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Survivor Millennials vs Generation X
Recap For October 5, 2016
By hooneySC

Tonight on Survivor Millennials vs Generation X, with Mari voted out, Zeke and Adam are on the outside. Knowing that they are on the bottom, Figgy says that if you write out her name, you are gone. Zeke says that they are totally blindsided. Zeke asks Hannah not to speak to him right now and she won't give it to him.  He says that he will talk to her later and continue the conversation, but not now. Adam tells her to listen to him. She continues to argue and Hannah wants to repair the relationship.

Adam has dreamed of playing Survivor since he was nine years old, and to go from what he saw as a position of power to the bottom on the first tribal council has him worried about his future in the game.

Dawn breaks on Day 8 in GenX and Paul is feeling good again. He has rehydrated and is ready to go hunt for fish with his spear. He is good at home spearing yellow tails, but has no luck in the fast current of the island. Ken wonders what he is offering the tribe as he never seems to come through with either food or shelter.

The tribes get tree mail and there is a unique twist. Each player must draw a rock and the four yellow rocks will head to the other camp to mingle with them. They are reminded to open eyes and shut mouths.  Figgy, Taylor, Jay, and Will head over to the GenX for a summit. Over a lunch with lots of bread and fillings, they have a one on one with Cece, Paul, David. David even asks Taylor to be in an alliance with him if there is a swap or a merge. Taylor agrees, and David is glad that he has options in case a swap or merge occurs.

Ken is a model, and is not happy to hear that the Millennials call him Kendoll. He says that the last thing a person wants to be is a plastic Barbie doll without a penis. Ken is very unhappy with Paul who has a lot of talk and little action. He says that he feels he is on the outs and the only person in the game who is rubbing people the wrong way is Paul. He continually says he’ll provide for the tribe, yet he offers nothing to them. Ken is baffled that Paul is in control, and Ken is on the bottom.

The Millennials sun on the beach. Taylor feels that he and Fig are doing well. They think that Zeke needs to go next. Adam does not see the status quo of the tribe is not good for him. He says to  Michaela that being a pair that is strong, good looking, and in control of the game is on the list to go. Michelle and Jay are with them, so they feel that if they can vote out Figgy or Taylor they can readjust the power in the tribe.

For today's challenge they will carry large heavy bags over obstacles, then separate sand bags from coconuts. They are also playing for candles, lounge chairs, canvas, pillows, and more comforts.

They must move under and over obstacles with a forty plus pound bag. They head up over a balance beam. The teams are tied until Will drops his bag and then another Millennial returns to take his bag. Cece manages to get her bag across, but she is slow and costs the tribe a lot of time. Lucy leaves her bag, and heads across and Paul brings his bag across. Paul falls for GenX and the Millennials move ahead. Chris brings across three of the four bags. While the GenX group has separated the bags from the coconuts and is knocking down the puzzle, the Millennials are still ahead and about to finish.  When the puzzle pieces are on the ground, they can begin to use the blocks to construct the three dimensional puzzle with all six sides containing print and color. Ken kills the last piece with his sand bag, and David, who has been watching the puzzle closely now works to reconstruct it along with the rest of the group. The Millennials move ahead, and are down to two pieces while GenX works to construct their puzzle. The Millennials win immunity and the comforts.

Millennials ask if they can trade their comforts for the fishing gear, but the GenX group decides to keep their food gathering tools. The Millennials take their chairs and comfort reward back to camp. GenX faces tribal council tonight.

Paul feels that Cece lost the challenge for them and feels that she should go. Chris says that three and a half of five Millennial people crossed while she crossed. They feel that she is not a benefit to the tribe and that she will be voted out. Cece says that she had votes last time and she worries that she will go tonight. David feels that Cece and Ken and he are on the bottom and the best move will be to try to get him out. Paul solidifies with his group that Cece will go. Paul makes a crucial mistake in telling the girls that if the boys wanted to make a move together, he would tell them that the girls were on their own. Although Bret and Chris will be upset, the ladies think that they need to make that move. They are fearful in not voting him off, and fearful of the consequences if they do.

Jeff calls GenX to meet for Tribal Council. David, at tribal council, says that he sees the Millennials as people who work together. He finds that he is tearing down the walls to his anxiety. Cece is very worried about her position in the game. Chris says that it is way too early to make decisions about their position in the alliance. Jeff was blown away about how efficiently the Millennials worked together to make that work. Jeff asks GenX about texting and using the letter "U" or "You" and they all use "You." Jeff says that Millennials say that you can find more efficient ways to do things or fall behind. They all laugh. The comment is made that they need all of them to work to win the next challenge. It will take all of them.

The Votes:
Jeff asks for the hidden immunity idol and it is not played. He counts the votes.

Paul, Cece, Paul, Cece, Paul, Cece, Paul, Paul.  Paul, in a blindside of 5-3,  is voted out of the game. He wishes them all good luck. Jeff says that whether you are a Millennial or a GenXer, a blindside is a blindside. He tells them to head back to camp and wishes them luck.

Next week:
Tensions are high at the GenX tribe when they go from one dictator to another, but the real battle is within the Millennials.

Paul Speaks:
He says that when he was sick it was pretty scary, but he wanted to play Survivor for a long time and in his life events, it rates number one. He was totally blindsided and admits that someone played the game better than he did.


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