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This season of Survivor San Juan Del Sur is repeating the theme of the previous season, Blood vs Water and the teams are father-daughter, couples, brother-sister, sister-sister, and all have left behind the comfort and safety of their known world for thirty-nine days to test their survival skills and lay it all on the line to try to win the title of sole survivor.

Keith and Wes share a love of the outdoors, while father and daughter struggle to put a relationship back together.  Twin sisters, Natalie and Nadiya, twice losers on the Amazing Race put their skills to the ultimate test.  Wes and Keith tell about losing their striker and then breaking their flint.

The duos must select a buff that determines their side and they split up to join rival tribes.  Keith recognizes the ball player in the group.  

They must play in their first reward challenge. One person from each tribe will run through an obstacle course to get a rope that will be used to gather a box. Jeremy goes against his wife in the first twist of the game. Jeff says that the couple that talked the most trash about each other gets to compete against each other.  They will get fire and food.  The bad news is the loser goes to Exile Island where they will have no shelter and very little food, and lose in the opportunity to do the early bonding with their tribe.  They will return before the first immunity challenge.  

Val and Jeremy both fly through the challenge and are evenly matched.  Jeremy gets ahead when the platform gets the better of Val and Jeremy tries to hook his platform to pull to his mat.  He gets his first platform and then has to get more rope and ring to get his second platform.  Jeffery gets his second platform hooked, but Val gets her first in and as Jeremy loses his second platform's hook, Val makes a valiant effort to catch up.  She gets hers hooked, but Jeremy hauls his platform in.  Jeremy has shown his worth to his tribe, but the cost is sending his wife to Exile Island.  He gets beans and flint for his tribe.  Jeremy has to send one member of his tribe to join his wife, and he sends Keith and tells him that he knows he can make fire and thinks he will be able to take care of his wife.  They get a map to the island. Jeremy says that his worst nightmare was to do this to his wife, and now she is gone.  He is very emotional.

Jeremy goes looking for a group of five and the ladies are impressed with the emotional side of him.  He sees a group of nine and says that they need a solid five to keep strong.  Natalie is quick to join him.

Wes and Baylor are quick to bond.  Dale says that he is twenty-five years older than anyone on his tribe and another setback is that as a solitary farmer he is not used to being in large social groups.  Dale says that he started fires with a magnifying glass when he was a kid and when his glasses aren't successful he breaks them in two to double the lenses and thereby double the magnification.  He gets a fire going and wins the respect of his tribe.

Val says that Exile Island sucks.  It looks unliveable and Keith and Val go looing for a shelter.  They find clay urns which have scrolls inside and read the contents.  Val's is a clue to the hidden immunity idol.  When Keith's paper is empty, he asks Val's what hers says and she hems a bit and then tells him that it is stuff back at camp. Keith accepts that and when he finds out that Jeremy is a fire fighter, he perks up, thinking that it might be good for him to have an ally with that skill set.

Hunahpu tribe begins their shelter and they decide to build it off the ground. They have rope. Drew feels that he has to take charge of the shelter build, but the ladies aren't as impressed with him as he is with himself.  

Wes recognizes John as the former Braves player and when John doesn't admit to being the player, he tells him that he was a big fan of the game back in the day. John admits to Wes who he is, but worries that his secret may not be safe with the young kid.  He thinks that he might move on trying to take him out if the situation arises.

Three days in Josh's eyes start to tear up and he develops a rash that the tribe thinks may have originated from the leaves they roofed their shelter with.  They spend a lot of time removing the possibly offending leaves and replace it with palm leaves.
One surivor has not shared with the group that his father has stage three cancer. He worries about being apart from him, but his father wants him to have the opportunity.

It is time for the immunity challenge an Val and Keith return.  Val says that there is no foliage and very little sleep, but she got to know Keith. The challenge has the two tribes competing by racing under bstacles and past each other as they move through a maze and then one tribe mate climbs on top of another to untie a bag, then another, then a third.  They get a ring on a rope that must be launched between two hooks and that will secure it. Orange gets ahead quickly when they get the hook up on the first try.  They quickly get up the ropes and then the pegs, but when it comes to getting up the wall with support only from each other, it goes slower until John becomes the human ladder and lets others climb him.  Orange leads and although Blue works quickly, Orange leads.  When Blue thinks that they found the puzzle key, they win immunity and the idol.  This is Jeremy's tribe.

Missy says that it is tough to know you are safe, but your daughter isn't.  She says that she is strong and will make it through.  Natalie misses Nadiya and Dale worries that he may go home, even though he is the only one who can make fire.

Keith is happy to rejoin his tribe and hopes that he can slip in.  He is just now figuring out the names.  Jeremy says that he owes Keith and he says that he pulled him out and he will get him back in.  Keith says that the fire fighters are a brotherhood and he says that he will figure it out in a day or two.  

Val rejoins her Coyopa tribe and she finds out where the water well is and heads there to look for the idol.  Nadiya is known by Dale to be a backstabber on the Amazing Race and he says that he would rather backstab her before she backstabs them.  

Nadiya wants to work with Josh, and makes a big faux paux when she tells him that she knows that he is the "girl."  That upsets him, but he keeps it to himself. Nadiya, Val, and Baylor join hands to work together.  Baylor tells Josh that the girls want to take Dale out.  Josh has to figure out which group will get him further in the game.  He sees himself as the swing vote and feels that can be a bad position.  

It is night three and time for the first tribal council.  Jeff reminds everyone to select a torch and dip it in to get fire, as it represents your life in the game.  

John says that it is tough and there is no obvious choice of an obnoxious or lazy person to put out.  Nadiya says that there is no obvious choice and there are things to look at.  Josh says that you have to keep a positive spirit.  Nadiya says that on Amazing Race they give you directions on what to do and here you get an island and you make it what you make it. Jaclyn says that the guys bonded right away.  Jeff asks Dale about his place in the tribe and being older can get you voted out.  He says that he worked to prove his worth to the tribe.  He says that it was important and it filled a huge need.  Nadiya says that both the women and men like Josh and he fills a spot in the middle.  It is time to vote.

Jeff asks if anyone has the hidden immunity idol and no one presents it.

The votes:
Nadiya, Dale, Baylor, Dale, Nadiya, Dale, Nadiya, Nadiya, Nadiya.  Nadiya is the first person voted out of Survivor San Juan Del Sur.  Her tribe is extinguished and she is sent out of the tribe.

Join Surivor next Wednesday on CBS at 8 PM eastern where next week one tribe loses a member.  Nadiya is surprised to be out, but she thinks that it might be her background with Amazing Race.  She has big hopes for her sister.

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