Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water both tribes get morning tree mail that directs them to return to the arena. Unsure why they are to head to the arena early in the morning, there is both anticipation and trepidation on the part of Coyopa, since they will learn which of their loved ones was eliminated the prior evening.

Survivor Reward

Coyopa is shocked to see that Drew has been eliminated and thought that he was very popular on his tribe.  They are even more shocked to be told that they have to drop their buffs and will be switching tribes. Kelly says that those with loved ones feel like targets while those without partners may feel a little free.  Jeremy says it would be great to play with a loved one, but Val has been eliminated.

Josh and Reid are the only couple on their new tribe while Keith on his new tribe will be the only single left.  Josh and Reid find that their new tribe has little food left since they did not ration well. Wes says that his old tribe had over half a bag left, and now he is on a tribe with almost no rice. Natalie explains that they did not ration in the beginning, and Wes comments that he now knows why Hunahpu won so many challenges. They were well fed.

Jon is very happy to be with Jaclyn in Coyopa, and he is happy that they will be together and can help each other.  She explains the dynamics of the tribe to him, and is so excited that they will have each other to trust in completely. They are caught kissing often, and Baylor says that it looks like they are on their honeymoon.  Baylor explains that both her mother, Missy, and she are single, but her mom has been married three times. They are happy to be together.  Keith says that he is between a rock and a hard place, but he has an idol as a back up plan and his ace in the hole.

Alec is happy to be on a new tribe and finds that the dynamics are better and the athleticism is stronger. He is also proud to say that he beat Drew for the first time in his life. Jeremy and Natalie feel that Alec should join up with them so that they can survive. They feel that the couples will never choose a single over each other, so they must band together for survival in the game.  Jeremy says that he will pull Alec in with the "surround and drown" fire fighter practice.

Baylor tells Missy that Dale has been trying to get her out the entire time and Missy says that she will protect her kid from that guy picking on her. Dale is not happy that Missy comes along and starts dishing up double portions. Kelley says that she is seeing a battle brewing between her dad and Missy over the rice portions.  Kelley says that her dad is set in his ways and things he does can bother people, but it is not worth the drama.  She tries to tell him that it will put a bulls eye on their backs over a scoop of rice and it is not a good idea.  

Hunahpu finds that food is dire and they are down to a handful of rice which will last about three days.  Josh has no idea what the tribe will do without food. The group is very lethargic and they consider bargaining with Jeff for food.  They wonder if they can exchange their reward for food.

survivor immunity

Jeff calls the Survivor Blood vs Water tribes to their first challenge as a new tribe.  It is an immunity challenge.  They must race to a sand pit to dig up a bag that holds two keys and then crawl through mud to get to a gate which can be unlocked by a key in the bag. They must then shake their basket in the sky loose and release twenty sandbags. Then they have to toss the bags from a marked zone to a floating pan. The first tribe to get ten bags on the floating pan wins tribal immunity.

Hunahpu gets their bag first and Coyopa falls behind. They are way behind and have dug up the entire pit to get the bag with the keys in it. They finally get their bag, but are far behind, and Hunahpu has begun tossing bags.  They must get ten bags and quickly get them, even before Coyopa starts tossing. It is a landslide victory for Hunahpu. Coyopa, the tribe full of paired loved ones, has lost and must head to Tribal Council.

Hunahpu remains behind to discuss their food issue with Jeff.  They point out that the former tribemates ate twice a day while those who were former Coyopa ate only once a day.  While Coyopa has plenty of rice left, Hunahpu is down to three scoops and they ate only one this morning.  Jeff points out that what helped Hunahpu won may have been the food, and as a consequence, the tribe as a whole will suffer on the flip side.  He tells them that they will meet again in the morning to see what they can work out.  He tells them to go back to camp and enjoy the bit of rice they have left.

Dale points out that Coyopa has three couples and he is nervous about the outcome of this Tribal Council.  Kelley and Dale want to work on Jaclyn and Jon to make sure they are on their side.  Jon wants to figure out who they are better placed with before committing.  Baylor tells Jon and Jaclyn that she had to work with the guys in order to avoid Dale's attack in the first tribal council.  Jaclyn is feeling a bit sketched out working with Missy and Baylor because Baylor has been disloyal before. They also feel less than confident working with Dale. Jaclyn says that knocking out one of the loved ones is going to determine who they will be playing with throughout the game so it is an important move.

oct22 survivor kelly banishAt Tribal Council, Keith feels unsure of his position in the tribe, and Jaclyn says that this is important because splitting the couples will make it hard to work with them later in the game.  Jeff points out that Jon and Jaclyn are the most wanted couple.  Kelley says that finding out that Dale and Baylor have issues have made it hard for them to work together. Missy says that with Dale gunning for her daughter without her there she wants to make that right.  Missy tells that it puts a damper between her and Kelley. Keith says that someone will be disappointed today, but his vote is not the one to make the difference.  Dale points out that this is a vote that will not make anyone feel good because they will be voting someone's loved one out of the game.

The votes:
Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol, but Keith does not present it.
Baylor, Kelley, Baylor, Kelley, Dale, Dale, Kelley.  Kelley is the fifth person voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water.  Jeff questions, "After voting out a loved one, can you go back to camp and work as a tribe?"  He sends them back to try.

Kelley speaks:
Kelley wishes that she had remained in her old tribe as being with her father did not work out in her favor.  She says she was happy to be able to play with him, but would give anything to be back on her old Hunahpu playing the game.

Next week on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water:
Hunahpu faces hunger, and Dale finds he has problems and decides to rely on his fake idol.

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