The Amazing Race
Saturday April 29, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Amazing Race on CBS. Tonight, our final four compete for a chance to make it into next week’s finale. Will it be your favorite team? Let’s find out! 

This is going to be short and sweet because the episode was kind of confusing.

The highlights: 

Misti has a foot injury, but is determined to pull through and continue the race.

Everyone takes the bus to get to the next clue. The teams are split: Misti and Jim with Amy and Maya on the longer route bus, while Adam and Bethany and Brooke and Robbie are on the shorter route.

The detour is a mystery this or that. Bethany and Adam have to score 21 points in a basketball game. I’d be screwed here because not only am I short, but I am totally uncoordinated. 

Brooke and Robbie have a speed bump where they have to help a vendor change and secure a cart by moving things from a broken one to a working one. 

Misti and Jim and Amy and Maya’s mystery detour is racing their bikes in four laps in under 17:55. 

Bethany and Adam get lost and it might end up costing the race. 

The bike detour seems to be difficult for everyone. 

The roadblock has them deliver coconut products to three different shops. It sounds easy, but Robbie doesn’t realize he has to find out where to go, so it sets them back.

Adam and Bethany find their clue and all is right with the world—IF they can catch up!

The whole roadblock seems to confuse everyone.

After a whole long, crazy leg, Robbie and Brooke pull through and are in first place, followed by Bethany and Adam, Jim and Misti and Amy and Maya. However, there is NO elimination and the final leg begins now! Everyone heads to LA for their last chance to win it all.

Tune in next week for The Amazing Race season finale! Goodnight!

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