Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water a very hungry Hunahpu tribe makes a desperate trade for rice. After switching out buffs the new Hunahpu discovers that the old Hunahpu ate well, too well, for the rice was severely depleted.

On Coyopa they find that Tribal Council was about as bad as you can get. Dale found it tough to watch his daughter be eliminated from the tribe but wants to secure his position in the tribe, so he comes up with a fake immunity idol which he shows to others in hopes that it will save him from nomination.

Jeff arrives in the morning to Hunahpu to discuss the rice situation. Down to a handful of rice, they discuss with Jeff the fact that some others who had dominating personalities did not ration food. Jeff reminds them that they lost flint and now need help again. Jeff says that he wants the extra flint, and everything but the machete, one pot, and the flint in exchange for a good sized bag of rice.  In essence, they are starting over, giving up their comfort items and even their tarp.  Julie worries about the rain and how they now have no protection from it. Jeremy would rather go without the rice and exist off nature than give up the comforts they have won in competitions.


The tribes meet for a reward challenge. One person from each tribe will be blindfolded and they will head through a maze, collect three bags one at a time, and study a mask by tracing it with their fingers.  Then they will retrace their steps and recreate the mask.  The first to finish will win barbeque items and feast on a full barbequed meal.

The tribe each may choose their strongest competitor and Reed goes up against Baylor.  Reed gets his first bag and he feels his puzzle before heading back. Baylor gets the bag but does not touch the puzzle.  Baylor heads back for her second and then third bag, and Reed stops again to check out his puzzle pieces. Baylor has the pieces and starts to recreate her mask, and Reed begins to move on his puzzle.  Reed is methodical and moves ahead with two pieces while Baylor places her second piece.  Reed thinks that he has it, and calls Jeff over.  He has it right and wins reward for Hunahpu tribe. Reed tears up instantly.  Baylor feels she let her tribe down because they are hungry.  Baylor is sent to Exile Island and although Reed was about to send Julie, Natalie says that she has not gone yet,and will volunteer.  Reed agrees and sends Natalie along with Baylor to Exile.

Jeff tells Coyopa that he has nothing for them and sends them all back to camp. Missy is confident that Natalie will take good care of Baylor and is reassured by the thought.
Coyopa spends the morning fishing and Keith finds them nibbling, but they take his bait and escape the hook. Missy explains that Dale showed Jon his idol and Jon speaks about Dale working with them.

Natalie explains that her offer to go to Exile was motive driven.  She says that when the tribe merges she hopes that working with Baylor and Missy will pay off. Unbidden Baylor shares her immunity idol clue with Natalie and Natalie says that long term safety is much more important than one good meal.

Hunahpu enjoys their feast and Jeremy laments the loss of the tarp saying that if they had just hung in there they would have had full bellies and a tarp to ward off the wet from the rain.  And the rain comes. It is torrential and the tribe is soaked from the insufficiency of the shelter.  Julie loses it and cries from the relentless rain.  Jeremy sees her breakdown and thinks that she will go before he does.  He just wants to make the merge, and he needs her to do it. Jeremy talks to Julie and tells her that she can make it. She says that it means a lot when you are so low that you want to jump ship.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff calls the tribes to the immunity challenge.  Julie sits out.  The challenge is to race up and over a wall and then they must grapple with a cube made of logs, rolling it to a raised post where they must swing the bag over a coil to release it.  Then they must move to the next pole and repeat the procedure.  Coyopa is in the lead and Jeremy's bag on Hunahpu's bag is stuck.  It takes a bit to free it and by this time Coyopa has their third bag and is now working the puzzle.  The puzzle is made from strips of fabric that must be connected to a pole.  Coyopa remains in the lead with three pieces, while Hunahpu hurrys to catch up.  Hunahpu pulls even and then gets into the lead as they secure their puzzle fabric pieces.  Hunahpu is up to their seventh piece and Coyopa nearly catches up, but Hunahpu pulls it out and wins again.  They hold their immunity and look satisfied.  Coyopa looks sad at their situation, and Dale says their loss will be devastating as one of their loved ones will go home tonight.

Coyopa discusses their situation and Keith says that they can't catch a break. He says that it is frustrating. He does have an immunity idol and although he does not want to play it, he knows that he has it.  Dale decides to barter his idol for votes and tells Jon that if he makes it though this vote, he will give Jon his immunity idol.  Jon takes it back to the group and they decide to cast three votes against Dale and two for Keith and if Dale plays his idol, they will send Keith home. Jon believes that the idol is real and he and Jaclyn discuss working with Dale to gain the idol for their group and put themselves in a power couple position.

At Tribal Council Dale explains that he is not sleeping since Kelley left. Baylor explains that Exile Island was hard and she felt lost like a child when she was there.  Dale says that his game went from having a long term strategy to having a more immediate strategy.  Jon says that he feels that from Dale. Jaclyn says that it was nice to have a different viewpoint on things, and Jon thinks that it is nice to have Dale offering himself as a vote. Dale says that he only has his vote and his lack of ties to anyone else.  

Baylor says that she is more loyal and Dale raises his eyebrows.  Jeff reminds the group of Baylor's disloyalty in the first elimination and the tribe weighs Dale who has been loyal, to Baylor who once wasn't.

oct29 survivor dale banishedThe votes:
Jeff asks for the hidden immunity idol.  Neither Keith nor Dale offer one up.
Dale, Keith, Missy, Keith, Dale, Dale.  Dale is the sixth person voted out of Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs. Water.  Dale is eliminated and his torch is extinguished.  Jeff says that this was the biggest vote so far and it was centered around loyalty. He reminds them that only time will tell if it was the right decision, and then sends them back to camp.

Next week on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water:
Blood and Water finally merge and no one is safe. Many tribe members feel threatened and old alliances seem to be collapsing.

Dale speaks:
Dale says that he thought he had his bases covered and he tried everything that he could, but Jon and Jaclyn did the same thing to him that they did to Kelley.  He says that the game was everything he had dreamed of and more.  He can't wait to have a long talk with Kelley tonight.

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