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nov26 survivor leadRECAP: SURVIVOR: SAN JUAN DEL SUR


By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water the tribe returns to camp without Jeremy who they voted out, and Natalie feels the loss of her closest ally.  Keith says that Reed is a gamer and he thought that was who they were targeting, and who he cast his vote against.  

Reed tries to decide whether or not to target Jon or to go deeper into the tribe to look for his next target, and he skillfully indicates to Natalie that Jon spearheaded that move.  She decides that she wants Jon to get a taste of his own medicine, and goes on an idol hunt, digging close to the camp entrance late at night.

Survivor Reward

Jeff calls the tribe to their reward challenge.  They will dive into the water, climb onto a platform, dive off the platform and collect keys as they leap into the water. Then they have to swim out to release puzzle pieces. The tribemates may pull them back in with a rope and buoy once they have fetched the puzzle pieces. The reward is to be ambassadors of goodwill to local kids and deliver everything the children will need to play baseball.  They will get to enjoy hotdogs and ball game food while they watch the children play a game.

The challenge is played in teams.  One team is Reed, Alec, Jaclyn, and Jon.  Keith is sitting out and Natalie, Wes, Missy and Alec are teaming together.
Yellow moves ahead, but blue remains close.  Yellow gets all their pieces and gains a big lead, unlocking their puzzle pieces.  They beat Blue quickly and Reed offers to switch spots with Missy who really wants to go on the trip.  The group decides to send Wes to Exile Island. Wes leaves reluctantly.  Reed offers insight to his move to trade places with Missy and says that it buys goodwill for him, but more importantly, he can suck it up and use the time to work on the other tribemates to eliminate Jon. Missy, Alec, Jaclyn, and Jon head off to their reward with the locals.

The Survivor Del Sur group meets with the children and eagerly pass out uniforms, gloves, and equipment to the children.  They are swarmed by eager hands.  Missy says that she loves her kids and this is a total recharge for her. They enjoy popcorn, soda, ice cream with waffle cones and ice cream beads, along with hotdogs and condiments.  Jon shares that he and Jaclyn are unable to have children of their own and will adopt eventually.

Reed, Baylor, Keith, and Natalie head back to camp and Reed wants to have a meeting with the others.  He talks to Keith and tells him that Jon and group want to split the votes between him and Wes, and if they vote as a block of four they can use the opportunity to take out Jon.  Keith likes the idea.

Natalie takes Baylor on an idol hunt and they dig near camp, finding the idol.  They grab the idol bag and head for the water to take it out and examine it.  Natalie is very excited.  Natalie tells Baylor that they need to make Jon feel comfortable for one more round so they can take out Reed.  Then they can move on Jon and still have a majority of females to work together.

nov26 survivor imunnity

Jeff calls the group to the individual immunity challenge.  Wes returns from Exile Island with a smile on his face.  The challenge is to balance their feet on a narrow perch holding onto a handle overhead.  If their hands release the handle or a food falls from the pedastal they are out. Their stations are measured for their own height.  The tribe is tempted by sugar treats of gummy bears and sweet treats.  Jeff eats a chocolate bar and Jon caves.  He says he would be the first out anyway.  He eats and says that it was his favorite candy bar and he couldn't resist.  Keith asks him how old he is and when he says 26, Keith tells him he is 53 and doing it. Missy is the second to step down.  When Jeff brings over five chocolate chip cookies and two glasses of milk, Baylor literally leaps off her pedastal and Jaclyn is quick to follow her.  Wes steps down for 2 cold beers and a plate of chicken wings.  They are down to four, Alec, Keith, Reed, and Natalie.  Keith says that with Natalie fighting for her team, the rest are up there fighting for her life. When Jeff asks him why his son got down, Keith says that he has a food weakness and he will give him a talking to when he gets down.  

Keith's feet are purple and numb and Alec is moving a lot.  Keith is shaking and finally gives in and gently steps down.  Down to three, Natalie, Alec, and Reed. Alec is next down and it is either going to be Natalie or Reed.  At the three hour point some are sleeping and when Natalie spits, she misses and gets her own blouse.  It has been three hours and Natalie asks if there will be food if she comes down.  Jeff says okay and brings in some ice water, pizza, cookie, and chicken wings. She crumbles and says if she is going to lose she might as well get some food out of it.  She gets down, but she can't move enough to get to the food.  Reed does a split but he can't rise from his position either and Jeff puts on his immunity necklace while Reed is seated in front of his station.  

Reed comments that he feels good being safe this week and now has the situation he needs to go after Jon. Reed decides to capitalize on the fact that Jon stepped down so quickly.  He wants to tell others to vote for Keith and Wes, four and three, but his group will vote four strong to take out Jon.

Missy decides to clue Jon in, but she tells him that Reed wants to split the vote to take out Keith, since she believes that to be the case.  Jon feels reassured after speaking with Alec and hearing him say that he is down, and decides not to use the idol at this point.

Jeff calls the tribe to Tribal Council.  Jaclyn admits that she thinks she is in the five strong, but is not sure.  Baylor says that trust is a difficult issue in this game.  Jeff points out that not a single idol has been played and Keith says someone feels comfortable.  Jeff points out that people want to save their idols, but you have to make it past this week to get to the end. Reed points out that perhaps Wes or Keith have an idol since Wes was so quick to step down. Reed points out that they need to stick to the plan.  Jeff asks Baylor what her gut says right now.  Baylor says that she feels like she is looking into those distorted mirrors at the fair.  She says she will let her gut tell her what to do when she gets to the voting spot.  

nov26 survivor wes banishedThe votes:  Jeff calls for any hidden immunity idols and Jon plays his idol. Reed looks distressed. Keith plays his idol as well. He tells Wes that he will be alright.

Jon, Jon, Jon, Keith, Keith, Jon, Keith, Wes.  Since all votes cast for Keith and Jon do not count, Wes is eliminated with only one vote.

Jon says that he sure is glad that he played the idol and didn't have it in his pocket as he went home.  Jeff points out to the tribe that it is clear that they are playing the game in the moment.  He sends them back to camp.

Next week on Survivor:
Next time on a special two hour Survivor, tensions mount and tribe alliances suffer.

Wes speaks:
Wes says that those wings were not worth a million dollars and he regrets stepping off, but he had a great time there with his dad.  He hopes his dad wins the million dollars.

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