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Season 13 Ep 15 Recap 12/17/2014

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Roe was eliminated, leaving Sade, Jennifer, Bryant and La Tasha remaining, the pressure will only build.

Chef Ramsay calls everyone down to give them a special surprise: their families greetings to them. They sent cameras to each competitor’s home to let their families give them that motivation they need. But before the challenge, one more surprise: their families are there to see them! One by one, each competitor gets to hug their loved ones and get some personal time with them.

Finally, it’s time to say good-bye to their families … for now, because it’s time for the next challenge, and the winner gets to spend the whole day with their family. The challenge? One of Ramsay’s favorites: the sense challenge. The competitors need to see, smell and taste a dish made by Ramsay and recreate it, and the closest attempt to the actual dish wins. That means the sauce, starch, protein, etc. have to be as close to the original version as possible.

Time is up, and it’s time for the evaluation. Sade’s dish is first, followed by Bryant, La Tasha and Jennifer closing it up. Bryant and La Tasha used the wrong protein, so they’re out. Jennifer and Sade both had couscous and rabbit, but Jennifer had sundried tomatoes in hers, so she wins. So while Jennifer goes out with her family for an amazing lunch at Mr. Chow and a delicious dessert at Vosges, the losers will be packing up the dorms and preparing the restaurant, kitchen included, for Hell’s Kitchen’s 200th dinner service. This dinner service will be the semi-finals of Hell’s Kitchen, as two will be departing afterward, and two will stay. In addition, each person will have a turn running the pass. This will be a monumental test of leadership, and an acid test in determining who deserves to be Chef Ramsay’s next head chef.

Tonight there are a lot of VIPs I attendance, including two former Hell’s Kitchen winners. The customers are seated and the cooking commences. Sade gets the first turn running the pass, so she has to be on her toes, and she needs to set the bar. She’s talking as much as she needs to, but Jennifer is not answering her. The chicken is burnt, so Sade sends it back and demands another from Jennifer, and when Ramsay has Andi throw in clams instead of mussels into the pasta, she catches it immediately. She is performing well, and under her leadership, appetizers are coming out steadily. La Tasha steps up next, and things start well, but when Ramsay has Andi throw in another sabotage (sea bass instead of halibut), she fails to catch it. She finishes up her shift and Jennifer is up next. Jennifer, however, is on a different wavelength than the rest, and when the beef Wellington comes up without a key ingredient, she fails to catch it as well. Another standstill, not good. She says she can come back, but so far Sade is the only one who caught the sabotage. Finally, it’s Bryant’s turn running Hell’s Kitchen. He’s really eager, but he jumps the gun on the QA test, but when the cauliflower puree is switched out, he notices it and corrects it. The final entrees come out and dinner ends on a positive note. Very well done.

Now, Ramsay is sure that he has made the right choices for the final four. Everyone thinks they have done a stellar job and deserves to stay, but two caught the QA issue tonight, and two didn’t, so I definitely think a certain two deserve it more than the other two.

The first person going home this time is … Jennifer. Ramsay tells her she has determination and a bright future ahead, but she is not quite ready to be his head chef yet.

Now the final two are about to be decided. This is a very difficult decision for Chef Ramsay to make. He decides to let everyone give their pitches.

The first person to advance to the final is … La Tasha. Well done, girl. The next decision will be the most difficult by far, and the chef joining her will be … BRYANT! That means Sade is out, but she was the most improved chef of the bunch, so he has decided to have one of his people in London call her to discuss opportunities in the Gordon Ramsay group. This is a Hell’s Kitchen first, so she has something to be proud of, at least, because she may get a chance to work for Chef Ramsay yet.

La Tasha and Bryant are in for their biggest challenge yet, next! This is it!

The final dinner service of Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 is here. The two chefs competing are La Tasha and Bryant. The chef who wins tonight will become the next head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and Grill in Atlantic City.

As a reward for their performance, La Tasha and Bryant are going to get a private plane trip to Palm Springs. But first, they have to come up with their menu for the finale.

When they get to Palm Springs, they get the royal treatment at the Parker Palm Springs, courtesy of Chef Ramsay, but it doesn’t last long. They fly back, but when they get back, they’re told their car isn’t ready yet. They’re upset cuz they want to get back to Hell’s Kitchen, but as soon as they’re told it’s time to go, the walls fall down and in the airport hanger, there’s a huge live studio audience and, more importantly, Chef Ramsay, who gives them their challenge: work with their respective sous chef to create five dishes. Their families are there too, so they have to put their best feet forward.

Finally, the dishes are done, but before the tasting, it’s time to meet their teams for the dinner service: the eliminated chefs from the season. To taste their dishes, Ramsay has brought in an all-star panel of judges, who will judge them on a scale of one to ten. The dishes’ scores (La Tasha vs. Bryant) are as follows:

Cold appetizer: 8 to 7

Hot Appetizer: 8 to 9

Fish Entrée: 7 to 8

Chicken Entrée: 10 to 7

Beef Entrée: 9 to 8

La Tasha won, so she gets the first choice, and she picks:
  • Sade
  • Roe
  • Fernando
  • Ashle
Bryant picks:
  • Jennifer
  • Sterling
  • Santos
  • Frank
Now that everyone’s teams are assembled, it’s time to collaborate in the dorms and get their teamwork worked out, set everyone’s roles. La Tasha is really strict, and will not listen to any suggestions, whereas Bryant IS listening to his team’s ideas. Team Bryant’s teamwork definitely looks stronger at this point.

Dish prep for Ramsay’s approval, however, Bryant’s team suffers a bit of a roadblock: they burned the nuts. Still, Ramsay praises their dishes. La Tasha’s dishes, however, get a lot of criticism, and not exactly good criticism. He’s worried that she’s going to fail with this menu. Lots of problems, and she is second-guessing herself now. Should have listened to her team …

The menu adjustments are complete, and it’s time for the dinner service to begin.

La Tasha and Bryant’s families are both among the guests, so let’s hope they’re on their toes.

La Tasha is pushing for perfection in her kitchen, while Bryant has his eyes on Frank. Frank has a track record of being a risk factor, so the pressure is on.

La Tasha’s kitchen is sending out appetizers, but Fernando is a bit slow – steady though. Frank, however, is slow, messy and disorganized. Bryant’s entire team knows that, so he switches Frank out for Sterling.

La Tasha has already finished appetizers and is starting on entrées, but Fernando is overcooking the bass and his times are wrong. Nonetheless, the dishes are coming out.

On Bryant’s side, however, people are not getting their food, but with Sterling delivering, they finish the appetizers and move on to entrées. La Tasha is trying to make up for lost time on entrées, but the fish is raw.

In Bryant’s kitchen, yet again, Frank is failing and he is seconds away from being kicked out. He can’t do garnish either.

Roe is delivering on fish in La Tasha’s kitchen, and Ashley is going strong on meat. She might take this.

Bryant has had enough of Frank’s failure to cook properly and gives him the boot. Sterling is his man now. Frank is convinced everything was perfect, but he is clearly oblivious. With their decisions bearing fruit, both La Tasha and Bryant send out their dishes for a great finish to dinner service.

This is going to make Chef Ramsay’s decision nearly impossible to make. Both teams had problem members, but both leaders made the right decisions and lead their teams to a strong finish.

Finally, Ramsay’s decision is made, and he calls the two of them to meet him in his office. He has had a huge decision to make, and it’s been made. It’s time to step up to their doors. The door that opens will reveal the winner, and Chef Ramsay’s new head chef

And the winner is … … … LA TASHA!!!

The fact that she was never put up for elimination proved the difference-maker, I’ll bet. Bryant didn’t win, but he made Chef Ramsay proud, and that’s something to be proud of. Frank was definitely his undoing – the most significant factor, at least.

La Tasha is crowned the 13th winner of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay is certain she will make him proud in Atlantic City. Well done, La Tasha. Well done.

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