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Hello and welcome to tonight’s first episode of Masterchef in which the top 5 finalists will battle to make the final 4. Last week we lost Jaimee to a Croquembouche tower that wouldn’t come apart. That leaves 5 very strong chefs in the Masterchef kitchen, Courtney, Elizabeth, Leslie, Christian and Cutter.

Christian says that his goal is to have his own food truck and Masterchef means the world, and Leslie is determined to be in the top 4. Courtney’s 6 year old sibling along with the other family members are in this mystery box. Courtney comments toward missing most of his younger brother’s life. She wants to make him really proud. Christian’s fiancée, Leslie wife, Elizabeth’s husband and Cutter’s dad are the other family members. Cutter says his dad is his best friend in life and Leslie is thrilled to see his gorgeous wife. 

Tonight’s mystery box will work a little different they will be creating their favorite dishes of their loved ones with the help of the loved ones shopping. Leslie comments about his wife being the bread winner who switched roles with him at their marriage of Leslie now being the stay at home dad. Courtney’s brother thinks they are going to win. Joe says how much pressure the loved ones bring on in the task. Graham is worried about the gumbo time and maybe his fiancée throwing a wrench. Courtney is going to do a truffled lobster Mac N’ Cheese. Leslie is making a rack of lamb with butternut squash and plenty of meats. Christian plans to emphasize getting the gumbo done in an hour. Elizabeth is doing a meatball and grits, her meats are 5 different meats Joe struggles to figure out how it can be elevated. Joe believes Leslie is in the hardest spot with his Lamb, the families count down the last 10 seconds and dishes complete.

The judges ask the top 3 chefs to step up and the first is Courtney. Courtney presents her brothers Mac N Cheese with truffled lobster, fried quail egg and Brussels sprouts. Gordon calls it a complex dish and the mix and matching was done greatly. Her brother claps. Joe says that he was worried but it looks like a world class pasta dish. The 2nd dish they choose to look at first is Christian’s gumbo because he pulled it off in less than an hour. He presents a New Orleans seafood gumbo with sausage. Graham says it is like taking a big taste from the ocean and the right levels of seasoning are really showing with the dish. He says it is one of his best. Gordon says that he could have dealt with less Rice but it is great with the time constraints. The next dish was Elizabeth’s meatballs with herb grits in a simple tomato sauce. They pick Elizabeth to win and all the other family members say goodbye. Elizabeth has 4 faces on a plate that she must delegate 4 different proteins too. The first protein is an ox heart which is difficult and demanding but melts in your mouth, the 2nd one is a veal brain. The 3rd choice is testicles of buffalos which are difficult to cook because of chewiness. The final choice is a tounge of a cow.

{sidebar id=8}Elizabeth got to delegate each item, Christian is not pleased because he has never cooked this stuff, they all go into the pantry to pick up their dishes, they go and see that Christian got the Brain, Leslie got the tongue, Courtney got the testicles and Cutter got the heart. The judges say that the testicles and the brain are the difficult ones. most of them are mashing up their meats. Christian is doing some brain filled pasta which Joe is skeptical. Leslie is doing a seared Lamb tongue. Elizabeth notices how frantic Christian is and Elizabeth thinks he is going to go home with this disaster. Graham says that Christian is in a serious tailspin, Christian is not ready to quit. Courtney feels good with the testicles. Cutter is doing a stuffed pepper with ox heart, Cutter is worried about it. Leslie is pleased to have the braised tongue with bok choy, Gordon thinks it smells incredible. They say how Cutter’s is incredibly rare. Joe says that he is hitting a new low with his pasta in ice water.

Christian presents Veal, Brain Parmesan pasta. Joe questions the raw oregano in the tomato sauce and the brains are good but everything else is awful and unacceptable at this stage in the game. Graham says that the brains are great and tastes awesome but the rest of the dish is bad and came directly out of the pantry. They say how this may be the worst dish Christian has ever presented. Christian is praying his protein gets him through. Courtney presents Fried Buffalo testicles over a veggie puree, the cornmeal coating looks to be spot on and it is braised in broth. She gave a terrible protein some glamor. Graham is sure that they wouldn't know what that was if you didn’t tell them. Leslie brings up his tongue with spinach and bok choy. Gordon says that he didn't clear up the bottom of the tongue, he says that the flavor is great and the little components are left a little short. Joe says that he didn't clean it very well but it is close to miss little things in the final 4. Cutter presents his ox heart with stuffed poblano. Graham says that it is cooked beautifully and he is finally arriving in the competition. Cutter is thrilled that he impressed Joe.

All 4 chefs come down to the front, the two people to go upstairs are Cutter and Courtney who go up for safety and join Elizabeth in the final 4. The person going home tonight is…….. Christian and Leslie heads upstairs to safety. They compliment Christian on being one of the best chefs in the history of the show, and that he should continue to follow his dream. Christian says that Elizabeth will hands down win Masterchef. Gordon offers to help him with his food truck dream. Part 2 is about to begin.

In the next episode we have the battle of the sexes in which the bitter rivals are paired up on teams together. Courtney hopes to be able to write her own critic articles of food. They are told they will be cooking in teams of 2. Whoever loses will be going head to head with their team mate for elimination. Courtney chooses Elizabeth outing Leslie and Cutter together. Each team will have options to cook foods from where they come from. The girls have PA or New York and the guys have California and Texas. Cutter says that steaks are more forgiving than steaks. The teams agree to go with Texas and Pennsylvania.

The girls open their box and find lots of farm fresh ingredients and a lot of good stuff in it. The men have catfish, prime ribs chilis corn, butter and some fruits. Elizabeth does not want to face Courtney in a final 4 pressure test. The girls want to incorporate fruits into their appetizer. Joe says they have well known proteins and they should work with the beef. They are going to do ribs with grapefruit molasses and a steak based dish with potato and vegetable puree as the other. The girls are doing a trout over a poached pear with a bear sauce. They are doing a pan seared venison medallion as their entrée. Cutter cut a big part of his finger and Leslie is left out doing a lot on his own. Gordon jokes about him living up to his name. Courtney and Elizabeth fight about the texture of their puree. Elizabeth doesn’t like the micro management. Leslie and Cutter are beginning to bicker a bit. Elizabeth and Courtney are fighting about their sauces, they both made sauces that they didn't know the other was making. Gordon says that the puree was vile and needs to be fixed. Cutter and Leslie have to start the rib sauce again. They all plate their dishes and produce a well done challenge. The appetizers are brought up for Red which is a pan seared rainbow trout with a poached pear and an apple butter vinaigrette. Gordon says that it looked like a finger food buffet, he says it is a weird combination that actually tastes good but a bit underwhelming.

Elizabeth wishes she stood up about the pear and trout thing. The blue team brings up their appetizer plates which Gordon says look awful. Gordon says that the salt and pepper in the corn is groundbreaking they say that the ribs look tender but none of the dishes were shown of properly. Leslie says that if he goes to the pressure test because of Cutter he will take him down. They bring up their seared Venison tenderloin medallion with button mushrooms. They say that it looks beautiful and the cook on the venison is perfect but the mash is terrible. They say that it is basically steak and tomatoes and the collaboration between 2 of the best chefs in the MC kitchen had a terrible grouping with each other. Leslie presented his Ribeye steak with potato puree and the red wine reduction. Leslie and Cutter fight throughout the dish presentation. Graham says that the steak is great and the mash could need some more seasoning. Gordon says that the sear is incredible. Gordon says that they lack serious harmony with each other on some of the dishes.

The winner in this competition is the Red Team which isn't surprising. Leslie and Cutter have a pressure test duel in this last 25 minutes of the episode. They both agree how this is personal and a very dreaded pressure test for both because neither wants to lose to the other. Cutter is already laughing at Leslie’s occupations. They will be using ingredients from the state box they rejected which is the California box. Courtney is sure that Cutter will be winning this task. They open the box finding Corn, Avocados, Turkey, Sea Urchin, Shadori Chicken, Yellow Fin Tuna. Joe says that he loves the sea urchin in the box. Joe wants to do a sea urchin risotto, Graham wants a shadori chicken teriyaki and Gordon wants to do a tuna fragrance salad for his dish. For this challenge they have to create all 3 dishes. The judges are looking for exact replicates as their dishes. Gordon says how much he is dying to witness this pressure test. They have 90 minutes which begin now. Cutter has no clue what he is doing with his risotto dish as Leslie laughs from the corner.

Graham is giving Cutter some advice on the Risotto and how he can do it. Leslie is very confident with his dishes. They are doing 3 dishes in 90 minutes all at the same time. They think the difference with the teriyaki with the chicken. Leslie’s chicken is done and needs more teriyaki. Leslie says that the girls want Cutter in the final 3 because they can beat him. Gordon says that Leslie has the ingredients and knows how to do it all. Cutter’s tuna falls apart, but his risotto looks really good. The both start plating their dishes and hoping for similar looking dishes. Leslie realizes that he forgot his eggs for the salad and Cutter is really confident along with the girls being very happy. They say that Cutter’s risotto’s flavor is very good and Leslie’s looks a lot like applesauce which has a little to much wine. The winning Risotto was Leslie’s. The chicken teriyaki was next. Cutter says that his is copied much better with the chicken. They taste both dishes and Cutter’s is a bit dry while Leslie’s doesn’t have as much of a glaze. The winner of the teriyaki chicken was Cutter.

It is all coming down to the tuna salad in which they are tied, they say that the tuna was badly seared on Cutter’s and is very dense. They say the rest of his stuff is cooked greatly but the tuna was delivered unfortunately. They say that Leslie’s dish isn’t that exciting and it looks a bit clumsy. Gordon says that the tuna is greatly cooked and the vinagarette is good but they can’t decide how to judge it without the egg. The other person in the top 3 of Masterchef is …… Leslie. The girls are not pleased about it but I am. Cutter cries talking about how hard he tried they tell him that he showed every home cook how everything is possible. He hugs them all and tells them well done. Cutter compliments Leslie saying he was the better chef. Cutter says that they never quit believing in him and it was a great experience and he lived the dream.

Next week is the 2-hour Masterchef finale in which they take on the most intimidating challenge ever with 50 top chefs from 50 states in the final judgement.

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