The Amazing Race
Saturday April 29, 2017

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Hello,and welcome to The Amazing Race on CBS. Six teams remain in this race around the world. This week, they head to Malta. 

Misti and Jim leave first. Once they arrive, they have to serve drinks in order to get their next clue. Nobody seems to even know where Malta is, which makes it even more interesting. 

It seems like for once, everyone (minus Alli and Kym) is getting along in TAR-land. They even give each other nicknames and joke around. They draw the line at braiding each other’s hair and painting each other’s toenails though. They also all want to U-turn the cyclists. I have no idea what they did, but they do not seem to be liked!

The drink serving seems to just be causing a big ole’ mess. It reminds me of that episode of Bachelor Pad 3 when they did the dish challenge and bullied Blakeley for being a waitress. 

Once they get the serving out of the way, they head to Zurrieq Valley Sea Inlet, where the next clue is waiting. This time they get necklaces, which have them divided into two teams: one that leaves at 7:30am and one that has them leave at 7:45am.

Roadblock: Rappelling and searching for their next clue! Seriously, this has been beaten to death, come up with something original. I am bored with this so I  am only half paying attention to what is going on. One of the girls think she is wearing too much clothes and I wonder if this might actually be The Bachelor…except there is no hooking up. 

Once this is all out of the way, they head to the Church of St. Scholastica and Monestary for their next clue. 

Oh, and our favorite College Sweethearts still have to do the speed bump. They have to paint the Maltese Cross on a shield. 

Detour! Flag or Shine. The Flag is a Capture the Flag type game. Shine is polishing items. 

Bethany and Adam use the Express pass, which leads them to the pit stop at Fort Manoel. They are the first to check in and each win $10,000.

The others continue to struggle with the detours. Robbie and Brooke keep switching over what to do. 

Jim and Misti come in second place, followed by Kym and Alli. I keep wanting to write Kate and Alli, which shows my age for even remembering that show!

Amy and Maya are in fourth place. 

Robbie and Brooke, after a long struggle come in fifth place. 

Te Jay and Tim are in last place and therefore eliminated

Join us next week for more of The Amazing Race on CBS. Goodnight.

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