The Amazing Race
Saturday April 29, 2017

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Hello and welcome to The Amazing Race on CBS. Tonight we face one contestant dangling 600 feet above the ground and detox leaving several in pain. What will happen to our couples? Let’s find out.

This week, we head to Singapore. Bethany and Adam leave first, followed by Misti and Jim. They want to U-Turn the cyclists, who suspect they are the ones to get this penalty.However, they are one step ahead of the other teams because they get a flight to Singapore first, thanks to finding a better travel plan. They let the Scientists and Wrestlers in on the plan. Once they arrive, the Scientists wonder if they can recap the Cyclists since they are behind. 

In order to get the clue, they must arrive to Singapore, take a ferry to an island, hike into the jungle and drink coconut milk.  The Cyclists finish first and have the opportunity to fast forward by doing a surfing simulator. they decide to give it a shot, as do Bethany and Adam.  The Cyclists fail at it, but Bethany and Adam pass. 

After the coconut milk drink, they must cross a high wire 600 feet in the air. Brooke and Maya do this with very few issues, but Jim falls and is left dangling in the air. He gets help and finally makes it through. 

Detour! The choices are cooking a seafood dinner or experience a massage and cupping, which is a detox. Each team chooses what they want and try to complete it in order to go to the pit stop in time.

The Cyclists want to leave, but in the end decide they can’t do it like this and decide to stay.

Several of the teams get sick from the detox/massage detour.

Bethany and Adam are team one and win a trip to Bali. However, they are also U-Turned by Amay and Maya, which makes me wonder what will happen?

The Wrestlers decide to not U-Turn the cyclists, which upset Maya and Amy.

Brooke and Robbie are team number two.

Misti and Jim are team number three.

Amy and Maya are team number four.

Alli and Kym are the last team to arrive and are eliminated. They are upset, but glad to have had the experience. 

Join us next week for more of The Amazing Race. Goodnight.

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