Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water Natalie's changed vote at Tribal Council which sent Alec home over Keith causes her to lie to cover her move.  She explains to the alliance that she misunderstood that her vote was split to Keith.  Jon buys her explanation, but Baylor sees through it and thinks she could be a great actress.

Natalie speaks privately to Keith letting him know that she switched her vote to eliminate Alec, and that Keith was the target.  Keith is very surprised that, of all people, Natalie, is in his camp, and takes heart in his opportunity to stay in the game.


Jeff calls the tribe to a reward challenge.  The challenge reward is a hot shower, massage, seared steak, cookies and brownies.  The challenge blue team is Keith, Missy, and Jon, and the yellow team is Baylor, Natalie, and Jaclyn. They are roped together and must travel a net obstacle course, gather a bucket of water and head over a teeter-totter, head up a set up steps and dump the bucket into a collection bucket.  Once the bucket is full, it will lower to the ground and drop a bamboo ramp to give them access to their puzzle pieces.  The first to complete the puzzle will win the reward.  Yellow is ahead from the beginning, but Jon, Missy, and Keith are moving quickly and are just about caught up when Baylor, Natalie, and Jacklyn move to their last two pieces.  It is not enough, however and Jon, Missy, and Keith win the reward.  

When Jaclyn moans about her missed opportunity, Jon responds that he isn't that into spas and wants to give his spot up to Baylor so that Mother and Daughter can share the experience together.  He vows to give Jaclyn her own personal spa day back at camp.  When the winning group must send someone to Exile Island, Natalie offers to go.  Jon says that he can do it, but Natalie says she can take it and heads out, leaving Jon and Jaclyn on their own with some privacy back at camp. Jon explains to the cameras that he gave up his spot so that he could build some loyalty within his alliance and it will also support him at the campfire meeting with the jury at the end.

The group heads out for their spa day and enjoy cold beverages.  Baylor is surprised to be chosen by Jon to take his place, especially since privately she and Natalie are working to get Jon eliminated.  Missy displays her swollen ankle and and Keith is not optimistic about the diagnosis.  Missy says she is going to stay in the game and is determined to crawl through the challenges if she has to.  Keith loves the food and after a shower and a massage he says that he can knock out the next five or six days left.

Alone at camp, Jaclyn says that she is sure that Natalie was aware of how she was to vote.  Jaclyn says that she and Keith might be closer than they think and Jon says that he trusts Natalie and thinks she was telling the truth. On Exile Island, Natalie is depressed.  She says that she is riding a roller coaster without her sister.  She has never been separated from her sister for this long.  She is trying to find some motivation in her aloneness and wants to make every decision count.


Jeff calls the survivors for their immunity challenge and Missy is walking with a walking stick.  Natalie returns from Exile Island and Missy gives her rice to eat and tell her to eat it now.  Natalie is very moved by the gesture and says that it was exhausting and she spent two thirds of the time crying. Jeff asks Missy about her ankle and she admits that it is getting worse, but she will not quit.  She is going to try to stand on one foot.  Jeff says that he wants medical to look at it before the challenge since he doesn't have a lot of faith in her ability to handle today's Survivor Blood vs Water immunity challenge.

The medic runs some physical tests and says that the only way to be sure that it is not broken is to do an x-ray and he cannot do that unless Missy is pulled from the game. He points out that at the least it is a significant sprain, but it could be broken.  Missy breaks down in tears and says that she does not want to quit the game.

The medic says that the injury is not life threatening, so it is her choice to quit or stay.  He agrees that he can imobilize the limb.  Missy agrees to the imobilization and says she will rely on her tribe to keep her in the game. Baylor says she will carry her mom to the finish if she has to.

The challenge is to balance with both feet on a bar and hold onto ropes that will help balance the arms.  The feet balance a clay tube on a bar and plate. Baylor wobbles immediately, but Jaclyn goes out first.  RIght after her Baylor loses the balance and is out.  Keith, Jon, and Natalie hang in there through a huge gust of wind and use their will to say in the challenge.  When another huge wind comes up, Keith cannot keep it balanced, and he is out. It is down to Jon and Natalie. Natalie stays strong as another wind comes up and Jon loses the balance.  Natalie wins individual immunity.  Jon says it was the wind that knocked his down because he never moved.  Natalie will be safe at Tribal Council.  

Jon says that Natalie winning today makes up for her messing up her last vote, and now they can work on getting Keith out. Jon sees Keith as a real threat in challenges and thinks he may make it to the end if not eliminated soon.

Natalie tells Keith to vote out Jon and they will split the vote between Jaclyn and Jon, so that if Jon has an idol, they will send Jaclyn home. Jaclyn worries that Jon will be blindsided.  She tells him that he still has an idol.  Baylor tells her mom that she needs for her to vote out Jon and Missy says that she has a deal with Jon and she won't break that loyalty.  Missy says that they have to keep the loyalty.  Natalie tells Missy that she wants her to vote out Jon and Missy says that she has been playing this game honestly and this night will test her.  Baylor says that Jon and Jaclyn will vote out Keith, and Keith and Natalie will vote out Jon, and Baylor and Missy can vote out Jaclyn.  If Jon shows an idol they can make it three for Jaclyn.
Missy is still adament that she does not want to break her loyalty to Jon.

At Tribal Council Jon says that if you want to get trust you have to give trust. Missy says that she has been loyal and hasn't waivered.  It is the way she is in life.

Jjon banishedThe votes:
Jeff asks for the hidden immunity idol and Jon does not play it.
Keith, Jaclyn, Keith, Jaclyn, Jon, Jon.  It is a three way tie. They will revote and Keith, Jon, and Jaclyn cannot vote. Missy looks stressed.

Jon, Jon.  Jon is voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water in a complegte blindside. Jaclyn kisses him goodbye, and Jon says no hard feelings as he walks by the group.  His torch is extinguished, and Jon takes the long walk.  Jeff says that Survivor is a tricky game and can lull you into a false sense of safety.  Loyalty is not the premise of the game, but outwit, outplay, and outlast are the words of the game.  He tells the remaining tribe members that the game is wide open, and sends them back to camp.  

Next week:
On the two hour season finale the girls argue over the move to eliminate Jon, with Jaclyn telling the girls that they don't know Jon in real life. Missy cries at having to be carried in the game, saying that she does not deserve it.

Jon Speaks:
Jon says that he never saw it coming, and that Missy and Natalie were good at convincing him that he had their loyalty.  He says that he hopes Jaclyn takes it to the end and if she can she has his vote.  He leaves us with a smile.

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