Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Tonight on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Survivors deal with the loss of John Rocker, a strong competitor in the tribe and Dale feels he will be next eliminated should the tribe lose the next immunity challenge.  Baylor breathes a sigh of relief that her nemisis is gone from the tribe and hopes his exit will change the tribe dynamics.

When Natalie spies the missing flint in the rubble around the fire, Drew immediately thinks of bartering with Jeff to gain the fishing gear lost to the need for a replacement flint.

Jeff calls the tribe to a reward challenge and Julie responds that she needs to be blind to his behavior when her tribe actually claps in hearing the news.

Drew speaks to Jeff about bartering their unused flint and Jeff leads them on about returns before declining the offer.  He presents the newest reward challenge and dangles comfort items of pillows, tarps, and blankets or campfire foods.  


The challenge is to throw a grappling hook to snag three bags.  Jon goes against Jaclyn and Jon keeps the lead in the competition.  Once the bags are snagged, they must use their feet to trigger a catapult to put five balls in ground level baskets.  Jaclyn catches up and both end up tied at four baskets each.  In a heated final, Jon wins the competition and sends Jaclyn to Exile Island. Jon sends Drew to join Jaclyn in Exile saying that it is hard, but he knows she can handle it.  Drew and Jaclyn head off to Exile with their map.

Hunahpu chooses the comfort items instead of the instant gratification of campfire foods and say that they have to choose something that Jon can enjoy, too. Coyopa heads back to camp empty handed except for the second flint that they had hoped to barter.

Jon has mixed emotions about sending Drew to Exile with Jaclyn.  He says that he can certainly trust him, but knowing his work ethic, he thinks that Jaclyn will be the one gathering wood.

Julie says that it was hard hearing the comments about the man she loves, but she is intent on regaining a good place in the tribe now that she is alone in the game.

Drew doesn't mind being sent to Exile and he finds Jaclyn very attractive.  He is happy to see the clue which they both read together.  He says that he is a ladies man, but wants to strategize instead.  Jaclyn worries that they will lose again, but Drew says that there are snakes in his tribe, Hunahpu, and he wants to start whittling down the people in his own tribe to move his position forward toward the million dollars.  He says he has been thinking about throwing the next immunity challenge to make that happen. Jaclyn is interested in hearing this.  

Keith heads out on an idol hunt and he thinks that he is a day late and a dollar short in looking for the idol.  He tells the others that if he doesn't have the clue then Jeremy must have it since he is the person who was at Exile right before him.  When the others confront Jeremy, he is livid and thinks that Keith is a rat.  He says that they were together as fire fighters, but now he just wants him out.  Keith heads out again and this time he locates the hidden immunity idol, but decides to keep his find private.  He doesn't want anyone to target him.

It's day ten on Coyopa and Alec takes offense when Baylor snatches the tree mail
from his hands to read it.  He doesn't put up with it and takes it back, letting Baylor know that it wasn't okay.  She reacts cheerfully and listens as he reads it, then snatches it again. Alec mentions that his brother was the one who was never called on to do work around the house. Alec did it instead.

oct15 survivor immunity 600

The immunity idol is again up for grabs.  In this challenge the tribes must swim out to a raft, run up over a ramp and then jump nto the water to locate three rings and until one of them from the anchor to return them to the raft, retracing their swim and steps.  It is close as Reed and Jaclyn head back with their second ring and when Natalie and Alec take their run in the relay, Alec makes up time and pulls out in the lead.  Wes and Keith are neck and neck and both tribes return quickly.  Now the rings must be tossed and land on a t-shaped rack.  Coyopa leads with three to one while Drew mishandles the rings and the group looks at a loss.  Coyopa wins the idol and tribal immunity.  They are excited to take the night off from strategizing.

Drew admits that he threw the challenge in order to get rid of snakes in the Hunahpu tribe.  He says that he is the leader of the tribe and if he doesn't want them to win they won't win. Hunahpu returns to camp and Drew apologizes for the loss.  He says that he is a badass and a manipulator of the game.  

Jon suggests that Julie go because she does not do anything to help the tribe and she has no loved one in the game.  Drew wants to see Kelly to go because she knows the game inside and out and he sees her as a threat. Jeremy wants to see Keith go and thinks that it is not logical to want Kelly gone.  He says that he doesn't believe that she runs the girls in the tribe.  He says that there is no back and forth with Drew.  He runs the tribe.

Natalie gets wind of the plot and thinks that they need to group together.  The girls think that getting rid of Drew might be a good move.  They think that doing it now, while the guys are all over the place.  Kelly overheads Drew strategizing with the guys right under her nose and decides to make a move.  Jeremy thinks that with Drew running things it might be time to take him out, but is not sure that it is the right time.

Hunahpu heads to Tribal Council.  Keith spills that he was looking for an idol and when he didn't find it he assumed that Jeremy has it.  Jeremy says that is why he wants him gone.  Allies don't do that to each other.  Kelly says that she is all for getting rid of bad seeds, but the question is who is the bad seed?  Kelly says that she heard her name bantered about and Natalie says that everyone is after everyone and a few stray votes can hurt everyone.

Jeff tells them that they are a hot mess and it is time to vote.  Some aren't even sure who their allies are going to vote to leave.

Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol and when it is not played he reads the votes.

drew banishedThe votes:

Julie, Kelly, Drew, Keith, Julie, Drew, Drew, Drew.  Drew is the fourth person voted out of Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs. Water.  Jeff says that four people got votes, there was a blindside, and for a first tribal council there was a lot of information out there.  He says that time will tell if it was a great blindside or just chaos. He sends them back to camp.

Next week on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs. Water:

Jon takes on his tribe and says that either you are with me or against me. As things heat up, Jeff announces that the tribes will drop their buffs.

Drew Speaks:
Drew knew that the girls wanted him out and it turned out to bite him in the butt.  He wishes that he had acted a bit more chill for a bit longer, but they knew he was a strong player.

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