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Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X
Recap for Wednesday, September 28, 2016
By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor Millennials vs Generation X, some members fit in, and some feel like misfits. With Rachel gone, Cece's game is not looking strong. Although Dave started the fire without flint and has value as a worker, the others are merely stringing him along while they await the opportunity to get rid of him.

Dave is seen to be paranoid, and he, true to form, while out looking for rocks, decides to search instead for the hidden immunity idol. He locates the hidden immunity idol.  Shocked by his own good fortune, he sees it disguised as a cocount and he gets it open.  He feels it is exactly what he needs to have the confidence to make big moves so early in the game. He sees it as serendipity.

Figgy says that she is not there for a romance, but she finds Taylor, her Millennial, blue eyes to be entrancing. She and Taylor find time for a few kisses during the night.  It does not go unnoticed, and Dave takes note. Taylor's allies don't find it the least bit amusing and worry that this puts a target on Taylor's back. It is pointed out that no couple has ever made it to the end of Survivor.

Ken loves to spear fish and is in his element, but is socially awkward. Ken says that he has a bit of a speech impediment and he identifies with Dave, seeing a mirror image of himself. Ken and Dave may be physically opposite, but Dave sees that he can trust Ken. He confides in Ken, showing him his idol, imploring him to keep it private. Ken tells Dave that they are brothers and are golden, working together.

It is day seven and the Millennials are hungry. They didn't realize that the game would be so hard. They discover that nothing that streams on a screen can compare to the real life experience. Micheala munches on sugar cane and Figgy is struggling to get along with her. Figgy wants to put some distance between herself and Micheala.

On GenX Paul talks with his allies while working in camp, and exhausted and dizzy, he lays down. His tribe brings him some water when they realize that he is in distress. A producer intervenes and medical arrives. They call for the doctor and Paul says that his chest is tight. His hands are shaking and he loses focus. Dr. Joe arrives and he explains that his hands are numb to his elbow, his chest is tight, and he has cramps. They bring the chopper and explain that there are signs that he may have had a heart attack. They put a monitor on him and see that there seems to be no damage to his heart. It may be a bit of heat exhaustion and dehydration, but he is fit for the game.

Dave says that he did not want Paul to have a heart attack, but this incident may be a good one for Dave's game. This may be a good time, while Paul is weak, to convince the tribe that they need to take Paul out.

Jeff calls the tribes for the immunity challenge. They must dive into the water from a platform, swim to a raft, climb up a cargo net and retrieve a key. They must return to their platform with the key, hang it on a stand before the next relay member may go. The tribes are both neck and neck, but when Dave has his turn he lags, struggling in the water, which gives the millennials a lead. The millennials then can open a basket where there is a mask that can be used to swim under the water to retrieve rings which are tied to a rope under the water. GenX uses the underwater swim to catch up and they are on their fifth and final ring. Once they have all five rings they can toss the at a target. GenX pulls ahead by 2 rings, but the Millennials get another ring. Then GenX gets their last ring and wins tribal immunity. The reward is a tarp, and GenX is excited to have the extra protection. Jeff announces that he has nothing for the Millennials and they will meet with him tonight for Tribal Council where the second castaway will be sent home.

The Millennials return to camp and Zeke is a little bit excited to go to tribal council. He sees that Figgy and Taylor are too close and it goes against the grain of the game to have two votes. Michelle says that it does not make sense to vote out Figgy right now because Jay, Figgy, Taylor, and herself are an alliance. They decide to bring in Michaela and let her know that she is considered an easy vote out after Figgy.

Michelle decides that she wants to save Figgy and talks to other members of the tribe. She isn't sure, when she leaves for Tribal Council that she has the votes and decides to pull some strings during the meeting.

Jeff talks to the group and Taylor says that he feels that he is inside his television right now. Jeff asks if breaking up via texts makes it hard to play this game. He is told that seeing people's eyes makes it different. Micheala says that she isn't so sure that this is a good thing. She says that she can see people talking. Hannah says that Taylor and Figgy have hooked up. Figgy says no. They are not full on making out. Zeke says that it is not good, because Figgy will always be a bit more loyal to Taylor than to him.

Michaela says that Miss Cuddleshack is lying to them. Jeff asks Hannah a question, but she is carrying on two conversations at once and has to regroup. Michelle is trying to convince Hannah to keep Figgy, and the others think that Hannah is talking about puppies or bugs.

Hannah is confused at the voting table and takes quite a bit of time, counting on her fingers to vote.

The votes:
Figgy, Mari, Figgy, Mari, Figgy, Mari, Mari, Mari, Mari. Mari is the second person voted out of the game. She says, "Salty," as she leaves. Jeff sends them back to camp with the comment that the spirit of the group is only exceeded by the level of gameplay.

Next week:
Zeke and Adam feel betrayed, but a twist in the game shakes things up.

Mari Speaks:
She says that she got sniped from a mile away and never saw it coming. You build relationships and it is heartbreaking. She says that it hurts.


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