Thursday April 27, 2017

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By honeySC

Cuyopa Tribe wakes up from their feeling of safety after their second Tribal Council on tonight's Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water. Josh isn't trusting John Rocker after watching him spend time strategizing with Val, but he thinks that Baylor and Jaclyn are the next to go.

On Hunahpu Drew is caught napping after the group discusses how to secure their shelter. Natalie teases him with a palm frond that she is busily weaving while he sleeps, and then when he awakes she challenges him about his hanging out while the rest of the tribe works.  She feels that Drew is a waste of space, is oblivious to what is going on, and is not pulling his own weight at camp. Even the guys notice that he is a drawback to the tribe because of his lack of energy.

Jeff calls the tribes to a reward challenge.  After learning that his wife, Val, was eliminated the previous evening Jeremy tells that the men are taking over and tells the women that the men are taking over, and the women have to pick it up and take it on.  John tells Jeremy that he is sorry that he couldn't save Val, says that he lobbied as much as he could, but he couldn't keep her.  Others are surprised that he admitted that he was working with Val right there in the arena among the others.

Jeff points out the rewards for the challenge and the fishing gear is available since it was not taken the last time and the other reward is items that will make their stay in camp more comfortable.

The challenge is to balance on a moving plank suspended on ropes where they have to hold onto a square panel and move it from one side to the other and stack them.  Keith quickly stacks three and Wes is close behind as Father and Son square off. Wes quickly catches up and Keith stumbles, but catches himself.  Wes moves ahead by just a bit, and Keith loses his panel in a brief wind.  Wes maintains his lead after the stumble and wins the reward.  Keith says that he is proud of his son, but feels he kept up pretty well for being thirty years older. Keith tells his son that they are good as he heads off to Exile Island.  He sends Josh to join his dad saying that he clicks with him and thinks that his dad will as well.  Jeff explains that they will return in time for the immunity challenge and gives them the map.  The tribe quickly chooses the fishing gear and heads back to camp.

Hunahpu returns to camp and Jeremy is upset that Val is gone.  He says that John Rocker shook his hand and said he would protect his wife and then he didn't.  He tells the camp that John Rocker was a controversial ball player who made racist and homophobic comments.  Natalie just wants his tribe to stand up to him. Julie walks off and says that with John being under fire, her game is compromised. She feels she is now under fire as well.  

On Exile Josh and Keith look over the island and Keith offers an agreement that whoever gets the clue will share it.  They agree, but think that possibly either Jeremy or John have probably already claimed the idol.  Keith and Josh hang out together and Keith says that Josh is a good old boy, just not his good old boy. Keith assures the camera that there will be no spooning going on tonight.  Josh is happy to meet other people from other walks of life.

Cuyopa uses the fishing gear to catch some fish and hopes that it heals a few wounds.  The tribe is so happy to have protein. Baylor thinks that the guys are teaming up and pushing the girls out and she wants to turn the focus on John.  Alec says that Baylor is at the bottom of the tribe and knows it, but wonders if they can use her to further their game.  They decide that the number one move is to win the next challenge so they can worry about it later.

Jeff calls Hunahpu and Cuyopa to the immunity challenge.  The tribes will be paired and cobbled together with a rope and they must travel a maze to locate a basket ball.  They must make a basket to get a point and three is the magic number to win. If the basket ball doesn't go through the hoop they must regain the ball and throw it again. Keith and Dale sit out to make pairs.  


Josh and Baylor get the first point.  Wes and Alec get dirty as they move through the maze and Wes gets the ball in on the first try.  They get the point and it is tied.  John and Jaclyn move quickly through the maze and John gets the point. Cuyopa is ahead two-one and need only one more to win.  Jeremy and Kelly  whip through the course and make the point to tie it up.  John and Natalie go again and get the point to beat Cuyopa for the third time.  Natalie goes on a rant against John Rocker and tells his tribe to vote him out.  When John tells Natalie that if she was a man he would knock her teeth out, Natalie tells him to go for it and that she is not afraid of him.  His tribemates tell him to turn his back and ignore her.  One tribemate speaks up and says that regardless, he is their tribemate and they have his back.

Josh talks to the cameras about his concern that John is quick to anger and that his actions are not helping his tribe right now.

Cuyopa has to head to Tribal Council for the third straight time after losing to Hunahpu in a close competition. Baylor is worried that she started off with a vote and feels she will also have a vote tonight. Dale tells the group to go take a swim as he is the only one not dirty.  He says that he will hold down the fort while they rest up a bit.  John worries that he will be in trouble tonight. He speaks to some of the others about getting out the old guy, Dale, but he wants to take out Baylor. The men on the tribe discuss the situation and
decide that they will go after Baylor tonight.  John tells Josh that he has an immunity idol.  Josh doesn't agree with John's mouth with the other tribe, and in John's case he is conflicted because John told him he had an idol and he knows that he will use it on himself, and he feels that John stands for things that he does not believe in.

Josh tells Wes that if Alec, Wes, Baylor and Jaclyn vote to eliminate John they will have to let him feel that he is totally safe because he has an idol.  Wes is unsure that taking John out at this point because he is the big guy on their team and is strong at challenges.  Josh also worries because Baylor was his first ally in the game, but John is their key to winning challenges as well as keeping the five guy alliance strong.

At Tribal Council John explains that Val bluffed too hard and the fact that she is gone is because of her own over bluffing.  Jeff brings up Natalie's rant and John says that he would not raise his hand and say that he is the leader.  Jeff asks about the girls and Jaclyn suggests that the alliances may be shifting a bit and perhaps the girls won't be going home today.  Josh says that no one has their stories straight and it appears that there is a lot of discord in the tribe.  Baylor doesn't feel comfortable and says that she feels she may get votes tonight.  Wes says that the alliance is strong and they are going to stick to their plan.  

The votes: Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol.  It is not played.
Baylor, John, Baylor, John, John, John.  John is eliminated from the game and leaves Survivor Blood vs Water.  He gives a look of puzzlement to the tribe when his name comes out for the third time.  Baylor gives a look of relief.  John says, "Well played." He did not see it coming.  Jeff tells the tribe that perhaps this blindside was just what the tribe needed to shake things up.  He tells them to grab their torches and head back to camp.

Next week on Survivor San Juan Del Sur Blood vs Water:
Drew wants to take over Hunahpu and announces that he is the king pin, but the others think that he is a moron.

John Rocker speaks:
John says that he thought his alliance was stronger than it was and that someone was playing a game he wasn't aware of.  He enjoyed his stay in the game and holds up the idol saying that it will make a nice decoration for his home.

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