Sunday April 30, 2017

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Hello everybody, I’m back with the season 7 premiere episode of Undercover Boss on CBS. They have taken a new primetime slot on the weekend. Tonight the mayor of my hometown of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto is going undercover. Bill will leave city council tonight and go out and explore the city of Pittsburgh to see the inner workings of how the city works.
They introduce the 60th Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto who works 24/7 focusing on different responsibilities each day of the week. He comes from two sides of the family who both worked in the steel mills and were part of why the industry grew. Pittsburgh had to completely pull themselves after the steel crash and reinvent themselves as a city. Bill Peduto has been the mayor for now 10 months after taking over after the Ravenstahl scandal.

 His intention on going undercover is to figure out whether or not the changes he has been making are working. He will be going undercover as Ed from Kentucky. Job 1 is working with James as a refuse worker. James gives him the new nickname of Grizzly Adams. Ed complains about how much work picking up the garbage actually is. He explains to him about how the different companies come to pick up different houses on different days even if they are on the same street. James says that he would donate some money to the no kill shelter if he was on a reality show like Ed is…

Day 2 he will be working with a carpenter from Bedford in the housing district. He will be working with Lawrence who works with fixing carpenting and housing malfunctions. He shows him how to work the wood cutting machine. Lawrence heavily critiques Ed’s job. He says he is the only carpenter over 400 housing units. Lawrence says that he would like to run his own ministry but it is way to difficult to get into a church. He talks about his crack cocaine addiction when he was a child
Day 3, he will be working in the forestry division in North Park which is just 45 minutes from where I live. He will be working with Marty today who drives him along the way. Marty talks about his high school and then getting assaulted in college with brass knuckles and needing to regroup. He shows Ed how to work the chainsaw and while he finally gets it started but it works. Marty says that he really struggles in the category of following directions. Marty saws that the city doesn't have the budget to order the new saws. Marty is getting suspicious of Ed's build saying that it doesn't look like he was from Kentucky. Ed figures out that Marty was actually someone hired by the old regime before Bill Peduto became the mayor. Marty figured out that he looks exactly like the mayor Bill Peduto. Ed gives it up and says that he was indeed busted.
Day 4- Hope Center in the Hill District working as a self suffiency director. They head out to do 2 house visits in which they will check to see exactly how the money of the person is living. She talks about how she struggles to take care of her kid because she doesn't make a lot of money at her job. They go to visit the second woman who is struggling after she lost her mom last week, she is struggling to find a job after not obtaining a GED in school. Ed takes control of the visit and says that her mom would be very proud of her and she will be so successful when she obtains her GED.

Bill Peduto comes to meet the people, He talks to Marty first and says that he is going to work on repairing the blades along with working to change the hours 6-2. Some of his friends are going to give him 15,000$ to make up for lost wages along with paying or the remainder of his college education. Kelly is up next, he says that she felt like she went beyond the job. He promotes her to supervisor which includes a 20,000$ raise on her occupation. His friends give her 15,000$ to get her back to law school. James the garbage collector is up 3rd., he is going to work harder to create more efficient routes. He is given 5,000$ to pay for his sister's animal shelter. He also gives him 10,000$ for her mom to help take care of her. Finally Bill gives him 20 grand to help care for his needs including his foreclosure. Bill asks the final person Lawrence to help mentor a program for children to work in the job he is working. His friends want to give Lawrence 5 grand to help with all of his foster kids. And finally the mayor gives him 20 grand in order to help build his own church

Since then Marty is finishing college and running for council, Kelly quit one of her jobs and is going back to law school, James is helping with his animal shelter and Lawrence loves the mentoring program and is working on the ministry. Thank you all for reading my recap tonight and while it is not likely to be me helping out throughout the season I will be following along here on TVGrapevine as I am hoping all of you readers will too. Thanks and everyone have a blessed holiday.

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