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Hell’s Kitchen: Season 13 Episode 13 Recap 12/10/2014Hell’s Kitchen
Season 13 Episode 13 Recap 12/10/2014

At last, there are only six chefs left, and the black jackets have been distributed.

An early morning call brings the chefs to a sketchy-looking parking lot. Ramsay has brought them there for an individual challenge. Each will design a state dish, and the winner will be featured in advertisements for Omaha Steaks. They have 45 minutes to create a dish that not only tastes good, but also is visibly stunning, so presentation, among other things, is going to be key.

To help Ramsay judge the steaks are Bruce Simon and Todd Simon, fifth generation owners of Omaha Steaks, so the stakes are really high. Roe, Santos and Sade are in the top three in terms of visible appeal. They taste the steaks, and all three are well cooked, impressing both men. Finally, the deliberation is over, and the winner is … ROE!

As her prize, she will go on a $1,000 shopping spree, a photo shoot for Omaha Steaks, and a mystery prize on top of that.

The punishment: a huge side of beef is going to be coming in, and the remaining five chefs must bring it in in pieces after they clean up the kitchens. Roe’s hair and makeup are happening right there in the dining room, only rubbing it in more and more for the losers.

Finally the meat comes in and the losers start carrying it all in.

Roe’s shopping spree is going great; she is in chef heaven. Meanwhile, the five losers are chopping up the meat and hating it. Suddenly, Bryant leaves his station and starts prepping the kitchen. Lazy!!

Time for Roe’s special surprise: her ad is already done!!! The billboard looks stunning, complete with her image, and the logos for both Hell’s Kitchen and Omaha Steaks. What’s more, Roe’s steaks are on the menu for tonight’s service. Roe’s trying to give the others instructions, but they are sick of her already.

Even though the six chefs are working on one team, they will be competing against the two Hell’s Kitchen sous chefs Andi and James and head chef Ramsay himself!! It’s the first time they’ve done this, and the three of them are very excited. It’s six against three tonight, but the six competitors are definitely at a disadvantage.

The cooking starts, but the black jacket team lobster starts out raw, but La Tasha sorts it out and starts sending apps out, but the “Dream Team” is churning out appetizers easily and steadily.

Not long before the scallops come out overcooked, and the Caesar salad comes out over-seasoned. Ramsay is pissed off at Santos, and now nothing is coming out. These are rookie mistakes happening to black jacket chefs. Finally, they sort it out, but the Dream Team has already moved on to entrees. They’re going fast and furious, but Ramsay is on James for some reason

The black jacket team moves on to entrees, but the Dream Team is already pulling up to the finish line. Roe is on meat, and her steaks are undercooked. It’s the same as usual: winning made her rest on her laurels. The Simon brothers are getting impatient, but they finally get their steak special. Santos is Roe’s wingman, but he is not pulling his weight. The chicken is late, and Ramsay is sick of waiting. They have only five tables left. The entrees come out, and dinner is concluded.

The service was defined as “uneven.” Bryant was the only star tonight, and it is to him to decide who gets put up for elimination

Bryant puts up Roe for not taking ownership of her station and Santos for not being a wingman and not making an impact throughout the competition. It’s Santos’ third time in a row, Roe’s fifth. The one leaving is … Santos. He bounced around the kitchen, looking busy but not doing anything. So long, Santos. Roe, buck up and shape up!

Part 2:
Tonight on Hell’s Kitchen, Santos, after his third consecutive night on the chopping block, was sent home packing. His inability to leave his mark on Hell’s Kitchen was a burden on his team and a hindrance.

As he sends them back, Ramsay holds Bryant back to give him some encouragement. He really believes in him.

Jennifer, on the other hand, cannot believe that Roe is still in the competition.

The Final Five get called out of the place and get taken to a special part of the great outdoors: a glampsite. Their individual challenge is cooking lunch for a dish for every table. Their judges? The glampers. For those who don’t know what “glamping” is, it stands for “glamorous camping,” a recent trend among outdoors enthusiasts who do not wish to sacrifice luxury in order to connect with nature.

They have 45 minutes to make enough dishes. Good luck to them all!

All of the competitors, except La Tasha, are enjoying some face time with the glampers, ingratiating themselves to them, making a connection with their customers.

The ballots are counted and the top two chefs are … Bryant and … Roe! Well done. The winner was picked by 33% of the glampers, and that chef is … BRYANT! Chef Ramsay’s faith was not poorly placed.

Bryant will be spending one night at the only hotel in California that caters to a modern and urban camping experience, and he’s taking one guest with him: he chooses Sade. The other three will be picking up dog poo, then go back to Hell’s Kitchen for some Recycling Day dumpster diving with the maggots! Ick!! 

Bryant and Sade arrive at the hotel and they find a special surprise waiting for them: a set of maps that lead them to a great restaurant. Good direction-finding, Bryant and Sade. Meanwhile, the other competitors are struggling with the pooper-scoopers. What happened to “curbing you dog”?

The next morning, the losers come down early to prep for the service that night. They really hope that Sade doesn’t come in whooping, but of course, she does.

The competitors are going to be cooking for the entire restaurant this time, but hopefully they will be ready.

The appetizers start strong, and the guests are happy. It doesn’t take long, however, for Roe and Jennifer to start messing up on risotto and lobster tail. The salads aren’t seasoned right either. This is not going well. The apps finally start coming out okay, and the entrees are underway. Once again, it doesn’t take long, for Jennifer to screw up with her communication, or lack thereof, not to mention her lack of garnish. She recovers, though, and things are in motion.

La Tasha is a cooking ninja tonight! A real jack(ie) of all trades, bringing all the stations up to speed and keeping them cruising. Let’s just hope the momentum keeps up.

It does not. Roe is unresponsive, and Bryant is slow too. The food is bland now. No garnish. Sade’s lamb is undercooked. The lamb finally comes out to Ramsay’s standard and goes out, but the wait times on the next lamb, and Ramsay is getting more and more angry every minute.

Dinner service ends, but Ramsay’s headache is not over yet. It’s time to decide who goes home. Bryant has had more complements from Chef Ramsay than anyone, but if he didn’t perform well this time either, then that only makes it worse.

The two nominations are Jennifer for her lackluster service and her lack of communication, and herself for her failure on garnish. They both give their opinions for why they deserve to stay, but the time for excuses is over. The competitor going home is … Roe. She started out great, but the road was rocky and she could not stay steady on her course. Roe had some big things happen, good and bad, especially her spokesperson ad for Omaha Steaks from earlier tonight.

Only four left. What will happen next week? We’ll find out when it happens, same as you do. Join us next week for more Hell’s Kitch

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