to say goodbye to the sous chefs and then we get judgment from the chefs. Gordon brings the chefs in to explain their dishes. Courtney has a pan-seared halibut with soy along with a beet dashi and a chili sauce. Leslie gives a filet mignon with herb gnocchi and summer vegetables. Elizabeth has  a pan seared snapper with assorted cauliflower.

The chefs comment Elizabeth on her different cauliflowers and how everything works really well together. They commend Courtney on her fish and wonder about her flavor on the broth. They say that the gnocchi is a serious gamble but it works really well together surprisingly. Cat picks Elizabeth and says she would sell it in her restaurant. They say that Leslie’s was very strong also and while it could be culinary cliché it worked. We also get some chefs who choose Courtney as the winner. The chefs come out and line up for the 3 home cooks. The individual who won this competition was…….. Elizabeth. She has entered the finale as one of the chefs in it. Gordon brings Leslie and Courtney down and thank the 50 chefs as they leave. Courtney comments on how there have been 7 other chefs who have tried to send Leslie home and it is her turn now.

We will be having another pressure test to get into the Grand Finale of Masterchef. Leslie and Courtney enter the kitchen. They will be making a dessert and it will be 3 desserts that celebrate America. The first is New York Cheescake, as Leslie sees the desserts he looks pissed. Graham brings up Key Lime Pie and Gordon brings up the Boston Crème Pie. They have 2 hours to make all 3 challenging desserts. Leslie says if she wins fair that is fine but he will be swinging hard for this win. The judges say that it isn’t one sided but Leslie is much more experienced. Courtney says she should beat Leslie because this is one of her favorite things to do.. They comment toward how they need the cheesecake in the oven early. Gordon says that Courtney looks really composed and this is what she loves to do. Elizabeth says Courtney is talking herself through the challenge which she says is a little weird. Elizabeth says that Leslie talks too but he does it in a worried way. Joe comes over and Leslie says that this isn’t his strength. Leslie is worried that his cheesecake will not cook.

Gordon says that the biggest question will be if Leslie’s cake is cooked, and Leslie says that his cakes have completed, Courtney is thrilled with her cakes, she says this is exactly how she wants to enter the final by beating Leslie. They say that Leslie’s Boston Crème Pie is great, Courtney realizes that hers is a bit flat. Elizabeth thinks Leslie has the upper hand because he has been in so many pressure tests. Leslie’s pie is coming together really good and Courtney’s is a little bit uneven. Elizabeth comments to Courtney’s disaster, Leslie actually tripped and fell over running into the back.

Joe cuts Courtney’s cheesecake and it goes through really smooth, Joe says it is very well done nice cut, airy and smooth. It is a little less appealing from Leslie and when Cut it comes out very flat and maybe a bit raw. The crust is burnt on the bottom, this is a pretty easy win and Courtney gets the first point on the cheesecake. We go to the Key Lime Pie next. Graham says that it looks like Key Lime smores and it is very sweet, not a lot of acidic tang. Leslie’s taste is great, the curd is amazing. Graham says that it all comes down to details and Leslie wins the Key Lime Pie. Gordon goes to Courtney's Boston Crème Pie which has filling oozing all over it. Gordon doesn’t really comment toward it. Gordon says Leslie’s ratio looks great and the cake stayed together he didn’t really make a taste comment on any but made some faces. They come around to the front and the judges go back to discuss who will move on. Gordon says that Courtney’s was a mess but they say that Leslie’s bread may have had an error. Gordon has Leslie taste his sponge and they discover that he put salt in place of the sugar in the sponge. The winner of the Boston Crème Pie challenge was Courtney. Courtney says that she felt so bad for Leslie and Graham says that one finally got him. Joe says that everyone in America has made the mistake that he made tonight and he was phenomenal in the kitchen. Leslie walks out hanging up his apron with an amazing montage of his moments on the show.

The best 2 home cooks are battling it out on the stage right now. They are Elizabeth and Courtney which have great resumes throughout the competition and now together go into battle for their own cookbook and a 250,000$ prize. Elizabeth comes out for the battle and we get her footage from the season of what she has dealt with. After a week start Elizabeth has been dominant ever since with many wins on teams and by self. Elizabeth has made history by never leaving a team challenge and never cooking in a pressure test. Courtney comes out in her heels and we get her footage from her family in Philly. Courtney was the first chef this season to win her apron. All the past competitors have returned to cheer them on in the finale along with their loved ones.

{sidebar id=8}They start the appetizer section of the test. Elizabeth is doing a braised octopus and Courtney is doing a pig ear salad with quail egg. The judges think Elizabeth is taking one of the biggest challenges she has ever seen a finalist take. Courtney says that Elizabeth should be scared. Elizabeth says that the pig ear is a bit beige and Courtney says that her plating is a bit weird. Joe says that the octopus may be slightly over-cooked. They say that the dish shows serious confidence in the kitchen. They taste Courtney’s appetizer with the pig ear and think it looks beautiful. Joe says that there is a great balance of flavors. Graham loved her sauce. Gordon says that it looked like she shot them but the seasoning is incredible. They are told to go prep for the entrees. The judges say that it was a very gutsy dish by Courtney but Elizabeth was probably a tad better.

They each get 60 minutes to make the best main course possible. Their 60 minutes starts now to begin their entrée portion of the final service. Courtney is doing a sumac duck breast, and Elizabeth is doing a Lamb dish. Courtney is plating early and Elizabeth is struggling with timing and her dishes. Elizabeth thinks everyone watching them cook is really hurting her in regards to winning. Elizabeth says her plating was a tad rushed at the end. Courtney says that her lamb is raw and Elizabeth defends it. Joe says that he would want the lamb a little bit more cooked but it was close. Gordon says his lamb is cooked perfectly and well done. Graham says that Courtney’s plate is visually gorgeous and it tastes just as good as it looks, one of the best dishes she has put up. Joe says that it is very well done and everything is spot on as it looks flawless. Elizabeth says that it is so important she wins the final dish, Elizabeth is making a grapefruit olive oil cake with plum. Courtney is doing a cherry merengue and spiced almonds.

Elizabeth explains to Joe how badly she needs to win this. Elizabeth’s cake is slightly undercooked in the middle but plans to use the outer edge of her cake. Courtney accidentally eats one of the judges meringues for her dish and will have to give an incomplete plate now. Elizabeth says that Courtney’s dish looks like 2nd place. Joe says that there was some serious salt in that dish. Graham says that the pastry crème was great and the cherries sweetness balance against the almonds. Gordon says it tastes mostly good except that it was a bit clumsy for the finale. Elizabeth presents her semolina cake. Gordon says that it tastes great and her way getting around the cake not being done was genius. Gordon send them off. Joe says that the cake was great she says that her menu was better and her dessert shows her how to win. Gordon says that Courtney’s dessert was the weakest of the 6 dishes. They say Elizabeth's time management was a disaster. Joe says that both home chefs have a serious potential in the business.

Elizabeth’s husband has just passed out on the sidelines. Gordon goes over to give him some water. Courtney and Elizabeth are both anxiously awaiting the results, they say tonight proved they were phenomenal chefs. They ask them both to switch places with them to announce a winner. They announce Courtney as the winner of Masterchef and the judges celebrate with champagne everywhere. She hugs the families, Elizabeth blames the lamb and says Courtney deserves to win.

I want to take a minute to thank all of my readers this year with Masterchef. This season has been my first full season of the show with TVGrapevine. I will now only be working on the NFL based articles for the website while I am at college this semester so you may not here quite as much from thank. Thanks again and I hope you all continue to read my NFL stuff this year. For more information with my NFL articles, Masterchef and my other shows with TVGrapevine follow me on twitter @Timwestine75. Thanks for a great season and a huge congratulations to Courtney for winning.

Masterchef Finale Replay

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