Thursday April 27, 2017

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By HoneySC

Tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water the tribe finds there is a wrinkle in their plan to eliminate Jeremy when Julie quits the game.  Since the merge, the tribe has split into two alliances with Jon and Jaclyn being the pivot point in the alliances. Since there was no Tribal Council, they have not had to make an overt choice in the group that they will ally with.

The survivors meet for a reward challenge.  The prize is a taco bar with chicken, steak, ice tea, margaritas, and all sorts of veggies.  The teams must move heavy cube pieces to a platform where they must move them along a ramp with brute force and then unload them to a staging area. They choose how many pieces to move with each load, and both tribes choose five pieces to move.  Yellow moves ahead with their second load, and blue moves slowly under their weight.  They then must construct a temple with the puzzle pieces, and once under construction, blue begins to catch up.  Yellow moves faster and gets their temple built first.  The next move in the challenge is to hoist an idol to the top of it.  Yellow gets on their rope and Natalie pulls fiercely, and her team wins the reward.  Jon is selected to go to Exile island and he heads out with a good spirit.  Missy, who was the one to sit out during the challenge, will not get to enjoy the Taco Bar reward.  


Reed, Natalie, Wes, Keith, and Jeremy find themselves with no ability to strategize since the group is of mixed alliances.  Keith says that he would not have known who to vote out at tribal and Jeremy sees through the comment. Wes eats and then overeats until he is feeling sick.  

Back at camp, Huyopa drinks their coconut milk and Josh takes the opportunity to speak alone with Baylor.  He tells her that she owes him and that he would respect her if she would not vote out him or Reed.  Baylor tells Josh that she will vote with her mother.  Josh is disappointed.  Back at camp he speaks with Jaclyn who tells him that he is not the target right now.

Jon, being alone on Exile Island, is missing Jaclyn and feeling alone.  He gets a clue to a new idol that is on Exile.  It says that a lack of water is a double edged sword.  Jon thinks that it has to do with low tide and he begins to look under rocks on the shoreline.  He comes across a gator, but continues to look after climbing a pillar of rocks.  He locates the idol under a rock just as the tide turns, and is excited to have the game changing idol around his neck.  

It is day 21 on Huyopa and Wes regrets the binge at the taco bar.  They burp and pass gas in front of the women and it bothers Jeremy. He says that men jumping ahead of the women and being gross around them just isn't right.  When Josh tells Baylor that she needs to hop to it and wash the fish if she wants to eat, Missy takes offense.  The women in general think that the men are rude.  Jaclyn reminds the women that the men need the women's vote, and Jon won't vote for them the way they are acting.

Reed and Keith talk and surmise that Jon will vote with the boys.  Reed feels that Jaclyn will vote with Jon, and he knows that they need to take Jeremy out.

Survivor Immunity

Jeff calls the group to the immunity challenge, and Jon returns from Exile Island to greet his partner.  Keith reluctantly gives up his idol.  Jeff tells them that this challenge will be a mind challenge and they will use cubes to indicate symbols that will be presented to them.

The first round is statue, sun, skull, axe, and they must find the icons and reveal them.  Everyone gets the first correct, and Jon is out on the second one when he presents skull instead of sun. Jeff comments that it may be the hunger setting in from his stay on Exile Island. Reed shows temple instead of skull in the third one and is out. Wes and Alec show mask instead of axe and they are out.  

Round two is axe, skull, mask, sun, temple, ax, statue.  Everyone reveals axe except Natalie who is out.  Down to six, they must reveal skull and everyone does except Baylor who shows sun and is out.  The next is mask, but Jaclyn and she shows sun and is out.  Sun is the next icon and Missy and Keith show temple and it is down to Josh and Jeremy.  The next is temple and Josh is out with statue. Jeremy wins individual immunity with temple. He happily puts on his immunity necklace and is safe from Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Huyopa must rethink their plan to vote out Jeremy. Jeremy realizes that it is him against Josh and feels that he may have to keep winning necklaces in order to stand up to him.  Josh begins feeling insecure and worries that if he doesn't have Jon's and Jaclyn's vote.  Jaclyn says that while he was gone the guys ignored her and made her feel like crap.  Jon's instincts take over, but he realizes that this is a game.  

Josh moves on Baylor since he can't take out Jeremy, and Jaclyn tries to convince Jon to go after Josh.  Keith makes the point that Baylor doesn't do anything around camp, but Missy stands up for her.  She tells Baylor about Keith's words and Baylor gets a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.  Missy makes a point that they should go after Josh.  Jon wants Jaclyn to vote with him, but she is being firm in her stance about Josh.  Jaclyn says that she feels good with Missy and Jeremy, but she knows that someone is going to be mad at them after the vote tonight.

Huyopa heads to Tribal Council.  Jeff asks Jeremy about the immunity challenge, and Jeremy says that if he didn't win today, people would be writing his name down.  Josh says that he needed it as well.  Wes points out who is working with him and Jaclyn says that she and Jon have been approached by both sides.  Jon says that they are not trying to be the swing vote but people keep trying to talk to them.  Natalie says that she is feeling protective with the original tribe and she feels a closeness with Jon.  Jaclyn tells that no one wanted to talk to her when Jon was gone and she feels less respect than her vote deserves.  Missy says that some of the guys act like they are at a frat party and Keith defends them.  He says that this is Survivor and you a going to get dirty and pass gas.

Jeremy says that working with singles is not going to hurt Jon's game.  Reed comments that it will put the team on the bottom and they will get voted out.
Natalie says that you need to find people you can rely on and stick with them.

Survivor Josh BanishedThe votes:
Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol, but it is not revealed.
Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh, Josh. Josh is the seventh person voted out and will become the first member of the Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water jury.

Jeff asks if this is a line in the sand or is tomorrow a whole new game?  He sends them back to camp.

Next week:
With Josh gone, Alec struggles. It is revealed that Keith has an idol.  The camp goes crazy.

Josh Speaks:
Josh feels that he revealed too much of himself and that was the reason he was out of the game.  He says that he learned so much and is so glad to have had the experience.

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