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Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X
Recap for Wednesday, September 21, 2016
By honeySC

Tonight on the premiere of Survivor two different generations will meet head to head for thirty-nine days in a clash of cultures and expectations in the 33rd season of Survivor.

The season opens with the assigning of the buffs. Orange buffs are Millenials and the purple buffs are Generation X. The oldest guy out there is 63 and the youngest is 18 and still in high school. The gen X feel that there are too many participation trophies and not enough work in the youger generation. Jeff talks to Paul, and Paul says his generation is the best since they didn’t get a trophy for everything. CeCe agrees, and she says everything has been handed to the Millennials. Jeff asks Adam, a Millennial, his thoughts. Adam says he disagrees, and says it will prove who really needs to work when they win the first immunity challenge. The Generation X group members were born from 1953-1982 and the Millennials were born between 1984-1997.

They are given items that will give them short term benefit and some will give them long term value. They have two minutes to get whatever they can get for the mat. Gen X is taking pots and utensils and leaving the hammer behind. They want everything they can take and items are in trees, at the base of trees, and those items include an envelope. Gen X takes the fishing gear and leaves behind the chickens. The Millennials took the chickens and left the fishing gear behind. They had to choose either chickens or fishing gear.  The Millennials group took the chickens because they lay eggs. The Gen X took the fishing gear because that will feed them long term.

Jeff warns the survivors that they are in the Figi islands and it is cyclone season. They have the expectations of being in one, and must prepare for the possibility. It is currently a tropical storm, with the possibility of being upgraded.

A Millennial survivor speaks out and says that this is the greatest generation ever.  They meet each other and think that they come from all walks of life with a variety of porfessions. The Millennials begin to work on fire. Jessica has the envelope and when she opens it she reads that she has the Legacy Advantage. If she is still in the game on Day 36, she will receive an advantage. However, if she is voted out before then, she must will her advantage to someone else. Zeke is unhappy about being labeled a Millennial. He’s 28, but he calls everyone else on his tribe a kid who has never worked a day in his or her life.

Figgy is a Millennial who feels she is flirty and can get what she wants from men. Jay and Taylor meet up with Figgy and think that they may try to pull in Michelle, who is a Christian and travels a lot in her missionary work. Hannah does not feel that she instantly fits in and worries that she will be voted out quickly.  Hannah makes a connection with Michelle and she thinks that the relationship may be beneficial.

On Generation X, Sunday finds Rachel to be too eager. David does not like living outside, the bugs, the ocean, but he does like the competition. He covers his ears as they chop with the machete. David thinks that Ken and Paul may have the immunity idol. He sees something in his left hand and decide if he returns to camp with nothing, he may have it. The others think that David may be a bit paranoid.

The millennials have a partially built shelter and decide to spend the afternoon partying in the surf and when they hear thunder clap they realize that they need to get their shelter built. They convince themselves that it is a work in progress and they will survive the night. The shelter collapses in places and they are out in the rain with virtually no protection. Hannah says that they saw the storm rolling in on them and they are cold, shaking, wet to the core, and some people are already breaking down.

Jeff offers both tribes a tarp as a temporary measure to offer shelter. Jeff strolls into camp to see the devastation from the night before. Production has decided that since the storm has been upgraded to a cyclone they will be evacuated. They are told to gather their personal items and the chickens to prepare for their adventure. Jeff points out that this is the first time in thirty-three seasons that they have evacuated the tribes from the game.

Generation X is more prepared with a strong shelter to supplement their tarp, but Jeff also evacuates them. In a strong wind they head into the boat and are moved out. The storm is already looking very dangerous.

It is day 2 on Takali and the storm takes its toll. The shelter collapses but the survivors are safely away. Day three arrives and the castaways return to see the devastation. Cege, a Gen X member sees that the tree that was supporting their structure fell down in the storm so the move was a good one.

David from the Millennials says that it is resonating with him that he is neurotic who thinks that he is going to die. Being out here is trying to expand his horizon and he is going to work hard to make this happen. He wants to look for the immunity idol. Jessica points out that David is out looking for an idol while they are building a shelter and that isn't sitting well with people.  Zeke finds himself leading the drive to secure a shelter. He says that he is from New York and knows how to ride a subway, and he is working on something new to him. He actually creates a fire without flint and he feels he has reached a milestone in his life and is growing as a person. He is so proud of himself.

Millennial, Hannah feels that there is a divide between the cool kids and the misfits. They think that they are the Freaks and Geeks. The misfits decide to plant the idea that the four pretty people are very close and they need to be broken up.

The two tribes arrive for the immunity challenge. They both bring their tarps which makes Jeff happy. The challenge is to make choices that will help them either at the front end or back end of the challenge. They must crawl under a net to untie a war club from an obstacle, and race through a series of obstacles that include tunnels and balance beams, and then carry a crate to the end where they must complete a puzzle. Along the way, they can choose to take shortcuts. The catch is that every time they take a shortcut, ten pieces will be added to the puzzle they must put together at the end. The challenge begins with Generation X taking all the shortcuts, and they take a big lead.

The Millennials decide to take a shortcut too as Gen X begins their 70 piece puzzle. Millennials begin their puzzle too, but they only have 60 pieces. David and Rachel are working on the puzzle for Gen X, but they switch out with Sunday and Jessica as they struggle with it. The Gen X puzzle is starting to take shape, while the Millennials are getting very close to the finish. The Millennials finish first and win the reward of flint as well as the immunity idol. Zeke grins and says about the fling, "Not that they needed it."

Gen X did not go as they planned and Chris says that Rachel was barking orders and Dave did not work out so they are considerations for the cut tonight.

Jessica feels that they are going to vote Rachel out since a poor performance magnifies the person. They decide to form an alliance and will split the votes between Dave and Rachel. Sunday, Jessica, Chris, Paul, and two others make the six who will control the votes.

Jeff calls the Tribal Council and asks about the storm. Jessica explains that she has a bacterial infection in her eyes from the sand that was whipped up by the wind. Dave points out that he does not want to go home, but this was a great experience. Chris feels that he was in a position to go home on the second day, but he feels more in tune with the group now.

Jessica thinks that there are idols in the game and there were opportunities to look for them. She points out that they have some concerns about David having an idol. David hopes that he passes tonight's test.

The votes:
Dave, Rachel, Sunday, Cece, Rachel, Cece, Rachel, Cece, Rachel, Rachel. Rachel is the first person voted out of Gen X. She brings her torch. Paul says that one of the hallmarks of Generation X is that they work hard and they certainly have in the first few days. The challenge is to outlast the millennials. Jeff gives them flint to take back to camp.

Rachel Speaks:
Rachel says that it is a growing experience and it is a lot harder to survive than it looks on TV.

Next week:
There is a romance blooming while someone's time in the game may be cut short. Medics think that one player has had a heart attack!

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