Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water Hunahpu suffers for their decision to trade their comforts for rice when it rains relentlessly.  With Dale eliminated, Coyopa faces their decision to flush the idol by voting Keith.  The girls tell Keith that even if it came to a revote they would have voted out Dale.  Keith is not happy to learn that it was his allies, Missy and Baylor who cast the votes for him.

Unbeknownst to him Hunahpu was planning to take out Jeremy and now they worry that with a merge soon to follow, they may have lost their opportunity. Jeremy states that it was Josh and Reed who called the shots on the strategy, and he was okay with their taking the lead, but is happy to see a merge coming where he can join with his allies again.

Tree mail arrives and informs the group that they are merging.  Jon and Jaclyn are happy to be together in the merge and feel that their pairing is strong.  Reed says that he is looking to see the lay of the land once the blood is together and those without blood there anymore will bond.


There is a feast with lobster, shrimp, fresh fruits and nuts. Julie sees the merge as bittersweet since she is once again with couples who share a strong bond.  Keith is glad to be playing with Wes again and says that he can care less about Missy and Baylor being together.

Jeremy realizes that the only way he will stay in the game is if he can gain some allies.  He has Natalie and Julie, but needs a couple to strengthen his alliance. He feels he has a solid seven with Missy and Baylor joining with them. Josh sees Jeremy's work creating a new alliance and feels that he needs to get the numbers before Jeremy does.

The new Huyopa tribe wishes Wes a happy birthday and Josh beats Keith to it. Josh and Reed discuss working the couples to gain a bond that will take out the singles.  Josh sets his sights on Missy and Baylor. Baylor sees herself as having a strong alliance with Josh but seeing her mother with alliances with many others.  She is concerned that she will have to vote Josh out after he saved her from elimination early in the game. Missy tells her that she is going to have to be a bit fake and trust her, following her lead and listening to her. Josh is concerned that her mom got Baylor under her influence when she spent time with her and is now concerned that Baylor with vote with Missy rather than support him and Reed in the game.

Josh goes to Jaclyn and Jon and offers a deal to the finals with him and Reed. They feel they have Josh and Reed are tied to keeping couples, but they have a strong bond with the others.  They feel that one wrong vote could be a million dollar decision and are very stressed by the decisions they have to make.

The tribe looks for the leftover trail mix that they collected after the feast and Julie tells us that she has it, but the tribe ate all the other leftover food and this is hers.  She gathered it and saved it.  When the group goes through personal items looking for it, they discover it and help themeselves to it.  They see Julie as being selfish for hoarding it. When Julie returns to camp she meets a hostile group and knows that things don't look so good for her at the moment.

Jeff calls the group to their first Survivor Blood vs Water individual immunity challenge.  They must balance a ball on a disk that they balance with two ropes.  The ropes are let out periodically to increase the difficulty in handling the ball.  At the twenty-five minute point a second ball will be added.  Each round lasts ten minutes.  Almost immediately when a wind comes up, Jeremy loses his balanced hold and the ball falls.  Missy goes second and then Julie loses hers as well.

Immunity Challenge

The wind rises at the second stage and Reed drops his, and shortly after Baylor and then Alec and then Jaclyn.  Down to five and with a big wind Natalie drops her ball.  Josh, Wes, Keith and Jon remain and look steady. At the twenty-five minute point the four are still remaining. They add the second ball and Josh goes out almost immediately.  With the wind rising Jon is out and it is down to Wes and Keith.  Wes goes out with a rising wind and Keith wins immunity.  There is a lot of teasing about how his "old man" beat him.  Keith proudly puts on his necklace saying that he isn't quite ready to turn over the reins to his son.

Huyopa returns to camp and Jeremy laments that he is terrible at the challenges. He complains that he was out before Julie and that hurts, but he feels safe with the numbers. Julie gets angry when Alec calls out loudly that he would love some trail mix.  Julie feels low and says that she is almost done.  She says that it is difficult to be there without her loved one. Missy finds Julie's complaining a bit much and says that it is obnoxious that she hoarded the trail mix, but she needs her for the numbers.  Missy offers her comfort which makes Julie feel stronger.  

Jeremy laughs when he hears that Josh wants him out because he is going to win all the challenges since he was out first.  Josh wants to continue the blood alliance and Keith and Wes join up. Jon finds himself switching to the couples group and they will vote out Jeremy.  Jon says that it sucks because he really likes Jeremy and doesn't want to jump ship because that can put them at the bottom of the totem pole, but feels that staying with the couples group will help them get further down the road.

Julie QuitsJulie finds the strain of being in camp building, but she wants to speak with Jeff.  Being there with the couples is making it more difficult.  She says that she has never been more than four days without being with John.  Jeff points out that children go to summer camp and leave families and she says that she feels judged and not trusted.  She feels that she is on the verge of being voted out and there are mean girls here who make fun of her.  She feels that Missy only wants her there to further her game.  She doesn't want to compromise what she really feels that she needs to do to further their game. When Jeff asks her if she is quitting she says she is.

Jeff informs the tribe that Julie quit Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water, and Jeremy feels he has lost a number. Missy wishes that she could have spoken to her one more time. Josh sees that as a positive since it will make it easier to take Jeremy out at tribal council. Jeff informs them that with Julie leaving there will be no tribal council that night and Josh feels that it took an opportunity to remove Jeremy from the game.  Jeremy is bothered that Julie quit because he says that he messed up his plans. Josh feels that Jeremy is clueless that Julie's quit saved him tonight.

Next week on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water:
The tribe struggles to keep alliances together and Jon and Jaclyn consider defecting again.  Groups fracture and realign.

Julie's last words:
Julie says that she feels it was mentally exhausting and only she knows how tough it was on her to be nearly dehydrated, exhausted, spiritually drained and although she is going to have to face some backlash, no one knows what she went through but her.

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