Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor San Juan Del Sur the five remaining castaways will be whittled down to the finalists.  Only Natalie, Keith, Missy, Jaclyn, and Baylor are left and only one couple remain in the game.

One by one loved ones were ripped from the game, but Jon and Jaclyn led the charge in taking out the game's biggest threats and big moves flipped the game. There were bad breaks and big fights and some very odd moments, but after thirty-five days with Keith in the hot seat, Jon was blindsided and voted out with an idol in his pocket, leaving Jaclyn alone and Missy and Baylor the lone pair remaining.

Missy says that she fought to keep her daughter, Baylor, in the game, and Natalie, alone since the first elimination when Nadia was sent home, is left along with Jaclyn, alone for the first time in the game, the underdog Keith.

The girls discuss Jon's elimination and Jaclyn argues with the other ladies that Jon is not at all how Natalie perceives him.  Natalie says that she has to trust Missy and Baylor to take her to the final three since she has clearly lost Natalie's trust. Missy says that she has been loyal to a fault with Jon and then just voted him out. She seems disappointed in herself.

dec17 survivor reward1

Jeff calls the tribe to the reward challenge and tells them that they will be tethered to a frame that has rope twisted into it.  They must use their body to move through the frame to free enough rope to allow them to build a bridge with wood pegs that they must build as they move through the bridge. As they come to the end of their rope, or run out of the pegs that they have to carry as they build the bridge, they must head back to gather more pegs and then continue over the bridge, building as they go. Missy is unable to compete with her damaged foot. Keith and Natalie are neck and neck, but when Natalie falls, Keith forges ahead, then moving to a sandbag station where they must throw sandbags at a pile of blocks, moving them off the table.  Keith quickly achieves the goal and wins the reward challenge.  The reward is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. He must read it in private. Jeff says that he can send Missy to Exile Island, but it will take her awhile to get there. Keith sends Jaclyn to Exile Island saying that he can not send Missy.  

Jeff is at the finale stage and shows us the half cup of rice that each survivor is given each day.  He points out that it is about one hundred calories and although it can be supplemented by fish and fruit they harvest and catch, it is all that they are given by production.

Keith reads his advantage and finds that it is a chance to practice the challenge which is to move balls over a table using a set of spoons.  His note says that he can practice as long as he wants, but once he quits, they will remove it and he can not come back to practice again.  He struggles to work the spoons to move the balls, but says he will practice until dark.

On Exile Island Jaclyn tears up thinking that it is all on her shoulders to win the game.  She reminds us that she has had a lot of struggles in her life and the money will be a big advantage in trying to adopt a child.

Baylor tells Natalie that she and her mom want to go to final two, but privately thinks that she can go with Jaclyn and Keith as an alternative.  She is happy to have an immunity idol to help her through the next Tribal Council, and thinks that it is a huge decision in who goes home tonight.

dec17 survivor immunity1

Jeff calls the tribe to the immunity challenge and Missy announces that she is going to try to work this challenge.  Jeff explains that they must use two small paddles to move a ball through a series of obstacles.  If the ball falls they must begin again. but this challenge guarantees the winner a chance in final four.  They must move four balls through the obstacle course to win immunity.

They begin the challenge and they drop the ball frequently in the beginning. Keith has an advantage, but he still must begin again.  Baylor loses her ball as well. Keith moves carefully through the challenge and gets his first ball finished.  While the rest work on the first ball, Keith works carefully to get his second ball in place and succeeds.  While Keith is on his third ball, Natalie starts rushing and loses her ball.  Keith carefully gets his ball in place and wins individual immunity, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final four.

Back in the studio, Jeff introduces us to Austin Russell who pitched a challenge to the head of the challenges as his wish in the Make A Wish program.  His challenge made it on the show and he also visited the set.  

Jaclyn has the realization that she is most likely going home. Baylor speaks with Natalie and asks her to play her idol for Missy.  Natalie thinks that Keith will vote out Jaclyn, but she realizes that Missy and Baylor are blood and blood trumps her relationship with Natalie.

dec17 survivor immunity2

Jeff calls them to Tribal Council and Keith says that it was loud after Jon was voted out, but he didn't hear his name which made him feel more comfortable. Jaclyn says that it was either her or Keith to go, and she asked Natalie if there was anything that she can do to stay.  Missy says that she is very tight with her alliance and counts on it to stay strong.

The votes:
Natalie plays her hidden immunity idol and Jeff verifies it to be real. She says she was going to play it for herself, but when she verifies that Jaclyn voted for who she wanted her to vote for, she plays it for Jaclyn.

Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Baylor, Baylor.  Since votes for Jaclyn don't count, Baylor is eliminated from the game.  Baylor tells everyone goodbye and heads out.  Jeff informs everyone that they should get a good night's sleep tonight to prepare for the final immunity challenge.

Baylor is not upset with Natalie and says that it was a great move. She says that she didn't see it coming.

Natalie faces backlash after Tribal Council and Keith tells her that it was pretty slick.  Natalie explains that she got rid of a couple, but she is now able to go to final three and not have to compete with a couple.  Missy shows her understanding, but she is stoic about it.  She says not having to write her child's name on a voting ballot is one thing she will not have to do. Jaclyn wants to win immunity tomorrow and says that Keith is the number one priority tomorrow since Natalie will take both her and Missy to final three if she wins.  

Jeff calls the group for their final immunity challenge.  It is a tower that they must race down, maneuver through a series of obstacles, collecting puzzle bags as they progress. They will then assemble a puzzle and there will be a missing piece.  That missing piece will correlate to shape to numbers on a combination that they will use to unlock a box that will give them a rod to post to win the challenge. Missy is unable to compete and sits it out.

The Survivors head down the ramp using a rope and they head through an obstacle to gain a bag.  They carry the bag to their station and then mount a raft on a swivel that they use to move to their second bag.  Keith and Natalie complete that and then get their third bag.  They then must head up the tower to drop off their three bags.  Once they have they they can come down a fire pole and work the obstacle course to get their fourth and fifth bag.  Jaclyn is way behind and the competition is between Natalie and Keith.  Natalie moves ahead and has a good lead going into the puzzle, but huge gusts of wind slow down the trio.  Jaclyn is so worn out that she struggles to open her bag.  They are on a tower that is four stories high and they must construct the season logo.  Jaclyn begins to catch up as she constructs her puzzle, but Natalie moves ahead although the lead is slight.  Jaclyn moves out and gets her puzzle complete.  She moves to get her combination, but she falls.  Jaclyn gets back up and looks to match her symbols.  Keith has fallen behind and Natalie heads down.  Natalie is moving fast, but cannot catch up to Jaclyn, who wins the challenge, coming out of nowhere.  

Keith realizes that his stay may be over since Natalie saved Jaclyn at the last Tribal Council.  He says that this is big trouble for him.  He attempts to convince Jaclyn that he would be better to stay since Missy will garner sympathy votes and her daughter's vote as well.

Jaclyn speaks with Missy about the possibility of voting out Natalie. Jaclyn says that she saved her so that is tough to do, but she feels that in a final  situation Natalie could beat her in gameplay.  Missy says that she took out her child, so she is game.

Jeff asks Jaclyn about her final challenge and Jaclyn says that it is a good feeling and has spoken to others about different scenarios.  Jeff asks if Natalie expects reciprocation and Natalie says she doesn't owe her, but it would be a nice gesture.  Jaclyn says that she did blindside Jon which left a sour taste in her mouth.  Keith thinks that it will be him or Missy. Missy says that she is not sure that Natalie is going to the end, and when asked Natalie says that Keith is a charismatic personality and Keith says that she could win this game.  When asked Natalie says she is happy with the way she has played, has kicked a* in challenges and took the hard road in the game.

The votes:
Keith, Missy, Keith, Keith.  Keith is voted out of the game.  Baylor and Jon knuckle punch each other and Baylor grins at her mom.  Jaclyn looks to Jon and Natalie tells Missy that they need to take public speaking 101.

Keith speaks:
He says that he can't handle one woman at home let alone three in the jungle. he says that his most memorable moment was being in a spa in the jungle of Nicaragua. Keith's wife, Dana, is in the studio and says that they have been married 25 years. She says that what you see is what you get with Keith.

The girls are happy to have made it to the end and notice that the jury is nearly all men.  They enjoy a breakfast and Natalie says that she is proud of her journey in the game.  Missy says that she is proud to have made it and is not afraid to pitch her game to men.  Jaclyn says that she was an underdog and she appreciates how strong she really is.  

The ladies head to the final Tribal Council where the jury joins them. Jeff explains that the eight people who they had a hand in voting out will hold their fate in their hands.  They an each make an opening statement.  Missy speaks and says that she realizes that these roles can be reversed, but what they decide tonight will affect her life.  She says that the hardest decision was voting Jon out and day 33 was the roughest day when she broke her foot, but she fought though the pain for her team to win the challenge.  She says she played with dignity and loyalty.  

Jaclyn says that she went though ups and downs in the game and was on the chopping block from day one until the tribe swap.  She says that when Jon was blindsided, she had to step it up and finish the game.  She points out again that she was born with MRK syndrome, but has fought through it and deserves sole survivor.  

Natalie says that she has made smart, risky, and scary moves, carried her weight around camp, been to Exile Island twice and never has been called lazy. She says that last night the right decision would have been to send her home.

Jon asks Jaclyn what decision did she make that affected the final three and Jaclyn says that her first decision was to send Reed's loved one home. She doesn't think she would have been there had she stuck with Josh's alliance. Keith asks Natalie how it feels for her last words to him to be a lie and he says that she had to take the target off her and he says that he hated the constant lying.  He says that he went through the first half of the game alone. Alec asks what Natalie's game changing move was and she says that it was taking out him. Missy is asked what her mom game was and she says that she worked at staying in the control position and directed her people to do what she needed them to do.  Baylor says that she is so happy to see three girls up there and speaks to her mom and she says that they have always been hobbling through life and making it through the game on one foot has made her super proud. She hugs her mom.  Josh asks Jaclyn if the reason she is here is on the strength of her own merit or on choices made by people stronger in the game.  Jaclyn says that she carried a lot of those decisions.  He asks what move was her sole move and she says voting you out.

Wes asks what it was like to play with their loved ones and Missy says that it was a dream come true. Missy says that his dad was literally the shoulder that carried her when she broke her foot.  Jaclyn says that it was great for their communication.  Natalie says that playing without her sister made her proud because she had never done anything without her sister.  Jeremy asks about big moves and Natalie balled out so give her the credit. He says he has nothing bad to say about anyone and he feels good. Reed tells Natalie that he loved her game play and that it was awesome.  He tells Jaclyn that he enjoyed being there with her and he looks forward to hanging out with her afterwards.  He tells Missy that she cast herself as the motherly person but in reality she was the wicked stepmother.  She is told that she got more gimmes in the game and got more than she deserved.  Reed continues on to say that the outcasts will get the opportunity to finish this fairy tale the way fairy tales always end and send the wicked stepmother home without a win. Baylor is very emotional as she listens to this and at one point Missy cautions her to let it go.

dec17 survivor soul survivo

The votes:
Jeff has the jury vote and then carries it to the studio where the vote will be revealed.
Jaclyn, Natalie, Jaclyn, Missy, Natalie, Natalie, Natalie.  The winner of Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water is............ Natalie! She played alone longer than anyone else and managed to win the game.

Natalie, winner of Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water.

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