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Survivor Millennials vs Generation X
Recap For Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016
By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor Millennials vs Generation X, with Paul voted out, Chris and Brett are angry that the women turned on them. Lucy feels that the relationship has to mend itself. The men don't trust Jessica and Lucy feels that she is trying to take control. Lucy tells the men that Jessica was running the game. She wants to know if she is still with them. Chris wants to help chop Jessica and Ken is in for it.

The Millennials are hungry, but still maintain their independence. They see a wild goat and a group take off after it.  Adam decides to look for and finds the hidden immunity clue to the idol. He must find a shell on the beach that has the tribe's logo on it and crack it open.

Jeff calls the tribes for a reward challenge. They can win steaks with spices and fresh vegetables, sausages and other hearty foods.  This game is played in rounds and they have to swim to a ring while the others fight to take it away.  David gets the first point when he easily gets it to the pole. The second round is female and the Millennials quickly get the ring.  Figgy and Cece battle to get it to the flagpole. Micheala gets it there with Cece's help. Bret, Ken, Taylor and Will fight for the next point. The water is choppy and makes the fight not only against each other, but against the surf. GenX gets this one to the pole and the next round has Jessica and Lucy against Hannah and Micheala. Micheala actually takes her top off so that it cannot be used to hold her back. Micheala has the momentum and digs hard to swim the ring to the pole. It is now tied two to two. It is David and Chris against Zeke and Jay. The men swim hard and Jay has an opening while Zeke keeps the others at pay. Chris grabs the ring from Jay and a big swell carries them away.  A huge wave works in GenX’s favor as it helps get David closer to the pole, but he cannot reach it. Chris grabs it and moves closer to the pole and GenX wins reward when Chris touches the pole.

Zeke says that they had no chance at winning with Chris being so huge. They feel that the size of their competitors precluded any chance of a win.
Meanwhile Adam, whose mom is at home fighting stage four cancer, goes on a search for the idol itself. Using the clues, he finally locates the shell and cracks it open, only to have Hannah call to him and ask him how his idol search is going. He covers and hopes that he hasn't been discovered. He says that it was a tough decision to leave his mother to play the game and that this idol is for his mom and hopes that he has made her proud.

GenX enjoys their feast and Ken and David hope that talking with Lucy will help them. Lucy tells them that they plan to take Jessica out and warns them not to tell her. Ken says to us that Lucy had a list of rules about them not going off alone or telling Jessica. This does not go well with Ken who sees that Paul was just replaced by another dictator.

Jeff calls the tribes for the immunity challenge. Adam sits this one out when the Millennials have one extra person. The survivors must race over an obstacle course and then be pulled up into the air to gather puzzle squares in numerical order. This means that they must be raised and lowered to different levels to get them. GenX puts Chris up first and he flies over the obstacles. The group works hard to pull his weight up and down the levels and GenX gets out ahead. With the next ten pieces up for grabs, they move out and in the last round it is Micheala against David and David gets out ahead. They must now take the puzzle pieces and assemble the thirty-one piece word puzzle. At the twenty minute point neither tribe has the puzzle. GenX tries one move after another, while the Millennials use their minds to figure out the puzzle, rarely rearranging the letters. The Millennials finally make their move and win with the phrase, "Somebody loses their flame tonight." The Millennials win immunity and have the night off while GenX goes to tribal council.

Back at camp Chris worries about going to tribal council but takes heart in Lucy's plan to blindside Jessica. Lucy assures Chris that David is on board. Lucy loves being in control and says that this is the way she is at home. Someone has to make the decisions.

Ken and David feel that they can move the group to vote out Lucy instead. They talk to Cece who is onboard with it. Ken tells Jessica that Lucy was planning to take her out and that she was not to be trusted. She feels thaat this situation is suspicious and she goes right to Lucy and tells her that Ken told her that she was the target and that they needed to target Lucy anyway.  Ken is shocked that Jessica told Lucy.  When Lucy confronts Ken, he tells her that she gave him orders and that didn't sit well with him.

David worries about being on the bottom of the group and thinks that he could go with the flow and vote out Jessica, or he could use his idol for Jessica.

At tribal council, David tells Jeff that it is game on. Chris feels blindsided along with Brett, and Jessica is not sure that they have come back together as a group yet. Lucy says that there is chaos.  Lucy says that Jessica told her that Ken was spreading the word to take her out. When Ken says that she didn't ask him, but told him what to do. Lucy says that she is blunt, but it was a decision. Ken says that he has waivered all day but someone he thought was loyal to him was not loyal. Jessica says that she couldn't trust one hundred percent. David says that tribal council is completely unpredictible. Chris says that he is not second guessing his vote, but he wonders who is the chump at the table.

The tribe votes and Chris votes out Jessica, saying that it was for Paul.

Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol. David pulls out his hidden immunity idol and says that he has enjoyed playing with them, and in a bid that may upset some people, he is going to play the idol for Jessica. Jessica gasps in surprise.

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Cece, Lucy, Lucy.  Since Jessica's votes do not count, Lucy is voted out with two votes. Jeff says that the game does not get any more alive than this. He sends them back to camp.

Next week:
The GenX tribe is back up for grabs, and a switch up worries Figgy and Taylor. They do not want to be split up.

Lucy Speaks:
She was very surprised that David used his idol for Jessica, and feels that she should have taken it a bit slower.


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