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nov19 survivor leadSURVIVOR RECAP:


BY honeySC

Tonight on Survivor, Jaclyn and Jon have shown their hand with their vote and Reed is livid when his game with his partner, Josh, is over.  Jon says that his instincts told him to jump ship when he heard Jaclyn's concerns.  Keith says that he is in a bad place now that Jon and Jaclyn have jumped ship. He points out that he still has an idol to play, but is unaware that Jon has his own idol.

Jeff calls the tribe for their reward challenge.  He tells them that in teams they will face off over a wobbly beam over a mud pit and their challenge is to knock each other off the beam.  They will win a cruise down the river complete with sandwiches and drinks.


Wes, Missy, Jon, Jaclyn, Keith take on Natalie, Alec, Jeremy, Reed, and Baylor.  Wes takes on Reed and defeats him quickly.  Next Natalie takes on Jaclyn.  Jaclyn has a good reach, but when she joggles the beam, she falls in first and Natalie wins.  John takes on Jeremy and when Jeremy goes for it, Jon gets the jump on him and in he goes.  Baylor takes on her mom and Missy goes in.  Keith takes on Wes and it is three to two when Keith gets him.  Reed takes on Wes and when Reed gets mud in his eye he goes in, blindly.  Jaclyn takes on Natalie and in this rematch Jaclyn takes the mud.  It is now four to three.  Jon needs to tie it up and takes on Jeremy.  Jeremy heads into the mud and it is a tie coming to one final match between Missy and Baylor. Both women have nice balance, but Baylor joggles the board to take out her mother.  Missy s she trikes first and heads into the mud.  Baylor's team wins the reward.  

Natalie asks if she can switch positions and she wants to give it up to Jon. Jeremy offers to give his position up to Jaclyn and the trade takes place. Natalie explains that she saw so much loyalty at Tribal Council that she wanted to show them the love and respect that they deserved.  Baylor names Jeremy to Exile Island, and he heads out. Baylor explains that they want their tribe to find the next idol and who better to find it than Jeremy?

Keith's group heads back to camp and Natalie says that Jon needed food, but also she wanted to show her appreciation for his move at Tribal Council.  Wes says that it was a great strategic move and he commends her for it.  

Wes tells the group that he really doesn't want to be blindsided and Keith hopes that everyone took the hint.  He says that they can pay pass the idol if they have to.  

On Exile Island, Jeremy finds a clue.  He says that he came to find the idol to protect himself.  He hopes that it will help others trust him.  He looks out as he watches and sees the luncheon yacht.  The group on the yacht enjoys the drinks and the sandwiches.  Jon realizes that Natalie's move was strategic and he and Jaclyn give a shout out of thanks to Jeremy and Natalie for their generosity.  Reed sees it as a move that will cement Jon and Jaclyn's alliance with Natalie and Jeremy.  

Jeremy finds his night on Exile Island tough.  He says that he is sleeping on rocks and it is cold except for the fire.  Jeremy cannot locate the idol and he looks around the base and even climbs the rocks looking for it.  He comes to realize that Jon may have already found it.  

Back at camp, Jon realizes that not telling Jeremy that he has the idol may put his own game in jeopardy.  Others will assume that Jon already has it, too.

nov19 survivor immunity2

Jeff calls the tribe for the immunity challenge and their task is to complete a complete challenge with only their feet.  If a piece drops they can use their hand to pick it up to replace it into the basket, but all other moves must occur with the feet only.  The group untie a rope that releases a bundle of blocks and then must stack them in three levels, and then work the flag over the top of it.  Keith gets out ahead and Reed is with him until he fumbles his feet and it collapses.  The strength of the core will help keep them steady.  Keith is on his final row when it collapses, but Reed has caught up and then loses one.  Natalie loses a few pieces and Baylor comes up and the door opens for her to win when Reed drops two pieces.  Baylor works to plant her flag and when she does, her mom cheers as she wins individual immunity.  Baylor cheers as she puts on her necklace.  Safe from the vote tonight, she will have a one in nine chance to win the game.

Jeremy says that he really wanted to win, but as long as one of their alliance members won, he is happy with how it worked out.

Reed is bummed at not winning and feels that his chance to stay past the evening is very slim.  He vows to light the camp on fire as he leaves.  Reed sees the clue in Keith's bag.  He takes it and is surprised to find that Keith left a paper trail.  Reed says that he just wants to put it out there that Keith has an idol.  The girls thought that of all people, Keith would never be able to find and hide it.  

Keith finds that someone has been though his bag and although he still has the idol, someone has stolen the clue.  He says that people have different values, but with the news of it getting out, it may have to come into play sooner than he had hoped.  At the same time, Jeremy tells Natalie that he looked everywhere for the idol and is sure that Jon has it.  He decides that he will try to catch Jon in a lie.   Jeremy tries to tell him that they don't need to go back to Exile if he already has the idol.  Jon feels that Jeremy knows that he has the idol and he ends up telling Missy that he has it.  They connive to take out Jeremy, but Missy has been allied with Natalie and Jeremy and is unsure of making that move.  She thinks it will be better to split the vote to try to flush Keith's idol.  

The tribe meets at Tribal Council and Josh joins them.  Jeremy talks about working with a strong alliance.  Jeremy points out that the least they can do is to give up their reward to Jaclyn and Jon and Jaclyn says that she feels they  made the right decision because it shows how much their alliance means to Jeremy and Natalie.  Reed says that it is not selfless because they are helping each other out.  Jeremy says that he was exhausted when he returned and Missy says that he was very fatigued.  

Jeff asks about the idol and says that it is day 24 and no idol has been played.  Jon says that he is confident that someone  has one.  Natalie says that it is scary if one of your alliance members have one.  Baylor mentions that Keith and Wes have seemed very confident and she thinks that one of them has an idol.  

Jon tells the others that none of the others wanted to recruit Jaclyn's vote.
Keith is accused of ignoring the girls and he says that he does talk to them, but just in passing.  Jeff asks when it is right to make the right move?  Jeremy says that when Jon and Jaclyn were on the fence, he saw that someone had to take care of the wife and it is the thing to do.  Natalie says that some people will say anything to get what they want.  

Jjeremy banishedJeff calls for the votes:
He asks if anyone has an idol they want to play and no one plays one.
Keith, Reed, Keith, Reed, Reed, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy.  Jeremy is the eighth person voted out and the second member of the jury.  Reed smiles and grins at Josh over the surprise blindside vote.

Jeff tells the tribe that tonight's vote is both brutal and a message on why you should never give up on anything in the game. He sends them back to camp.

Next week On Survivor:
The game may change when alliances question each other's loyalty.

Jeremy speaks:
Jeremy  says that he never saw that one coming and thought that he was more secure in the tribe than he obviously was.

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