Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor we will watch two back to back episodes with four challenges and another of the eight castaways will be eliminated.  Survivors return from the Tribal Council without Wes, who was eliminated.  Reed is upset with Keith, and Keith is upset with Reed.  Talk revolves around the blindside, and the players are either jubilant or angry at the result of the vote.

Jon tells Jaclyn quietly that he doesn't want the others to get credit for his big move.  He chides her that Natalie should not get the props for his play.  Jaclyn tells the cameras that she is so mad that he took credit for a move that was hers and Natalie's as well.  She is ready to see herself as top three without him there.

Jeff calls the tribe for a reward challenge. He tells them that this challenge will tell how well they know their tribemates.  The winner will spend the afternoon on horseback on the trails and enjoy a barbeque chicken and brownies, returning to camp the next morning.

The challenge is made up of questions.  Natalie and Nadia are twins.  They  must write their answers and if they are right they may chop a length of rope. Natalie is right and she chops Reed and Alex chops Natalie's rope.  Jaclyn casts the second chop for Reed and Missy gives the third, and he is out.  Alec gets a hit and Baylor gives it to Alec.  Reed gives his to Missy.  The next question is about a tanning booth and Keith now has two hits. Keith gets a second hit from Keith and Baylor puts Keith out of the game. Alec, Reed, and Keith are out of the game and it is the five others playing.  When the others try to figure out who they want to keep and Jeff steps in and says that if they are just working out how to get Missy to win, they can just stop the game and give the win to her.  They agree and she sends Jon to Exile Island and takes Natalie and Baylor on her ride.  Jaclyn feels that the three of them are tight and it was very telling.  When Missy took Natalie it made Jaclyn second guess everything.  Jeff points out that while the three of them go horse back riding, she will be at camp with people who probably don't like her.  Reed jumps in and says that he likes her.  Baylor tells him that she bets he does.  He calls her a brat and Missy jumps into it.  Things disintegrate until they head off on their ride with Jaclyn heading back to camp with the three guys.

Jon is actually happy to go to Exile Island to look for another idol.  He finds sideways trees and thinks that he has found the perfect place to hide an idol.  He joyfully retrieves the idol and he says that it will refocus him on his future.  

The horseback riders are amazed at the vista and the experience.  When the ride is over they head into the casa for food.  Missy is so glad that she took Natalie on that experience and says she could not have chosen a better two to enjoy it with her.  Baylor is worried that the choice was not a good one them because they have left Jaclyn alone with the men and feel that she is easily swayed.

The ladies enjoy brownies and Baylor announces to her mother that she just found an idol.  Her mother is proud of her.  Back at camp Jaclyn feels that it was a dumb move for Missy to take Natalie and leave her.  She feels that it told her her place in the alliance.  The men are very kind to her and she is interested in their pitch.  Reed points out that their move showed Jaclyn that the three will take out Jon and Jaclyn to go to final three together.  Reed and the others speak with Jaclyn about it and she tells us that it won't be the first time that Jon returns from Exile to learn she has decided to switch camps.

Missy and her group return from their trip to worry about Jaclyn.  Missy is concerned and wants to coddle Jaclyn a bit to be sure that she does not abandon their group.  Alec likes Jaclyn and engages her in a conversation. Natalie thinks that it might be inappropriate with Jon on the Island.  Baylor worries that Jaclyn was swayed and if so, Jon will be swayed as well.  

Jon returns from Exile to join the castaways for the immunity challenge. Jon returns with a smile and energy.  The challenge is to balance an oversized paddle on a stand and to use it to roll a ball down the paddle onto an indented spot.  They must get six total at the same time to win individual immunity.

Jon is quick to get two balls on his paddle while no one else has more than one.  Natalie gets her second and Jon extends his lead with two.  Keith has two and then three and it is between Keith and Jon who struggle to get a fourth.  Keith gets it and gets up to five with Jon still working on his fourth.  Jon gets his fourth while Keith works on his sixth and final ball.  Keith gets his final ball and wins individual immunity. He is safe from Tribal Council tonight and is guaranteed a one in seven shot at the win.

Reed feels that he is a dead man walking and hopes that perhaps Jon and Jaclyn may defect and help him eliminate Missy tonight.  

Back at camp Keith is congratulated for his win.  Jaclyn feels that they have a chance to either vote out Reed or Missy.  She tells Jon that it is so telling that Missy took Natalie over her on the ride.  Jon only wanted to spend time with her, but she wants to change his mind.  When she tries to tell him of her experience and he gets her mad at him.  He says that when he voiced his frustration she took it as a rejection of her advice.  She doesn't think that he realized what he was doing when he snapped.  She says that he has an attitude that he can figure it all out by himself.

Reed approaches Jon and he says that if they work together to get Missy out they will blindside him.  Reed says that he could have gone to Missy to get her to work to take Jon out, but he didn't.  When Natalie joins them Jon loudly says while winking that he can't trust him and he won't go with them. Reed picks up on the wink and takes hope in it.

Jaclyn is upset with Jon and confides in Natalie that she is not happy with him.  When Jon comes to her she tells him that she does not want to talk to him and gets up and walks away.  Jon says that it is not a good time to not be on the same page with Jaclyn as the Tribal Council looms. Hours later Jon approaches Jaclyn and when she says she is still not ready to talk, he attempts to kiss her, but she rejects him.  Jon becomes more frustrated as Jaclyn flirts with Alec.  She finally gets with him and he tells her that he only wanted to sit and relax with her for a few moments.  

Reed feels that he must intercede as this fight will keep Jon and Jaclyn from talking and possibly protecting him by going after Missy.

Jeff asks Jon if he was updated and he says that she started to tell him, but he wasn't ready to listen and a fight erupted.  She tells that she felt disrespected and it was a public argument.  Reed says that this disagreement put his game on hold.  Jon admits that Reed wanted to talk to him to pitch his case.  Reed says that Missy chose Baylor and Natalie and that showed him her place in the group.  Missy responds that Jaclyn may be forgetting that only two days ago the three were trying to cut Jon from the tribe.  Jaclyn says that she was miffed that she was not chosen and the men did speak with her. Missy says that she knew going into the reward that the others would approach Jaclyn and it could cost her by taking Natalie.

Missy votes out Reed and Reed votes out Missy. Missy says that he is a rabble rouser and her daughter is not a brat.  Reed says that he hopes this is the only time he writes down her name. Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol and no one plays one.

The votes:
Reed, Missy, Reed, Reed, Reed, Reed.  Reed becomes the fourth member of the jury. Jeff points out that having personal relationships in the game makes it even tougher.  

Reed speaks:
It was a dream come true to be here and even being voted out was a dream come true.

Alec returns from Tribal and realizes that he has no one to talk to at this time and he says that it isn't fun.  Alec tells Jon that he is alone now and Jon tells him that honestly he doesn't see a viewpoint that would split him from the group that he is with.  He says that he has found a group that he trusts to carry him farther in the game.

The tribe meets Jeff once again for a reward challenge.  They must stand on a small block with one foot only, while stabilizing a small ball on a piece of wood.  If the ball drops, the player is out.  The reward is a king sized bed delivered to camp with a canopy for a good night's sleep, and a dinner of pasta and chicken in bed.

Almost immediately Alec is out.  At the twenty minute point fatigue is setting in on the arms, feet and back.  Missy drops out when her ball loses the wedge.  Keith is out next.  Suddenly Baylor loses her ball and it is down to Jaclyn, Jon, and Natalie. Jon loses the balance of his ball and he is out. It is down to Natalie and Jaclyn. Natalie recovers and so does Jaclyn, but Jaclyn loses her ball and Natalie wins reward.

Natalie gets to send someone to Exile Island and she sends Alec. Natalie gets to invite one person to join her in the reward and she picks Jaclyn and then when given another pick, she picks Jon.  She says that Jaclyn loves spaghetti.

Natalie tells us that she has wanted to get Jon out ever since Jeremy left, so she is showing her loyalty to Jon and Jaclyn by inviting them to share in her reward.  That way when she turns on Jon and takes him out he won't even see it coming.

Jon is excited to have a comfortable bed to lay in and then he looks over at the others and realizes that they will get to enjoy that with others staring at them.  Jaclyn feels bad at the picks and hopes that the others will get over it. Jon says that at this point in the game weird things can happen. Laying in the bed they enjoy chicken parm, pasta, and wine.

Jon enjoys a good wine and understands a bit about the complexity of wine and shares that with an unappreciative Natalie.  He tells Natalie that he found an idol and Natalie says to us that she just wants to figure out how to pull off blindsiding Jon.

After exiting the bed, Natalie confides in Baylor that Jon talked about how rich he would be in life and it was all about him and his girlfriend and what he would accomplish.  The two agree that they want to take Jon out of the game. Baylor says that the one problem is that her mom, her closest ally in the game, is allied with Jon.  

Keith keeps thinking that someone will bolt before long and maybe they will bolt in his direction, but the five of them seem to be really tight to him. Jon feels that he got a weird vibe from camp and so close to the end it is almost scary.  When Jaclyn gets with Jon she warns him that things might not be what they appear to be.  She is worried that the girls might band with Keith to take out Jon.  

Jeff calls the tribe to the immunity challenge.  Baylor says that the emotional state is fatigue and when it is a loved one who is tired, and depleted, it is very hard.  Missy tears up and Baylor says that she has seven days in her, but all she can do is be there for her mom who has not much left in her.

The challenge is to pull on a rope that holds a wobbly table.  They must play out the rope to gather bricks to line up on the table and if a block falls they must replay the game.  Keith quickly takes the lead with  a steady hand.  Keith is moving quickly and Baylor dumps her table.  Jon and Jaclyn each make it to seven while Alec can't get past four.  Jon and Keith are in the lead with their eighth block and Natalie catches up to eight.  Keith dumps his and has to fix his.  Jon is coming onto his tenth and when Keith hustles to catch up, Jon carefully places his last block and wins individual immunity. Jon can't be voted out and has a one in six shot at the win.

The tribe heads back to camp. Natalie explains to us that they will have to come up with a plan B right now since plan A was spoiled when Jon won the necklace. Back at camp, Jon feels that with the worries he had, it is great not to have to worry about anything else tonight. He makes the point that it is time to get Keith out. Missy agrees with him when he says that he wants to split the vote and give three Keith and two to Alec just in case Keith has an idol.

Baylor says that she and Natalie were banking on Jon not winning and it is frustrating since there is not much time left. Alec talks to Baylor about his feelings and he tells her that this game has really done something to him. She likes the different side of him and tells him to trust her. Natalie talks to Keith and tells him that he deserves to be here, but he is scary because he is always close in the immunity challenges.  He says that it burns him that Jon lays up all the time and he is going to make it to the end.

Keith points out to Natalie that she could turn to him and Alec and make it a different final three.  Natalie thinks that she wants to keep Keith and approaches Baylor about taking out Alec instead, but Baylor isn't into it.  Natalie wonders if it is worth rocking the boat to do this.

Jeff asks the group at Tribal Council about criteria for voting people out. He points out that who you keep is just as important as who you send home. As a rat runs across the council floor, Jeff points out that this is a reality that they don't face at home.  Jon tells of seeing the wine glass and how it made him identify with his father who is battling brain cancer.  He says that he knows that his father would be proud of his immunity win because there aren't going to be too many of them left for him to share with his dad.

Keith says that as the target he has a vote and they can use it.  Just take him up on the offer.  Jeff asks Natalie if she came to play and win and she says that she is confident that everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises from the alliance of five.

The votes:
Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol and no one offers one.
Keith, Alec, Keith, Alec, Keith, Alec, Alec.  Alec is voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water.  Missy looks stunned by the switch in targets. Jon asks, "What the ????" Jeff says that based on the reactions after the vote this tight alliance of five might not be so tight.  He sends them back to camp.

Next week on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water:
Natalie won't rest until she gets revenge on Jon and meets wiwth Keith.  One moment changes the game and Missy is in tears and says that is her game.

Alec speaks:
Alec shows his vote and says that it was a good run and things just happen.

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