The Amazing Race
Saturday April 29, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Amazing Race on CBS. Tonight, FOUR teams head to the finale and compete in the last leg of the race. With such an unpredictable season, it is sure to be anyone’s game tonight. 

Once in LA,they must get into a Ford Fusion and use its technology to get their next clue.

Nobody seems happy that the scientists made it to the finale. It kind of annoys me that they are being so cruel, especially when there are threats to kick Amy in the shin. 

Once they get their next clue, they have to head to downtown City Hall for the next one, which is a film permit. They have to then go to an assistant director to film. 

 Misti and Jim made a big error,so Jim hopes the other teams fall behind. The wrestlers get directions, but are nervous that they are all on their own.

Bethany asks a man for help, and it turns out his daughter is a huge fan.

Roadblock! They must play the role of an action hero and perform stunts. It actually looks kind of cool. 

Misti and Jim are still trying to recover from getting lost. 

The wrestlers are stuck in traffic and then realize they are going in the wrong direction. They are upset they were given the wrong ones from the guy. This causes them to get into a fight.

The scientists talk about how the glass is made out of a sugar combo. I actually remember that from biology class. They say they wish they would have tasted it. They get the next clue and head to Terminal Island. 

They will now have to do a search and rescue training, Coast Guard style. It reminds me of my friend Matty,  who was in the Coast Guard. It is quite an interesting thing to watch,yet so surreal. 

Once they are done, they must head to Conglobal Industries for their next clue.

The wrestlers get to the stunt roadblock last and are eliminated. Phil tells them they should be proud of themselves. They say love them or hate them, people will never forget them. 

Another roadblock! The partner that didn’t do the stunt must correspond containers to the places they visited. It is more difficult than it looks because they can’t take notes. 

Amy and Maya the scientists are the first to finish and run like hell to the taxi to get to the pit stop. Adam hopes they get lost. Sweet justice, did they kick someone’s dog or something? This is ridiculous! 

Misti and Jim are the second team to get the pitstop clue. They hope the scientists get lost. 

Bethany and Adam are the third to get the pit stop clue. 

Amazing Race WinnerTHE SCIENTISTS WIN!!!  THE SCIENTISTS WIN!!!! AMY AND MAYA WIN!!!!! They are jumping up and down in joy and so am I. They victory lap as everyone cheers and Phil tells them there are only the fourth team that was an all girl winning team. Yes, ladies, you did inspire a lot of ladies out there, including me. 

Misti and Jim are in second place. 

Adam and Bethany are in third place.

Join us this winter for season 26! Goodnight!

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